Romanian Orphan Choir Concert Print
A Romanian orphan choir of 20 children from the Caminul Felix Orphanage in Oradea, Romania is touring in the U.S. from August 16 – September 16, 2013.  A concert will be held in The Foundry building at Northside Christian Church, 4407 Charlestown Road, New Albany, on Friday, September 6th at 7:00 p.m.  The choir will present a concert in English and Romanian that will include a broad variety of music—classical, gospel and Romanian folk tunes as well as share their stories.  It will be an always remembered highlight in the community.  Admission is free.  Love offering is accepted.  
Since the downfall of communism in Romania in 1989 the plight of over 100,000 children in the state run orphanages became a topic of ABC News and all major network coverage.  It is estimated that over 60,000 children still lived in the state orphanages, on the streets, in subway stations and sewer pipes of Romania as the world entered this new millennium.  The legacy of Nicolae Ceasescu created one of the most heart breaking phenomena of the 20th century.
In order to join the EU in 2007 Romania moved many orphans into foster care and smaller, more modern institutions.  However, the reality for thousands remains hopeless, devoid of loving care and adequate funding.  Children still are deprived of the basic need to belong, to know who will love and care for them for their lifetime, and with whom they will celebrate birthdays and holidays.
Into this dark picture, shines the bright light of Caminul Felix – literally “Happy Home.”  This orphanage has been recognized as the model orphanage for the country.  The children live in family units with a “mom and dad” rather than in institutional dormitories.  Each receives the love and security of a permanent family rather than the shift hours of overworked and under paid state workers.  The homes are bright, clean and modern.   The children in the Caminul Felix Orphanage are enrolled in school and are developing as positive responsible young people.  Each individual story touches the heart.
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