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Written by Marty Randall   
Wednesday, 02 December 2015 10:29



A Scott County baby's injuries to his head and eyes have been attributed to his father, Bryan Lee Anthony, 28, Scottsburg.

Anthony was taken into custody by Indiana State Police on November 19. He had voluntarily driven to the ISP post at Sellersburg for an interview after making statements to Detective/Sgt. David Mitchell that an incident at the family's home two days prior had happened.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the six-month-old baby boy was taken by his mother on November 19 to a pre-arranged check-up by the child's pediatrician. The doctor noticed the baby's condition and arranged for the infant to be admitted to Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville for treatment.

At Kosair, the baby underwent a CAT scan. The test allegedly revealed “...a chronic subdural hemorrhage, meaning that blood had collected around his brain. The child also had a total of three retinal hemorrhages in his eyes, the affidavit related.

A later test, an MRI, indicated that what was originally thought to be blood or blood products around the baby's brain was another type of fluid.

Reportedly, in an interview at Kosair, Anthony told Det./Sgt. Mitchell and a caseworker from the Scott County Division of Child Services (DCS) that he had become irritated with the baby at the couple's home “...and grabbed him from the bed without supporting his head, and quickly pulled (the baby) upwards and backwards several times causing his head to bobble back and forth approximately six times.”

Though the father admitted to “...feeling bad...” about his actions, he did not alert the baby's mother to the child's condition. He reportedly said he noticed the baby spitting up more than usual “...and feared that this could be the result of injury sustained during the incident...” a day later. The next day, the baby was taken to his pediatrician by his mother.

Also included in the probable cause was a statement allegedly made by Anthony to the officers that he kept quiet because he was scared of getting into trouble and going to jail.

That's where Anthony is now, charged with battery causing bodily injury, a Level 5 felony, and neglect of a dependent, a Level 6 felony.

When an initial hearing was held in Scott Circuit Court on November 23, a preliminary plea of not guilty was entered for him by Judge Roger Duvall. An initial jury trial date of April 19 was scheduled, and a protective order was entered, directing Anthony to stay away from his son if he is released on bail except under circumstances approved by the DCS.

Bail was set at $50,000 by corporate surety bond or $10,000 by cash. A public defender has been assigned to the case.

We Care! Auction starts at noon Friday, December 4, in downtown Scottsburg PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marcus Amos   
Wednesday, 02 December 2015 10:27



Come 12 noon on Friday, December 4, a whole lot of bidding will be generated by the items to be offered in the 2015 We Care Auction on the air at 105.3 FM.

A pretty nifty 2002 Olds Silhouette mini-van is the vehicle up for grabs in We Care's Super Lot this year. The red van has been donated by Mr. and Mrs. Sam McIntosh of Wheel and Deal Auto Sales and is on display across from the I105.3 radio station on the Scottsburg square. There are lots of collectibles, too, as well as toys, handmade crafts, small appliances and some surprises thrown in the mix.

The pile of items has continued to grow as people contribute to the unique on-air auction that can be viewed on Facebook at scottcountywecare and on the web page at Ilovewecare.com. The Scottsburg High School Student Council and yearbook staff have been taking those photos of items Those who plan to donate to We Care are urged to bring their items as soon as possible to the studios of I105.3 FM on the north side of Scottsburg's downtown square. We Care volunteers will cheerfully take cash contributions, too.

With the money that is raised, warm coats and new shoes are purchased by local agencies and school districts and distributed to needy children who live in Scott County. This mission began 26 years ago.

Through those years, children have been provided with coats, shoes and other warm clothing, all of which help them during cold weather. Last year, 1,127 children in the county got warm winter clothing and shoes with the $58,503.14 that was raised.

Once a caller has won an item in the auction, he/she is asked to stop by the radio studios and pay for the merchandise. We Care volunteers may accept cash, personal checks or credit cards for payment. All items can then be collected at the We Care Pick-Up Center, which is in a building on the east side of Scottsburg's square next to Jendy's Pizza.

People are also welcome to visit that building, perhaps more familiar as the Democrat Party headquarters, and view the dozens and dozens of items available this year. Hours at the Pick-Up Center on Thursday, December 3, are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It will re-open at 9 a.m. on Friday, December 4, and remain open until 7 p.m. on Saturday, December 5. Just walk in, look at the lots boxed up for the auction and make a note of the lot and item numbers so you can place your bid on what you want when the lot is brought up for auction.

All bids may be placed by calling 812-752-3688 or 1-800-441-1053 during We Care.

Motorists should watch for National Guard soldiers manning roadblocks in Austin and Scottsburg that weekend as well. Money collected will be added to We Care's total. Roadblocks are scheduled at U.S. Highway 31 and State Road 56 and S.R. 56 and Main Street in Scottsburg and at U.S. 31 and State Road 256 in Austin throughout Friday and Saturday.

