Home detention check results in arrest of couple Print
Written by Marty Randall   
Wednesday, 28 February 2018 00:00

A couple at a rural Austin address was placed under arrest on February 16 during a home detention check carried out by the Community Corrections Department.

Department staff was accompanied by Detective Paul Clute of the Sheriff’s Department and Patrolman Troy Ford, drug interdiction officer with the Scottsburg Police Department. The Community Corrections Department had information that the woman living at the residence on North Slab Road was not observing the restrictions of her home detention terms.

Arriving just before 10 a.m. that Friday, officers found the subject, Natosha Marie Potts, 35, at home with her boyfriend, John Noble, 28, of Scottsburg.

Noble was patted down for safety reasons and found to have in his possession a ziplock bag. The bag contained several baggies which contained heroin weighing .47 gram, methamphetamine (meth) weighing 5.83 grams, a Schedule 2 controlled substance and Opana.

Noble has been charged with two felony counts of dealing in a narcotic drug and felony possession of meth and misdemeanors of possession of a controlled substance and visiting a common nuisance.

His girlfriend faces a charge of felony maintaining a common nuisance.

At their initial court hearings, both were informed their initial jury trial date is May 7. Noble’s bail is $50,000 by corporate surety bond or $5,000 cash. Potts’ bail is $15,000 by surety bond or $1,500 cash.

Potts may be scheduled for several more court appearances over the next few weeks. Court records indicate the woman has two felony cases pending, both involving either dealing or possession of meth. Her jury trial in both cases is set for May 21.

Potts also has four pending misdemeanor cases in which she is charged with driving with a suspended license with a prior conviction. Her 2016 charge is set for a hearing on May 3.

In all of the cases, Potts filed cash bonds for her release.