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Wednesday, 16 July 2008 00:00
???  ?    The Washington County Council met in regular session on Monday, July 7 with all members present.  The minutes of previous meetings were approved unanimously.
    The ongoing debate between the County Council and the Washington County Board of Commissioners continued and was marked by a heated and lively exchange between Commissioner Lana Sullivan and Council Members Mark Manship and Mignon Mashall.  
    This issue began back in May when Manship asked Sullivan to explain why the Auditor’s Office did not notify the Council that the county’s budget had been cut by the State of Indiana in 2006; Sullivan was Washington County Auditor at the time in question. 
    In addition, Manship asked for an explanation of what appeared to be overspending for the year 2006 of over $850,000.  Sullivan said that she would provide an explanation by the June 2 Council meeting.  But assured Manship that there was not a problem.
    At the June 2 Council meeting, Manship again asked for an explanation but Sullivan did not provide one siting a very busy work schedule.  She told the Council she would have the answers by the July 7 meeting.
    When Manship asked for the explanation again at last week’s meeting, Sullivan said that she would be willing to meet with Manship privately to explain the report from the state to which Manship replied, “I am not comfortable meeting in private to discuss public money.  This issue needs to be discussed in a public meeting.”
    At that point, Sullivan said she was not willing to discuss the issue in a public meeting and refused to comment on it any further.  According to Sullivan the explanation is too complex to be laid out in a public meeting.
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Tuesday, 15 July 2008 00:00

Bart Kay presents Mary "Jeannie" Hartsook of the Salem High School SADD and students with about $7,500 in gold at the Courthouse in Salem from the Hunt for History.

The hunt ran for the last year and went unclaimed by treasure hunters, so the gold bars, originally valued at $5000, but now appreciated in value, were presented to the group who sold the most maps for the hunt. The bars have since been replaced with silver so that hunters can continue their search.
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?Following the trail of the tax money in Washington County PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 00:00
?    Do arguments over the purpose of taxation and the blatant inequities in tax law have credence–with out a doubt they do.  However, the complexity of the taxation laws at all levels of government as well as the convoluted appropriation process of those tax revenues can cause the average taxpayer attempting to understand the whole process to throw up his or her hands in frustration.
    The recent debacle brought on by the new property tax program here in Indiana is but one example of how efforts to respond to frustrated taxpayers has only exacerbated the problem by making the necessary process of collecting taxes to pay for vital services, and all the other good stuff mentioned in the Preamble of the United States Constitution, a nightmare for taxpayers, government officials and those whose responsibility it is to provide public services without timely revenues such as public schools, public health agencies, the court system, etc.
    In Washington County, not unlike the other 91 counties across the state there are elected officials whose responsibility it is to calculate, collect, spend, and account for tax dollars.  The rules by which this intricate game is played are wrapped up in codified requirements, restrictions, and regulations that are available online at the State of Indiana website, http://www.in.gov.  How those tax dollars are spent can be the contention of heated debate in both public and closed meetings of those elected officials.
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Wednesday, 09 July 2008 00:00
?    In a recent Washington County HomeTown Competitiveness meeting, Pillar Team drew names for the incentive prizes for those filling out the community survey.  
    Winning a $100 Jay C gift card was Betty Brown of Salem. Angie Strasser, also of Salem, won the $100 True Value gift card. Winners have been notified by phone. The team picked two numbers at random and then checked the results from the survey to see which respondents matched those numbers.
    Volunteers are continuing to input the data from the youth surveys. When all the data has been entered, the Pillar Team will conduct a drawing for the youth prize. Students in all grades in each of the county high schools participated in the youth survey.
    The Phase 1 report on WCHTC work to date is complete. The Pillar Team will bind these, send copies to the state, and make copies available to the community for check-out. A copy will also be available at the SAlem Public Library for anyone who is interested. The report is quite detailed and includes all the activities, meetings, and results over the last 11 months.
    The Pillar Team, site coach Dr. David Beck, and other community members will be attending an Indiana HTC celebration in Bedford, where the group will meet with the other eight pilot communities to discuss progress made.
    Starting in August the Pillar Team will be contacting those who signed up on the survey to participate in a focus group or join a Pillar Task Force. So far, well over 200 people have asked to be placed on the WCHTC contact list to receive updates on WCHTC work. Anyone else who wishes to be added to the contact list should call Scott Martin at 883-5454 or Beth Armstrong at 883-5565.
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?Commissioners discuss Sparksville Road dilemma PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 00:00
?? ?The Washington County Board of Commissioners met in regular session Wednesday afternoon.  Commissioners Lana Sullivan and Byron Green were present; Commissioner Mike Goering was absent.  The minutes of previous meetings and all claims were approved, 2-0.
    The Board heard from Donovan Gordon and Lonnie Brown, owners of the property on either side of the Sparksville Road in northern Washington County.  Both Gordon and Brown expressed their concerns about what can only be described as an inadequate design of the road leading to the bridge crossing the White River.  According to Gordon, the wrong size of concrete box culvert was used and that is part of the problem.
    The Commissioners agreed to repair the fields and to replace the road surface with gravel until a permanent solution can be implemented. 
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