Neglected family pets in Austin seized by Animal Control for court case Print
Written by Marty Randall   
Wednesday, 30 August 2017 07:43

A  23-year-old Austin man has appeared for his initial court hearing after being charged with two counts of animal cruelty.

Darrell McIntosh was cited in an arrest warrant as not having provided adequate food or water for two dogs, a Great Pyrenees mix and an Australian Shepherd mix. Both looked to be “…thin…” to Scott County Animal Control Officer Denny Robbins when he went to the Mann Avenue address to investigate a complaint of two neglected canines.

Neither had food or water when Robbins impounded the dogs on July 27.

Arriving at the Animal Shelter, Robbins said he recorded the weight of the Great Pyrenees at 62 pounds. The Aussie mix weighed 42 pounds.

Robbins also stated in a probable cause affidavit that McIntosh called the shelter that same day. The man allegedly told the director that he and his wife were divorcing and she was supposed to be taking care of the pets. He also offered the information that the woman had left two months ago. McIntosh said he had not been living at the Mann Ave. address for two weeks.

When the dogs were examined at a local veterinary clinic, the veterinarian stated that she found the Great Pyrenees to be severely underweight with matted hair, dermatitis and overgrown toe nails. Its body condition was scored at 1 out of a possible 9. Ideal weight for a dog is considered a 4 to 5 on the scale commonly used.

Both animals were also examined by a state veterinarian on July 31.

At that time, the larger animal had gained ten pounds and the Aussie six pounds. That vet also scored the Great Pyrenees at 1 of 9 and the Aussie a 3 of 9.

Both are still living at the Animal Shelter until the case is resolved or the owner releases the animals for adoption.

McIntosh paid a $500 cash bond to be released prior to his initial hearing. At the hearing on August 22, a not guilty plea was entered for him, and a bench trial date of October 27 was scheduled.