Cop finds couple found asleep in Hummer at S.R. 56/U.S. 31 stoplight PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 25 August 2016 12:25


It's got to be another life lesson: Don't fall asleep at the wheel, especially if the vehicle you are driving is at a busy intersection.

Joseph Lee Lamb, 30, Madison, was charged with a Class C misdemeanor, operating a motor vehicle while never receiving a license by Sgt. Steven Herald after the officer was dispatched on August 15 to look for a black Hummer that had been tail-gating a caller. The woman said the SUV had been “...weaving all over the road and into on-coming traffic...” as she traveled to Scottsburg east from Salem.

Sgt. Herald located the black SUV as it was headed east on S.R. 56 through Scottsburg. When it reached the highway's intersection with U.S. Highway 31, Sgt. Herald said the light changed to green, but the Hummer didn't move.

He got out of his patrol car and walked up to the driver's side. Both Lamb and his female passenger were sound asleep.

The officer awakened Lamb and asked for his driver license. Lamb handed him an Indiana ID card. He also allegedly admitted to Sgt. Herald he had never been licensed to drive in any state.

When Lamb appeared in Scott Superior Court for an initial hearing on August 16, he learned that the Prosecutor's Office also filed a Notice of Prior Offense, a Class A misdemeanor, based on Lamb having been convicted of never having received a license in Washington County in 2014.

Judge Marsha Owens Howser allowed his release on his own recognizance, ordering him to return October 6 for his trial on the misdemeanor charges.




Former Scottsburg businessman awaits October 18 trial on eight theft charges PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 25 August 2016 12:22



A former Scottsburg businessman is now awaiting his trial on felony and misdemeanor theft charges.

Robert L. “Rob” Cathcart Jr., 42, was released on cash bail of $10,000. He is charged in Scott Superior Court with three counts of Level 6 felony theft and five counts of Class A misdemeanor theft.

The case stems from evidence gathered by Steve Wollmann, an investigator with the Scott County Prosecutor's Office. Wollmann stated in a probable cause affidavit that Cathcart, who once operated the jewelry and coin shop Cathcart & Company in downtown Scottsburg, had failed to return pieces of jewelry individuals had given him either to repair.

Another person had allegedly given Cathcart jewelry and paintings to sell for him. Some money was paid to that individual but not all that the man claimed was owed him.

Charges were filed against Cathcart in early June.

The shop at the corner of North Railroad Street and West McClain Avenue has been closed for several months. Scottsburg police have received a couple of reports of break-ins occurring at the store over that time period, but no suspects have been identified in those cases.




District 2 School Board Discusses Insurance Quotes and Purchasing John Deere Mower PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 25 August 2016 12:16



The Scott County School District 2 Board of Trustees held a brief reception prior to the Regular meeting to welcome new faculty to Scott 2. Principals were on hand to introduce the staff new to each of their buildings.

Superintendet Dr. Marc Slaton shared results from both the parent and student end of year surveys from 2015-16. He stated that he was pleased that the majority of the responses were positive in nature.

Dr. Slaton shared that enrollment is currently up, but it will continue to be monitored as it will likely fluctuate for the next several days as school gets settled. He thanked the principals for working to locate students who did not register which has helped to reflect a more accurate enrollment number.

Pictures of many recent facility improvements were viewed. Dr. Slaton thanked the Board for approving the projects and he thanked Mr. Riley and the maintenance crew for all of their work towards their completion. He noted that they saved the corporation quite a bit of money by taking care of the restroom remodeling themselves and that the finished product was great.

The board approved the claims for expenditure summary, payroll claims for July 28, and regular claims for July 18 and 29, and August 9.

The board approved the following purchases and renewals:

Raptor Renewal $3,360

The Paper Corporation $4,389.18

PIVOT Renewal $10,540

The board then accepted bides for a water softener at Lexington Elementary School.

Culligan $3,460

Atom Chemical $4,904.15

Mr. Riley recommended the low quote from Culligan. Mrs. Roberts made a motion to approve that recommendation, Mrs. Soloe seconded and motion carried 4-0.