Mary Miller, a I105.3 employee and longtime We Care advocate, urged people to donate items to the auction. “We need from 1,200 to 1,500 items to fill all of our auction lots. Anything that can be turned into cash will be put in the auction. Remember, every penny counts!” she said.

Items not claimed by winning bidders will be placed in a wrap-up auction, set for Friday night, December 11, at VFW Post 6582 on U.S. Highway 31 between Austin and Scottsburg.

Murder charges filed against Cox.... Girlfriend's statement to ISP officers places younger Caudill at scene of Turner murder PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marty Randall   
Wednesday, 02 December 2015 10:25


Aiding murder and murder are among the charges filed on Wednesday, November 25, against a second person in the November 7 shooting death of an Austin businessman.

Ginger Lee Cox, 23, now faces aiding murder, felony murder, aiding in robbery resulting in serious bodily injury, robbery with a deadly weapon and theft. She is the girlfriend of James Matthew “Matt” Caudill, 21, the man who allegedly shot and killed John Turner, proprietor of John's Coins and Jewelry on West Main Street in Austin.

Her statement given to Detective Brian Busick with the Indiana State Police, Sellersburg post, provides a grim picture of the couple's actions prior to the fatal shooting at the tiny shop.

The probable cause affidavit filed by Det. Busick in connection to Cox's new charges relates that she had been with Caudill on November 7. They had traveled to the Turner shop three times that day. The first time, the couple entered the shop and Caudill “haggled” with Turner over a ring that Caudill had apparently sold to Turner earlier and wanted to buy back.

On the second trip, Cox said she waited in the Dodge minivan Caudill had driven. He went inside the shop and was armed with a gun, she said. He left Turner's because “...there were other people including children in the store.”

She said they then drove down Main Street, stopping and positioning the minivan so that they could watch the shop and known when people had left the shop. Caudill reportedly moved the van one time, all the while keeping an eye on the shop.

Once they saw customers leave, Cox said her boyfriend drove back up to the front of the store. He got out but told Cox to stay in the van's front seat, positioning herself so that the view of the front of the shop was obstructed if anyone across the road in other shops might look out.

She said Caudill was wearing a dark hoodie and light-colored pants but nothing on his face as he went into the shop a third time. The gun he had was a .22 Ruger to which Caudill had attached a homemade silencer, the woman told police.

When he returned to the van, Caudill had an envelope with some jewelry inside and a plastic shopping bag filled with other items. She purportedly told officers that Caudill admitted to shooting Turner in the head and robbing the store.

Later that same evening, Caudill and his older brother Christopher were counting currency allegedly taken in the robbery. Cox was given $500, which she told officers she spent. Other money was sealed in plastic bags.

She said she and the younger Caudill purchased tires and rims with some of the money, all $100 bills. Security film footage of Caudill making the purchase was obtained from the store where the transaction took place.

Cox also allegedly told officers that the clothing Matt Caudill wore during the crime, bank bags and a security video system were burned by the two brothers in a refuse pile near their parents' trailer. Officers later recovered a DVR from that site when they arrived on November 9 to serve Matt Caudill and Ginger Cox with arrest warrants arising out of the theft of a pickup truck in October.

With evidence discovered, both of the Caudill brothers, Cox and the Caudills' mother, Patricia, were arrested and transported to the Scott County Security Center in Scottsburg.

The latest probable cause affidavit also related that Matt Caudill had asked his older brother to hide two containers with cash and jewelry in them and a gun. Those were buried in a woods south of the residence on Water Tower Road near Austin, Christopher Caudill allegedly told officers.

Christopher Caudill assisted with locating the buried handgun on November 10. He also stated that when he and Matt Caudill had run into the woods as officers arrived on November 9, Matt Caudill had uncovered the container of money. Over $8,000 in currency was located by officers searching the grounds that day. The older Caudill brother also viewed footage of a security tape obtained from a nearby store's camera and identified the minivan seen in the film as his mother's vehicle.

Cox went through an initial hearing in Scott Circuit Court on her new charges on November 25. She was appointed a public defender, and an initial jury trial date of April 26 was scheduled after entry of a not guilty plea. No bond was set in the case.

Prosecutor Jason Mount also filed a Notice of Additional Penalty for use of a firearm in the commission of the crime.




Alleged confessions in November 11 home burglary result in charges against couple PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marty Randall   
Wednesday, 02 December 2015 08:37

With each individual allegedly confessing to participation in a November 11 home burglary on Boatman Road, charges have been filed in Scott Circuit Court against two people.

Father of six-month-old charged with causing baby’s head and eye injuries PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marty Randall   
Wednesday, 02 December 2015 08:36

A Scott County baby’s injuries to his head and eyes have been attributed to his father, Bryan Lee Anthony, 28, Scottsburg.

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