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Thursday, 20 July 2017 12:45



The Scott County School District 2 Board of Trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, June 26, with Superintendent Dr. Marc Slaton announced that recent SHS graduate, Paige Barrett, won the I Am Sport Award presented by Nike at the Courier-Journal l Sports Awards Program presented by Norton Sports Health. The award honors an athlete who is active in getting other kids involved in athletics. Paige is a four-year varsity basketball standout who has involved others by volunteering to referee elementary basketball games, served as a mentor at basketball camps, and is a member of a club that visits schools to encourage physical fitness. He stated that it would be difficult to list all of Paige’s accomplishments, but congratulated her on a stellar academic and athletic career and wished her the very best as she begins studying and playing basketball at Murray State. He noted that she is also the daughter of Vienna-Finley principal, Tiffany Barrett and her husband Tony.

Board member Jason Kendall asked if there were any items that needed to be removed from the consent agenda. Ron Moore questioned how it would work to have Angela Richey away from the high school at the beginning of August and Dr. Slaton stated that the high school has someone to fill in for her while she is away. He explained the duties that Mrs. Richey will be helping with in the Business Office. There was some discussion as to how both Mrs. Mosier and Mrs. Richey would be paid and it was the consensus of the Board that both would receive one dollar more per hour to compensate for the extra work.

Board member Christy Roberts stated that it appeared there were some coaches following their students, which was discouraged unless there were no other options. Dr. Slaton will check with Mr. Lowry but did not believe there were others interested in some of those positions. Mrs. Roberts also questioned whether there would be B teams offered for all grade levels. Dr. Slaton said all would be posted, but in some instances there was not enough student participation to warrant having a B team.

Dr. Slaton asked if the Board wanted to add the recommendation for the new baseball coach to the agenda. Mrs. Roberts questioned how the committee was chosen to select the coach, adding that typically there was a Board member and Booster club member on the committee. Mr. Kendall explained that the only sports that had been done for in the past was boys’ and girls’ basketball and football due to those being considered “major” sports.

Board member Andrea Soloe made a motion to add the recommendation for the baseball coach to the agenda. Mr. Mays seconded and motion carried 5-0. Mr. Mays made a motion to approve the agenda with the modification. Mrs. Soloe seconded and motion carried 5-0.

The board was then presented the financial considerations which included approving the following items: Expenditure Summary , Payroll Claims 6/15/17; Regular Claims for 6/26/2017 and 06/07/2017- 6/20/2017

Permission to Prewrite Claims (permission given via email).

The board was presented the monthly financial report for May 31, along with the Textbook Reimbursement Rates.

The board was also presented the following declaration of suprlus of the Vienna-Finley Elementary School piano. The Board also agreed to purchase/renew the following items:

Discovery Education $16,150

Dunlap & Company, Inc. Pay App #1 - SHS HVAC $693,028.80

Five-Star Technology $30,850

SHS Remediation- $37,000 + $1,000 for the follow up testing

Wilson Education Center Membership Renewal- $10,172.60

The board was then presented the the following personnel recommendations:


Scott McDill - VFES 5.75 Hour Special Programs Aide

BrandonTormoehlen - SHS Math Teacher & Varsity Baseball Coach

Certified Recommendation(s)

Goni Luttrell - Kindergarten Jumpstart Teacher

Caitlin Hargett - SHS New Tech Special Education Teacher

Thomas Przybyla - SHS Special Education ED Teacher

Daymond Reynolds - SES Special Education Teacher

Kelsie McGee - Elementary Counselor

Jim Beckman- SHS Science Teacher

Non-Certified Recommendations

Angie Richey- Business Office Summer Sub (note: pay raised by $1)

ECA Recommendation(s)