Dr. Marc Slaton stated that Floyd Central High School has agreed to sell a John Deere reel mower to Scott 2 for $10,000 to be paid in $2000 increments over 5 years. This is a used mower with under 1,000 hours use. Quotes for the same model, with more hours, were provided for $16,500 and $15,000, with the recommendation to purchase the mower from Floyd Central. Mrs. Soloe made a motion to accept the quotes. Mrs. Roberts seconded and motion carried 4-0. Ron Moore made a motion to purchase the mower from Floyd Central. Mrs. Soloe seconded and motion carried 40.

Mr. Kelly Kitchel of the Henriott group joined via Skype to give an overview of the analysis they provided for Scott 2’s insurance coverage. He explained that a full gap analysis of the insurance programs the District has in place was completed to determine what coverage is in place and what coverage is needed. He compared the coverage to schools similar in size to determine if District 2 was in the same ballpark. He congratulated the District for having the lowest Workmen’s Compensation claims he had ever seen. Mr. Kitchel stated that the goal was to increase coverage and reduce cost and felt that was accomplished. Some improvements included adding earthquake coverage, increasing flood insurance coverage, raising replacement cost coverage, lowering the deductible and increasing the umbrella from 4 million to 5 million. He stated that there is extremely competitive pricing in the school market right now which served as a great advantage.

Mrs. Soloe asked if the $50,000 cyber liability was sufficient. Mr. Kitchel responded that it was an improvement from having none, which is what we had last year, but that going forward he would recommend raising that amount. Dr. Slaton thanked Mr. Kitchel for joining the meeting.

Mrs. Roberts made a motion to accept the quotes, seconded by Mrs. Soloe. Motion carried 4-0.

The quotes were as follows:

Liberty Mutual $235,046

EMC $159,055

WRM $226,622

Ms. Melinda Sparkman recommended the low quote from EMC, resulting in a $192,699 savings to the District. Mrs. Roberts made a motion to approve the recommendation of EMC. Mrs. Soloe seconded the motion which carried 4-0.

Dr. Slaton introduced EMC Representative Mr. Jason Bukowski who stated that they appreciated the opportunity to do business with Scott 2.

Mrs. Soloe realized that she should not have made the motion to award the bid due to her affiliation with one of the companies providing a quote. Mrs. Roberts made a motion to rescind Mrs. Soloe’s motion. Mr. Moore seconded and motion to rescind carried 3-0. Mrs. Roberts then made a motion to approve EMC’s quote. Ron Moore seconded and motion carried 3-0 with Mrs. Soloe abstaining.

Ms. Melinda Sparkman requested that her pay be distributed differently since she has retirement from Farm Credit and no intention of using INPRS. The school corporation pays 3% into an employee retirement account and 11.2 % into an employer retirement account. Ms. Sparkman asked to have the 3% added to her salary and to be taken out of the INPRS benefit which would save the school 11.2% every year, for a savings of $10,864, and would add $2,910 to her salary. This has been done for other employees in the past. Mr. Moore made a motion to approve the request. Mrs. Soloe seconded and motion carried 4-0.

Ms. Melinda Sparkman noted that the General Fund is currently at 1.5 million which is the highest it has been for several months. Mr. Moore thanked Ms. Sparkman for her efforts in attaining this goal.

Scottsburg High School Athletic Director Jamie Lowry proposed no changes to athletic ticket prices for 2016-17 with the exception of lowering the cost of the SMS volleyball, SMS girls’ basketball and SMS soccer passes from $20 to $15 due to the low

number of home games for those sports this season. He will work to set a more balanced schedule to prevent the unevenness in home vs away games for the future. Christy Roberts made a motion to approve, seconded

by Mrs. Soloe. Motion carried 4-0.

