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Written by George Browning   
Wednesday, 25 July 2012 00:00

Steve Guthrie of W. Hitchcock Rd. Salem was eagerly waiting the 8:30 opening of Washington County Farmers’ Market, not because he wanted to buy sweet corn or green beans before they sold out, but because he had a record-breaking tomato. His ‘goat bag’ did in fact beat Jack Sullivan’s 2.60 lbs by 0.22 lbs and won him a $5.00 bonus to the market. It was a good thing for him that he was early, for his record didn’t hold but about twenty minutes when Levi Hall of S. Martinsburg Rd. Salem put his ‘pineapple tomato” on the scales at 3.08 lbs. He also received the $5.00 record breaker market buck to spend at the market. Previous record holder June Voyles backed up her reputation with two more ‘big’ tomatoes, just was not as big as Levi’s, however all four of the previous record holders claim they have larger tomatoes on the vine. Challenge is heating up.
Again, Washington County Farmers’ Market thanks our friends and neighbors for “buying local”.  “The best way to support local food is to BUY local food”. Buying locally grown food is like voting. You’re voting for local growers and voting against the large companies that produce the industrialized, processed foods. Realistically, us buying local really doesn’t make any difference to the big companies, “yet”. But, on the other hand, it means everything to a small farmer. Your friends and neighbors, local growers absolutely need us to support them. Buying local grown is the best way to support local agriculture.
What is the 2nd Best thing you can do to support these small growers? Simply, help spread the word about what a great job they are doing! Let all your friends (and maybe all their friends, and their friends, etc) know about these amazing farm markets, By leveraging the power of the internet, especially Social Networking, we can help people think a lot more about the choices they make when it comes to food. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s very effective. And it’s important.
Washington County Farmers’ Market will be weighting tomatoes and selling green beans, corn, and other prize produce Tuesday evenings July 24th at 4:30 - 7:00 and Saturday mornings  8:30 am to 12:30pm at the Washington County Fair Grounds (just a few blocks east of the Salem square) plenty of parking.
Stop on by and let’s talk tomatoes and quality produce with the farmer/gardeners, which is what the Washington County Farmers’ Market is all about.
(Thank you for supporting your Washington County Farmers Market)
Jack Stephenson, Assistant Market Manager
3005 Middle Fork Ln
Salem, IN 47167
812 883 3790