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Tuesday, 07 March 2017 16:10


The straight line winds that whipped through Scott County early on Wednesday, March 1, have left an indelible mark on certain areas of the county, that’s for sure.

Good weather over the weekend allowed residents to continue their Herculean task of gathering/removing/hauling all debris, protecting damaged roofs from further exposure to the elements and simply coping with their losses.

The good news? Officials with the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) determined that so many of the affected property owners had insurance coverage, there is no need for FEMA to step in and offer low-interest loans or grants. Explained Greg Ramoni, Deputy Director for the county office of the Emergency Management Administration (EMA), “FEMA requires at least 40% of the homes and businesses damaged not be insured. We had fewer residences damaged than their minimum requirement as well.”

A lot of progress in piling up yard waste was made in the areas struck over the weekend. According to the EMA, Scott County residents are welcome to expedite recovery efforts and manage that debris efficiently by burning it.

All safety precautions should be observed at all times by those storm victims who decide to burn vegetation. Do not burn debris if windy conditions exist. That’s a good way to cause even more damage in a bad situation. Make sure a water supply is available when burning, and always guard fires with hoses and rakes while they are burning.

Residents who do not have the ability to burn such debris may truck such vegetation to the Scott County Transfer Station, 4689 South Double or Nothing Road, Scottsburg.

Hours during which vegetation may be brought to the transfer station are from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Vegetative debris that will be accepted includes damaged trees, bushes and shrubs and broken or partially broken tree limbs.

Such debris will be accepted during the transfer station’s posted hours through the month of March.

A note of advice from Michelle Goodin, Scott County Health Department administrator: Don’t forget to get a tetanus shot. Tetanus shots, which prevent lockjaw, are provided free of charge by the Health Department. Boosters should be obtained every ten years. Goodin said working around damaged buildings provides multiple risks to those wanting to help.

“It’s a good idea to get a tetanus shot so your health is protected in case you step on a nail or get cut by metal. Call the Health Department at 812-752-8455 and make an appointment or to request more information,” stated Goodin.

Another step which can help property owners in the wake of the storm is by contacting the Scott County Assessor’s office. Diana Cozart’s office staff will be glad to record any change in outbuildings or homes destroyed or damaged.

Call the Assessor’s Office at 812-752-8436 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Affected property owners can also visit the office, located at the east end of the Courthouse in downtown Scottsburg.


Passenger hurt, driver arrested in S.R. 56 crash east of Scottsburg on February 18 PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 06 March 2017 17:19



A young woman passenger was injured and the driver was arrested following an evening accident that happened on State Road 56 east of Scottsburg on Saturday night, February 18.

Deputies John Hartman, Shawn Mayer and Joshua Watterson were dispatched to the wreck site, located at the highway’s intersection with Turley Road. That T intersection is at a fairly sharp S curve for which driver Kenneth S. Mills, 19, Jeffersonville, was apparently not ready.

The 2004 Mazda 6 may have been going too fast for road and weather conditions. It was raining when the accident happened at 8:25 p.m.

Mills told Deputy Hartman that he lost control of the car because of the wet pavement. The car barely missed the entrance to Turley Road, heading instead over uneven ground toward woods, which it entered, striking a tree and overturning.

He was uninjured. His passenger wasn’t so lucky. Abigail V. Tennyson, 20, Jeffersonville, had an apparent injury to her elbow/lower arm. She was transported to Scott Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Damage to the vehicle was extensive. Deputy Hartman estimated property loss at up to $25,000.

Mills was arrested and transported to the Scott County Security Center. Charges include two misdemeanor counts of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and misdemeanor illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor.

He appeared for an initial court appearance on Tuesday, February 21. A bench trial has been scheduled May 15, and his bail is $5,000 by corporate surety bond or $500 cash.




Seven listed as injured in recent traffic accidents investigated by Scottsburg police PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 06 March 2017 17:18



Over the course of ten days in Scottsburg, police officers investigated a total of 11 traffic accidents, five of which involved injuries to either drivers or passengers.

The first injury crash happened Saturday, February 11, on State Road 56 West (West McClain Avenue) at Railroad Street. Lois Enteman, 75, Scottsburg, struck the rear of a 2003 Lincoln Aviator SUV with her 2010 Chevy Malibu. The accident happened at 11:18 a.m.

Enteman told Sgt. Steven Herald that she was unsure what had happened. The driver of the SUV, Janet M. Lucas, 66, Scottsburg, stated that she had had to stop for another vehicle in front of her as both were traveling west on S.R. 56. The Malibu then struck the rear of the SUV.

Enteman experienced chest pain and Lucas had neck pain. Lucas’ husband, Joe, 73, had pain in a knee/lower leg/foot. All were treated at the scene by Scott County EMS personnel.

Those assisting at the scene were First Responders with the Scottsburg Volunteer Fire Department and Capt. David Hardin and Sgt. Joe Nicholson, both of the Scottsburg department.

Property damage was estimated at up to $10,000.

On Monday, February 13, a crash at the intersection of Bond and Miner Streets brought Sgt. Herald and Deputy Joe Johnson to the scene just before 4 p.m.

According to driver Seth Fields, 42, Austin, the mishap was his fault. Fields told Sgt. Herald that he had been headed east on Miner St. and could not see because of vehicles parked on the side of the street. He pulled out and the accident occurred.

Fields was driving a 2002 Ford SE. The other driver was identified as Allison M. Thompson, 16, Scottsburg. The teenager experienced chest pain after the mishap and was transported to Scott Memorial Hospital by ambulance.

Damage to the Ford and Thompson’s 2014 Chevy Sonic was estimated at up to $25,000.

