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Friday night Borden traveled to Clarksville. For weeks this has been anticipated to be their toughest game of the year. No one on either side was disappointed, it was a tough game that went down to the wire and them some. With only three seconds to play in the overtime a strange set of events gave Borden the opportunity to walk away with a 58 to 55 victory.

The game was rough and tough as good Indiana basketball usually is. Both teams played with tremendous heart that has brought them to where they were that night. Clarksville was 17 - 1 and ranked 6th in AA ball; Borden was 16 - 1 and ranked 3rd in A ball. Both teams are good and pretty evenly matched and this game shouldn’t effect either ones rankings.
Borden rolled out in the first quarter aggressive and hot. Brandon Beam slashed inside for three baskets, Michael Lynch made a pair of spinning moves inside for two more and Garret Vick went inside for another basket and a free throw. Borden punched holes in Clarksville’s defense and managed a rebounding edge.
Clarksville seemed a little surprised and set back by the level of aggressive play. They did fight back with a couple of threes plus a couple baskets for Aidan McEwen who made his presence known on the floor as a definite threat.
Borden did manage to finish the quarter with a 13 to 10 lead.
The second quarter saw a few things change giving Clarksville a slight edge. Though Borden dominated the rebounding Clarksville did pickup their offense. Both teams picked up the defense making the second quarter even more deliberate on the defensive end. Both teams showed patients working for a good shots and Clarksville was more successful.
With 2:45 in the second quarter Borden’s Beam picked up two fouls quickly. This earned him a seat on the bench for virtually the rest of the quarter. With 1:43 to play Clarksville’s Billy Edelen picked up a basket and a free throw to give Clarksville their first lead since the first minute of the game at 22 to 20.
With a minute to play Vick picked up a driving basket to tie things up at 22 all for the half. With rebounding and turnovers near even it was a quarter that tested both teams.
The third quarter started with Borden and Clarksville trading baskets for the first half of the quarter. With 6:13 into the quarter Borden’s Beam did pickup his third foul putting him on the bench for half of the quarter.
With 4:10 Clarksville’s A McEwen drove for his only basket of the quarter giving them a four point lead. Borden quickly answered with a basket from Lynch and Billy Kirchgessner to tie the game back up at 28 all with 3:26 to play. Clarksville picked up a 3 answered by Josh Vollstedt. Clarksville picked up a pair of free throws answered by Beams pair then Clarksville’s Calvin McEwen dropped a three giving them a third quarter lead 36 to 33 Clarksville. The quarter was similar as those before. Both teams fighting for an advantage and neither giving any opening.
The fourth quarter Borden pushed into the lead in the first minute. They out rebounded Clarksville and pushed their defense harder. Eventually with 2:37 Vick dropped in one of two free throws to give Borden a seven point lead 49 - 42 Borden.
Clarksville pushed back with an eight point run. With 15 seconds to play they held a one point lead at 50 to 49 Clarksville. The play had stopped when A McEwen committed his fifth foul and sent Kirchgessner to the line for two free throws. Missing the first he hit the second to tie the game which sent it into overtime at 50 all.
Both teams came out determined not to pick up their second loss. Clarksville did pick up three points on a basket and free throw form Edelen in two and a half minutes. Borden finally picked up a basket on an alley-op from Kirchgessner to Vick to bring the score at 53 - 52 Clarksville.
Clarksville picked up another free throw and with :20 seconds on the clock Borden’s Vick fouled out. Edelen went to the line to hit one of two free throws giving Clarksville a 55 - 52 lead.
With :04 seconds to play Borden’s Jalen McCoy hit a long three point shot off the backboard to tie the game at 55 all. McCoy, usually a shooter, had not hit a shot all night but came through when needed.
Clarksville brought the ball in bounds and came to half court. Then a timeout was called, no one was sure if a coach or player made the request. The problem was Clarksville had already used the five time outs for the game and the extra one allowed for the overtime. This resulted in a technical foul sending Beam to the line where he hit both free throws.
Borden then in bounded the ball to Lynch who was fouled and picked up another free throw making what would be the final score 58 to 55 Borden.
It was a great game and it was a shame that someone had to lose. Both teams played well with a great deal of intensity. The biggest difference appeared the Borden players wanted to win more. They never stopped and pressed for the win the whole game.
Clarksville coach Jason Cornell said he was not surprised by their difficulty they had with Borden, “Their ranked number three aren’t they? We played hard be we didn’t rebound and we didn’t shoot free throws. Our come back in the fourth quarter was good defense and rebounding.”
Borden’s coach Doc Nash said, “This was one of our toughest game and it took grit and passion to win. I felt Billy (Kirchgessner) played like a winner tonight. Beam played like the senior he is. They all played extreme hard and I’m proud of them.” He went on to say that since he has been at Borden this was one of the biggest games he has coached.
Leading scorers for Clarksville were: Edelen 19; A McEwen 17 and Calvin McEwen with 13.
Leading scorers for Borden were: Beam 25 and Vick with 12.


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