The Back Yard Family Event Print

For nearly a decade, Sha (pronounced Shay) Marcum, Family Pastor at Greenville Christian Church, has dreamed of creating an event that the entire family can enjoy.

“We believe in a concept called Orange,” Sha explains. “Red represents the love of the family and yellow represents the light of the church.  When the two colors—two forces for good—are combined, orange represents the best way for us to teach our kids about life and virtues and God.”
In August of 2011, Sha’s dream came true.  GCC’s staff and members assembled a cast of characters, a group of storytellers, and a support team to begin a monthly family event they call The Back Yard. The purpose of the event is threefold: to introduce the virtue of the month to be taught in the Family Ministry on Sunday mornings, to give the community a chance to experience God in a different way, and to provide a fun family experience for everyone.
The Back Yard Bunch is a group of “kids” who are presented with a serious (and humorous) issue they have to face.  Over the course of the night, they use the virtue of the month to confront the challenge and overcome it.  Sha and her husband, Bobby Marcum, host the event, providing humor and fun through games and challenges for the audience.  Kids (and courageous parents) dance and sing together, and usually a helpful tip on parenting is shared through a small take-home item.
Although it is targeted toward elementary-aged kids, the writers are inspired by Disney films.  Just as there are times when the kids are laughing and times the adults are laughing in those animated features, The Back Yard is written to provide entertainment for all ages.  The overall effect is for a family to experience an event together, have fun together, laugh together, and learn together.
All performances occur at Greenville Christian Church either the first or second Friday of the month (depending on holidays and other scheduled events).  For the remainder of 2013, GCC invites you to come at 6:30pm on August 9th, September 6th, October 11th, November 1st, and December 6th.  Date and time are always represented on the church’s marquee out on US 150 right in the heart of Greenville.