Allison Rademacher - LES Robotics Coach

Shannon Wright - SES Robotics Coach

Rhonda Smith - SHS Asst. Girls’ Varsity Basketball Coach

Jeanne Taylor - SHS Girls’ 9th Grade Coach

Scott Pool - SMS 8th Grade Girls’ Basketball Coach

Monty Stutsman - SMS 7th Grade Girls’ Basketball Coach

Angela Bray - SMS Girls’ 6th Grade Basketball Coach

Ingrid Royalty - SMS 9th Grade B Team Basketball Coach

Ricky Bray - SMS 6th Grade Girls’ B Team Basketball Coach

Todd Tutterow & Duane Hildebrand - SHS Summer Baseball

Todd Tutterow & Duane Hildebrand - SMS Summer Baseball

Darren Patton- Color Guard Volunteer

Brianna Bye- Color Guard Volunteer

Brian Wichman - SHS Varsity Baseball Coach

Professional Leave Request(s)

Caroline VanGosen - FFA LDW Camp, Trafalgar, IN, Sept. 8-10

Caroline VanGosen - FFA SOAR Camp, Trafalgar, IN, Oct. 6-8

Caroline VanGosen - FFA National Convention, Indianapolis, IN, Oct. 24-27

Ken McMichael - FFA National Convention, Indianapolis, IN, Oct. 27

Caroline VanGosen - FFA F.I.R.E., Trafalgar, IN, Nov. 17-19

Caroline VanGosen & Ken McMichael - UK Field Day, Lexington, KY, Apr. 18-19

Medical Leave Request

Rosa Putoff- 6 Week Leave of Absence

Field Trip Request(s)

SMS/SHS FFA - FFA LDW Camp, Trafalgar, IN, Sept. 8-10

SMS/SHS FFA - FFA SOAR Camp, Trafalgar, IN, Oct. 6-8

SMS/SHS FFA - FFA National Convention, Indianapolis, IN, Oct. 24-27

SHS/SMS FFA - FFA F.I.R.E. Camp, Trafalgar, IN, Nov. 17-19

SMS/SHS FFA - UK Field Day, Lexington, KY, Apr. 18-19

Permission to Post

VFES 5.75 Hour Special Programs Aide

SHS Attendance Clerk/Front Office Sub.

Mrs. Roberts made a motion to approve all items on the Consent Agenda. Mr. Mays seconded and motion carried 5-0.

In other matters, the board approved the following financial considerations:

SMS Patron Area Furniture

Educational Furniture

Lee Company

JW Associates

Educational Furniture

SMS Back Office Furniture

Educational Furniture

Lee Company

Educational Furniture

JW Associates

Andrea Soloe made a motion to accept all quotes. Mr. Mays seconded and motion carried 5-0. There was discussion about whether bond money should be used or whether this furniture should be paid for with SMS CPF funds. The consensus of the Board was that the bond money should be used for big ticket items that benefit the most students and since this furniture is not a necessity, it should be paid through CPF. Andrea Soloe made a motion to allow SMS Kristin Nass to purchase the furniture out of CPF if she chooses. Josh Mays seconded and motion carried 4-1 with Mrs. Roberts casting the no vote.

Dr. Marc Slaton and Mr. Bob Riley recommended approval of the revised pricing for the lighting needs at SHS as part of the ceiling replacement part of the HVAC project with the total for labor and materials being $75,311.50. Dr. Slaton explained that the only other option would be to purchase the lighting at the same basic price as what they are charging and then have the Maintenance Department to install. Counting the contingency, there is $103,000 left in the HVAC bond, so this will take almost three fourths of the remaining amount. After some discussion Mrs. Roberts made a motion to approve, seconded by Mr. Mays. Motion carried 5-0.

Dr. Slaton stated that the SMS Apple Tvs, Projectors and Office Area TV/Monitor are all part of the SMS Bond Issue, line number 57 titled SMS Miscellaneous Tech. Mrs. Soloe made a motion to approve these items to be purchased out of the SMS CPF money rather than the bond money. Mr. Mays seconded and motion carried 5-0.

Christy Roberts made a motion to approve the second reading of the Elementary Class List Teacher Request Letter policy. Mr. Moore seconded and motion carried 5-0.

