Lexington's Englishton Park to Offer Summer Children’s Program Print
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Friday, 18 March 2016 11:10



Englishton Park is gearing up for the 48th consecutive year of the Academic Remediation and Training Center, better known as the Children’s Summer Camp Program. Children from all over the southern half of Indiana annually find their way to our unique summer program for academically/emotionally challenged children ages 8-12 years old.

The Englishton Park Experience is one that has been especially designed for boys and girls who have shown through testing that they are smart enough to do normal school work but find themselves failing academically, emotionally and socially in school-type settings. The EP experience happens amid 300 acres of fields, forests and lakes where these children can discover they can be successful, they can make friends and are surrounded by caring encouraging people who think the two most important things are learning to have fun and that learning can be fun.

The four main goals of the program are to improve academic skills, change attitudes about learning, modify behavior interfering with learning in the classroom, and to experience success in school-type activities. Each child on arrival to camp is told specific behavior goals they will work on for the next 10 days. Children’s school records are studied and both an academic and behavior plan is set for each child. Children are divided by gender and age into four groups of 7-9 children and have three counselor/therapists who work with them the entire time they are at camp. Children earn points all day for demonstrating appropriate behaviors and can trade these points for pay-off activities, such as pool time.

Children spend each morning in academic classes which are held in non-traditional settings; math in the pool, geography/history in the barn, science under a huge old tree by the stone fence and language arts under another stately old tree. Individual learning is stressed in these classes. Lunch time is legendary, a time for personal and group awards, a time of smiles and laughter and togetherness. The afternoons, again in the same groups, are spent in the woods where group learning is stressed where a child will only be successful with the cooperation and help of others. The children build tree forts and clear a campsite, learn to use tools, and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Also in the afternoon each child has two individual tutoring sessions to work on their biggest academic needs. Evenings are filled with pay-off activities, dinner, and an activity to emphasize team work and good sportsmanship.

In the Englishton Park Experience, each child is able to succeed at many things. When they go home they take all of their awards they have earned and all the things they have made, especially memories of great friends and great times. They have learned new skills and behaved in new ways. They like the new feelings they have about themselves and about learning. They are going to give school a fresh start.

For more information about Englishton Park Academic Remediation and Training Center (Summer Children’s Program) contact Thomas or Lisa Barnett, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or check the webpage: http://www.englishtonpark.org.