The board was then presented concession contracts for the 2016-17 school year for the District and Scottsburg Middle School Outdoor Concession Contract. Ms. Sparkman provided the 2016-17 concession contracts for approval. Mrs. Roberts made a motion to approve, seconded by Mr. Moore. Motion carried 4-0.

The board was then presented the personnel recommendations:


Vanessa Burns Special Ed Aide

Kelsi Sandlin SMS 5.75 Hour Supervision Aide

Sheila Kenninger VFES 5.75 Hour Classroom Aide

Scott Crone VFES 5th Grade Teacher

Arla Burns SES 5.5 Hour Cook

Certified Staff Recommendation(s)

Brandon Jerrell SHS Spanish Teacher

Support Staff Recommendation(s)

Peggy Sommer Contracted Services

Naomi Burns SHS 5.75 Hour Mo/MdAide

School Nurse (duplicate entry)

Sabrina Vires SHS Guidance Administrative Assistant.

Rick Richardson Corporation Substitute Bus Driver

Angela Ray SHS 5.5 Hour Study Hall Aide

Misty Land SES ED Aide

Emily Petty SES ED Aide

Debra Holmes School Nurse

ECA Staff Recommendation(s)

Stephanie Matthews & Alyssia Dancer Co-assistant Fall Guard Directors

Lorna Conder 6th Grade Volleyball Coach

Amy Johnson VFES Bus Supervisor

Ashley Kruth Choir Director

Brandon Jerrell SHS Boys’ Swim Coach

Brandon Jerrell SHS Girls’ Swim Coach

Brandon Jerrell SMS Swim Coach

Deanna Rose SES Bus Duty Aide

Denna Schafer & Michelle Moon SES Co-Student Council Sponsors

Linda Watson SES Bus Duty Aide

Cammie Cravens SES Web Page Coordinator

Cammie Cravens JES Web Page Coordinator

Beth Walton SHS Vocational Coordinator Brandon Jerrell SMS Volunteer Soccer Coach


Valerie Johnson from LES 5.5 Hour Cook to LES 6 Hour Asst. Cafe Manager

Amy Beverly from Sp. Ed. Bus Aide to 6.75 Hour/4 Day SHS Special Ed. ED Aide

Johnny Berna from SHS 5.5 Hour Custodian to LES 5.5 Hour Custodian

Tammy Treadway from SES 2nd Grade to SES 4th Grade Teacher.

Amy Rone Hawkins from SES Title I to JES Title I.

Professional Leave Request(s)

Greg Hammons School Safety Conference, Indianapolis, IN, Aug. 29-30.

Keri Hammons School Safety Conference, Indianapolis, IN, Aug. 29-30

Keri Hammons Assistant Principal’s Conference, Indianapolis, IN, Nov. 18-19

Field Trip Request(s)

SHS FFA to FFA State SOAR Camp, Trafalgar, IN, Oct. 7-9

Permission to Post

LES 5.5 Hour Cook

6.5 Hour/182 Day Special Ed Bus Aide

SHS 5.5 Hour Custodian

SHS Spanish Honorary Sponsor

SMS 5.75 Hour Supervision Aide

VFES 3rd Grade Teacher

VFES 5.75 Hour Classroom Aide

VFES 5th Grade Teacher

SES 5.5 Hour Cook

Permission to hire VFES 3rd grade teacher if needed based on enrollment

Mrs. Roberts made a motion to approve all personnel items, seconded by Mrs. Soloe. Motion carried 4-0.

In other business the Scott County Soil & Water Conservation District requested that rental fees be waived for their annual meeting/dinner in the Commons at SHS.

CEASe of Scott County requested that fees be waived for a well-known author of a book about the opiate epidemic to meet with educators and student leaders in the Media Center at SHS.

Coach Jameson asked that fees be waived for SMS to be a host site for a fall Hoosier Basketball Association League. All gate money and concessions will go to the basketball program and/or boosters. The expenses (officials and custodial services) will be paid through their profits. Coach Jameson will be given the option to see if the booster club would sell concessions out of coolers in the lobby.

