Local woman sentenced in 2014 federal indictment Print
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Wednesday, 26 October 2016 05:06

A Sellersburg woman learned her fate last Tuesday afternoon in a federal courtroom in downtown Indianapolis.

Lesley Kruer was sentenced to two years in prison and supervised probation for two years after allegedly embezzling more than $250,000 from her former employer.

Kruer worked for over 27 years for AJS Associates, Alice J. Schleicher, Inc. and Alice J. Schleicher, LLC, as the office manager of the local company that owns and operates 28 KFC Restaurants throughout the region.

“There are three companies with AJS, two of those companies, Inc. and LLC, and the third one in Louisville, still has a civil suit against Kruer and Rodefer- Moss & Co., PLLC for the Louisville stores,” stated Dan Moore, Attorney for the Schleicher family.

He continued, “The thefts were on several levels. She would increase the account listings on the books, write a check to herself and initially overpay utility bills then get the overpayment checks and deposit them into her account. There was $253,000 of thefts, of embezzlement. She also used the company credit card for mail order purchases, to pay her cell phone bill and extended family cell phone bills, among other things.”

The fraudulent activity was uncovered in 2014 when one check prompted Your Community Bank to call the Schleichers. The call led the the Clark County Sheriff’s Office opening a case on July 11, 2014.

“All of the Schleicher accounts went through Rodefer- Moss & Co. and nothing ever red-flagged. But one check made Your Community Bank call the Schleichers. Nothing before had alerted the accounting firm, just this one check triggered the bank,” Moore explained.

According to Moore, Kruer plead guilty to one count of wire fraud during the Grand Jury Indictment. She admitted on record last Tuesday in Indianapolis.

Also on hand during the sentencing last week was almost 30 current employees of the company.

“There were 25 or 30 employees that went to the sentencing. There were two ladies that spoke very eloquently about what their family has missed due to the actions of Mrs. Kruer. These families have gone without raises and families that have gone without AAU teams. The workers are the ones that have truly lost during this. The owners have taken a really bad hit,” Moore added.

Moore was also quick to praise the professional work of Marcy Franklin, CPA. Franklin Taxes & Accounting, LLC.

“Marcy done an extremely great job wrangling all this. She worked diligently identifying problems. Marcy was wonderful to work with and worked extremely hard in this case,” Moore added.

A representative for Franklin Taxes explained about the forensic audit performed for the case.

“Our firm was pleased to see resolution take place in this matter. Theft of this magnitude by an employee can affect a company’s ability to operate on many levels. It affects cash flow, hiring ability, community philanthropy and much more,” stated Kristy Franklin, Director of Operations for Franklin Taxes & Accounting. “This was our fifth forensic audit, where our findings lead to prosecution. We work closely with local and federal authorities to ensure prosecution in these cases.”

Moore took a moment to add a personal note about the family affected by the recent indictment and sentencing.

He concluded about the family, “The Schleichers are among the most top-notch families I’ve ever known. They are kind, caring people. They’ve taken a lot of hits with this but are still very optimistic about all of this. They are wonderful and kind people.”

Kruer is also named along with Rodefer- Moss & Co., in a civil suit that is still pending.