The board was presented the policies on the Personal Background Checks and Mandatory Reporting of Convictions and Arrests. Dr. Marc Slaton provided the existing policies regarding Board and Staff Communications as requested by the Board for possible revision. He also provided the Background Check policies that require a fingerprint noting that the Business Office has found a Criminal Background Check program that provides more thorough information than our existing fingerprint method for half the cost. He noted that a fingerprint is not required by law but a Federal Background Check is required. This company meets the criteria as set forth in the law and is a better overall option as it checks across numerous databases for criminal activity or convictions. He recommended striking the “fingerprint” requirement from these policies in order to move forward with the new company. After Board input, it was determined that Dr. Slaton will make suggested changes and bring the revised policy to the Board for a first reading. Regarding the policy on Board and Staff Communications, Dr. Slaton asked for direction from the Board as to possible revisions. Ron Moore stated that he did not think it was plausible for everyone to have to go to the superintendent adding that if their problem is with the superintendent or a principal they might not feel comfortable. He said that he did not have a problem with people coming to him. He said that he understood why school employees might not want the Board to be involved because they don’t want to be criticized.

Christy Roberts felt there was a proper channel in place to use but disagreed with the section about unethical conduct.

Jason Kendall agreed that we do need a chain of communication but added that what is best for education should be an open door policy. He feels staff should be encouraged to follow appropriate channels of communication with the understanding that if they are not comfortable with that, they should be able to go to the next person without that being held over their head. Dr. Slaton will work on a draft to try to capture the essence of the Board’s wishes and bring it back to the Board. He added that whatever is decided would also need to go through Discussion.

Dr. Marc Slaton provided a draft of an amended 2017-18 school calendar to include 6 delayed start days to use for District professional development (three for data analysis and three to start the process of vertical articulation of the curriculum across grades and subjects). There was discussion about changing some of the delayed starts to early dismissals in order to avoid students missing out on the same classes repeatedly. Dr. Slaton will bring an updated calendar to the Board.

Dr. Slaton asked permission to apply for a 2018 safety grant for up to $50,000 with a district match for a grand total of $100,000 dollars. Allowable expenses are to:

Employ a school resource officer (salary, benefits and basic 40 hour training course); Conduct a threat assessment; or Purchase equipment to restrict access to the school or expedite the notification of first responders.

The intent would be to use the funds for purchasing equipment to restrict access to the school or to expedite the notification of first responders. He noted that if the grant is received specific details about the use would

require Board approval. Mr. Mays made a motion to approve, seconded by Mrs. Roberts. Motion carried 5-0.




Traffic stop by deputy for broken tail light results in pair’s drug arrests PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 19 July 2017 06:45

Two people were arrested by Deputy John Hartman on Monday, July 3, following a traffic stop the officer made because of faulty lights on their vehicle.

Shot fired! Austin man jailed after allegedly shooting at youth and another man PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marty Randall   
Wednesday, 19 July 2017 06:43

A vocal argument between an Austin man and a juvenile on Thursday, July 13, on Green Street in Scottsburg, escalated into a gun being fired reportedly at the youth and a man who came in response to the boy’s call for help.

Service conducted for retired businessman, former councilman Ray Zollman PDF Print E-mail
Written by George Browning   
Wednesday, 19 July 2017 06:42

He knew lots of people.

18-year-olds charged after crash on State Road 56; alcohol, drug residue found PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marty Randall   
Wednesday, 19 July 2017 00:00

Two 18-year-olds are facing charges in Scott Circuit Court following a crash on State Road 56 early on Monday morning, July 10. Taken into custody were Lacie Marie Fidell, Madison, and Shawn Michael Blais, Hanover. According to the probable cause affidavit filed with the cases, Deputy Josh Watterson was dispatched to the scene of the crash at the T intersection of S.R. 56 East and Shea Road. The car was in a roadside ditch.

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