Local trombone player takes part in record breaking ensemble Print

A Guinness world record was set on June 1, 2012 by the largest all-trombone ensemble ever gathered together to play in one place. The participants came from across the country to perform at the Washington Nationals baseball field in Washington D.C. and ranged in ages from 8 to 77. They played a newly composed arrangement of (what else?) The Music Man classic “76 Trombones”, retitled “7600 Trombones” for the special occasion.
Austin Murten, a local teenage trombonist, was among the 374 musicians who took part in this record breaking performance. Murten is an incoming sophomore at Borden High School and he has been playing the trombone since 6th grade.
Murten first learned of the ensemble after his father heard an open invitation to participate in the event on the radio. The young musician quickly made arrangements to stay with a cousin in the D.C. area and then headed off to the nation’s capital to take part in this unique musical performance.
“It’s put on by a group called the Foundation for the Advancement of Music and Education,” Murten said. The Foundation, most commonly known as FAME, is a national, nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to expose underprivileged youth to music and dance. “[The ensemble] is run by Tony Lewis, who set the original record with 278 trombone players.”
Hosting events like the all-trombone ensemble is just one of many ways that FAME attempts to connect people of all ages to the art of making music. The annual trombone player gathering is meant to bring awareness to the musical education needs of children in the greater D.C. metro area.
Murten is proud to be a member of the ensemble that set this latest world record, but his favorite part of the experience was simply getting to play with over 300 other trombone players. “Every trombone player needs to play in an ensemble,’ the Borden band member said, ‘there are really never enough of us.”
For more information on FAME, visit their website at www.fameorg.org/index.php/  To learn more about the all-trombone ensemble’s new record, visit www.fameorg.org/page/44/We%20Broke%20the%20Guinness%20Record.


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