PCBO welcomes Governor Daniels Print

Governor Mitch Daniels said he isn’t doing anything different in his final six months of office then he did through the first seven years.
He said from day one he has made is a point to mingle and spend time with residents of the Hoosier state.
That’s what he did prior to the start of last week’s Fourth of July parade in Pekin.

After meeting with Pekin Community Betterment Organization President Anita Temple, he made his way through the parade line-up, shaking hands and meeting residents.
This was a return trip to Pekin for Daniels. He said the town appreciates the importance of the holiday.
“Folks in Pekin realize that this day is about more than fireworks and cookouts,” Daniels said, “it’s about celebrating our freedom.”
Daniels and the Patriot Gaurd followed behind local celebrity Buster Crockett at the start of the parade, which lasted more than an hour.
The following is a list of those who won in the various contests and competitions offered at this year’s 4th of July Celebration in Pekin.
Historical Cars: Gene Hoskins won 1st place; Don Johnson won 2nd place; Bud Haub won 3rd place.
Classical Cars: Jeff Franklin won 1st place; Charles Kamer won 2nd place; Jim Money won 3rd place.
Youth Floats: Cub Scouts # 4026 won 1st place; Girl Scouts won 2nd place; Eastern High School Baseball won 3rd place.
Bicycles: Teresa Searcy won 1st place; Bon Cullins won 2nd place; Tanya Cullins won 3rd place.
Motorcycle Clubs: GWRRA Chapter N2 won 1st place.
Individual Motorcycle Riders: Brock Persons won 1st place.
Miniature Motor Vehicles: Dixon Racing won 1st place; McKenzie Knight won 2nd place; Trista Maisttison won 3rd place.
Adult Floats: Bullit City Clan # 3 won 1st place; Hillbilly Clan # 14 won 2nd place; Salem School Corp. won 3rd place.
Horse/Pony Drawn Vehicles: Brack Coulter won 1st place.
Walking Units: Rick Main  won 1st place; Mitz VanBuren won 2nd place.
Commercial Floats/Vehicles: Jackson-Jennings Co. won 1st place; John Jones won 2nd place.
Fire Departments: Peek-a-Boo- Lake Volunteers won 1st place; Pierce-Polk Fire Department won 2nd place.
Antique Tractors: Norman Schaaf won 1st place; Travis Fitzpatrick won 2nd place; Buddy Maudlin won 3rd place.
Sweepstakes: Preston Smedley won 1st place.
Mya Gibson, 58 days old, was the youngest in attendance this year.
Dorthy Hein, who turned 98 on July 7, was the oldest in attendance.
Timothy Nalley traveled the greatest distance to attend. He traveled 4052 miles from Lakenheath Air Force Base in England.
Resse Wineger was crowned this year’s Prince. 1st Runner-up was Anakin McCormick and 2nd Runner-Up was Alexzander McNally.
Chaylee Byrd was crowned this year’s Princess. 1st Runner-up was Emma Grace Hart and 2nd Runner-up was Lila Jean Blevins.
Justin Bell won the Prince Float award and Cassie Saylor won the Princess Float award.
Gabrielle Gibson was crowned 4th of July Queen this year. 1st Runner-up was Samantha Calloway and 2nd Runner-up was Savannah Robinson. Jazzmin Tabor was named Miss Congeniality.
Haley Mullins won the Queen’s Float award this year. Kayla Thompson was named 1st Runner-up.
Horseshoe Pitching Tournament, Singles: Darrell Sherrard, Henryville, won 1st place; Kenny Parrish, Jeffersonville, won 2nd place; Dwight Gibson, Prospect, Ky., won 3rd place.
Horseshoe Pitching Tournament, Doubles: Frank Schocke, Salem, and Dwight Gibson won 1st place; Roger Martin, Salem, and Chester Crabtree, Salem, won 2nd place; Kenny Parrish and Jerry Ehler, Pekin, won 3rd place.
Unclaimed trophies may be picked up at the Pekin Town Office.