Young files for reelection in Indiana’s 9th District Print

Congressman Todd Young filed paperwork to run for reelection with the Indiana Secretary of State’s office on Thursday morning, then immediately left to begin a two-day tour of the thirteen counties in the newly drawn 9th District.
“In 2010, I was elected to take on a broken Washington system, and that’s something I’ve tried to do every day since,” said Young.  “When I talk to folks back here in Indiana, they realize that we’re making progress on reducing our spending and deficit, and creating a more jobs-friendly economic environment.  But they are still frustrated because they know we have a long way to go if we’re ever going to fix Washington and put our country back on the right track.  I share that frustration and that desire to keep pushing Congress in the right direction.”
Young, who won his first Congressional race in 2010 by a 52-42 margin, said he’s preparing to work just as hard in 2012.
“We’re not looking at 2012 as some sort of sequel,” said Young.  “It’s a continuation of the hard work we started two years ago.  When it comes to changing Washington, we can’t ever let up or we’ll lose some of the gains we’ve made on behalf of our constituents.  So I’m looking forward to accomplishing everything we set out to accomplish, and I know Hoosiers are looking forward to keeping our country headed in the right direction.”