Ron Moore made a motion to approve waiving the rental fees for Scott County Soil & Water, all fees for CEASe and the rental fees for the HBA League. Mrs. Soloe seconded and motion carried 4-0.

Mr. Chuck Rose stated that the elementary principals would like to test an academic eligibility procedure policy during the 2016-17 school year for fifth grade students only, who participate in basketball and/or cheerleading. He added that the middle school administration encouraged this action so that students are not surprised by academic requirements when they reach middle school. At season’s end, the effectiveness will be evaluated and expanding the procedures to additional grade levels and other activities considered.

Christy Roberts voiced a concern that if there is a delay in grades being entered by teachers that could affect a student’s eligibility. Chuck Rose agreed that teachers would need to be asked to have grades entered by the Friday deadline, but noted that there would be some time for correcting situations if they did occur as the actual penalty would not begin until the following week. Mr. Rose requested this to be considered a first reading and bring it for approval on August 23rd in order to have it set prior to the start of the season.

At this time Dr. Slaton stated that it has been past practice for the Board to approve volunteer coaches at the middle and high school level, but not at the elementary level. He asked if they wanted to discuss this practice. Mr. Rose and Mrs. Barrett stated that it is sometimes very difficult to find people willing to fill these positions and that parents will often show up for practice and end up helping out without the principal’s knowledge. Dr. Slaton stated that all the legwork involved in getting the coaches would be on Elementary Athletics Coordinator B.J. Best, the varsity coaches and principals. The Board would simply have the names for final approval with all background checks handled prior to that. Mr. Rose added that, Mr. Best would need to know as soon as possible if the elementary volunteers required Board approval. It was the consensus of the Board that elementary volunteer coaches be vetted and Board approved.

In other matters, Ms. Sparkman stated that State Statute now requires Internal Controls for school corporations. There are several steps towards this goal which includes a resolution to adopt internal controls, training personnel who are involved with money, and developing an internal controls manual. She provided the resolution for Board approval as the first step. Christy Roberts made a motion to approve, seconded by Ron Moore. Motion

carried 4-0.

Dr. Slaton provided an updated list of upcoming Board meeting dates to reflect adjustments made to accommodate the budget schedule. He pointed out that there will be a four week gap between the last meeting in August and the first September meeting. It was discussed and determined that a meeting could be called if needed.

Ron Moore added that if the gap in meetings would cause the greenhouse project to be delayed further he did think a meeting should be held, noting that several donations for the greenhouse had been made last year. He thanked Dr. Slaton and Mr. Riley for their efforts on the greenhouse project. Dr. Slaton added that the greenhouse site plan should be back this week and he hoped to be able to move that process forward as soon as possible in order to be able to break ground this fall.

Dr. Slaton shared a card from SMS Administrative Assistant Diana Manns, SHS Principal Ric Manns and SES Teacher Michelle Moon for remembrances sent after the loss of Mrs. Manns’ grandmother along with a card from SHS Athletic Assistant Shelly Bartoch f or remembrances sent after she lost her father. He reported that SES Title I Tutor Diane Lord’s sister passed away and noted that she was also Athletic Director, Jamie Lowry’s aunt. He asked that these families be kept in our thoughts and prayers. Mr. Moore stated that retired SHS cook, Lou Golden, had also passed away and provided funeral arrangements for her. Mrs. Golden worked for Scott 2 for 33 years.

Ms. Sparkman gave each Board member a copy of the 2017 budget for review prior to the next meeting when she will ask for permission to advertise the budget in The Scott County Journal and The Chronicle.




Gas pedal mistake, french fries causes in August 9 accidents which injure 2 teens PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 17 August 2016 06:30

Two local teenagers are recovering from injuries they received in separate vehicle accidents which happened on Tuesday, August 9.

Alleged dealer, teen friend taken into custody when paraphernalia, drugs found in car PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 17 August 2016 06:29

An alleged drug dealer and an 18-year-old were taken into custody by Scottsburg police on Wednesday evening, August 3.

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