While Sgt. Herald and Deputy Johnson were busy, Capt. Hardin and Patrolman Trevis Burr were dispatched to another accident at Bond St. and S.R. 56 that happened a minute after the mishap at Bond and Miner Sts.

Tina M. Amick, 49, Underwood, was following behind two other vehicles in her 2005 Chevy Equinox SUV as all were traveling west. She told Ptl. Burr that her brakes failed. She hit the rear of a 1998 Pontiac Firebird operated by James R. Hilderbrand, 37, Columbus, and that impact caused the Firebird to strike the back of a 2006 Toyota Tundra pickup truck driven by David D. Arrowood, 53, Scottsburg.

All of the drivers were not hurt, according to the officer’s report, but Hilderbrand’s passenger, Laura I. Schmidt, 35, Columbus, suffered chest pain. She was treated at the scene.

Property damage was estimated at up to $10,000.

Two more injury accidents happened on Sunday evening, February 19, and on Monday afternoon, February 20.

Around 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Derek T. McNear, 17, Scottsburg was stopped at the exit of the Taco Bell restaurant off S.R. 56 West in a 1999 Honda Accord. The teenager told Sgt. Rodney Watts that he attempted to enter a westbound lane of the state highway from the parking lot, but he said he didn’t see an eastbound 2007 Suzuki Forenza driven by Cynthia R. Williams, 37, Austin.

As he pulled out, the Forenza hit the Honda in the driver’s side front panel. Property damage was estimated at up to $10,000.

McNear was uninjured, but Williams suffered some pain in her knee/lower leg/foot area. She was treated at the scene by Scott County EMS.

Patrolman James Vires assisted at the scene of the accident.

Just before 4 p.m. on Monday, Sgt. Watts, Asst. Police Chief Richey Barton and Ptl. Burr were dispatched to an injury crash on S.R. 56 at its Lake Road intersection.

A 1998 Kawasaki 1500 motorcycle carrying two people was struck by a merging Hyundai Sonata operated by Elizabeth Angel, 68, Underwood. Both vehicles had been westbound.

Motorcyclist Michael M. Barrett, 48, Austin, was not hurt, but his passenger, Lucy A. Fording, 45, Austin, had been knocked off the cycle and had an apparent shoulder/upper arm injury. She was transported to Scott Memorial Hospital for treatment by ambulance.

Property damage was estimated at up to $10,000 by Sgt. Watts.



End of February: Five of seven accidents investigated in Scott County involve injuries PDF Print E-mail
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Of the seven accidents investigated by the Sheriff’s Department during the last eight days of February, five resulted in injuries to parties involved.

The unlucky streak for motorists began on Monday, February 20. Just after 10 p.m., a one-car accident happened 3,600 feet south of Marshfield Road on North Main Street Road.

The driver was identified as Austin L. Nicholes, 18, Austin. In his statement to Deputy Jac Sanders, Nicholes said he had been driving around 75 mph when he lost control of the 2002 Chevy Cavalier. He said his foot got wedged between the accelerator pedal and the car’s kick panel.

Deputy Sanders looked at the vehicle while Nicholes was being assisted by Scott County EMS. He said the car appeared to have rolled and flipped, sustaining heavy damage. The report he issued said unsafe speed was a factor in the mishap.

Nicholes was transported to Scott Memorial Hospital by the ambulance staff for further treatment of head pain.

Property damage was estimated at up to $5,000.

On Tuesday, February 21, just after 8 p.m. Deputy J.R. Ward was dispatched to the site 2,500 feet west of the intersection of State Road 56 East and State Road 203.

Both the driver, identified as Charles D. Evans, 68, Medora, and his wife were sitting on the ground outside their 2000 Ford Victoria. Both were bleeding from head wounds, and the woman said she was experiencing breathing difficulties.

Evans reportedly told the deputy that he had been westbound on S.R. 56 during a rainstorm when he nearly struck a road sign on its right side. He over-corrected, and the car began sliding sideways on the road. It then left S.R. 56 on the opposite, entering a ditch and tree line.

Scott County EMS technicians transported the couple to Scott Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Deputy Ward estimated property damage to be up to $10,000.

Up to $25,000 in damage occurred on Thursday afternoon, February 23, in a two-vehicle accident at S.R. 56 West and Moon Road.

Driver Tony Bowman, 45, Scottsburg, was driving west in his 2001 Chevy Silverado pickup truck on the state highway when he noticed a 2010 Toyota Camry slowing in front of him. When the driver, Marlana A. Robinson, 31, Scottsburg, reached Moon Rd., Bowman said the Camry came to a sudden stop, and he ran into the rear of the car. The accident happened at 1:06 p.m.

Deputies Joe Johnson and Rodney Rudder and Chief Deputy Rick Barrett went to the scene, finding both drivers apparently uninjured but two of their passengers were listed as hurt.

Amy Bowman, 46, had minor facial bleeding. She was treated at the scene by the ambulance technicians. The couple’s children, who had been in the truck’s rear seat, were not hurt.

An infant in the Robinson car, four-month-old Levi Robinson, had a minor cut on his head. He was transported to the local hospital for observation.

At 8 a.m. on Saturday, February 25, two people were hurt in a multiple-vehicle accident at the intersection of State Roads 356 and 3.

Deputies Joe Guarneri and Rex Herald were dispatched to the notorious intersection, finding a badly damaged 2010 Silverado pickup and a 2013 Cadillac XTS. The pickup’s driver, Keith A. Hagan, 39, Sellersburg, stated that he had been eastbound on S.R. 356 and stopped. He said he didn’t see the white Cadillac and proceeded to cross the intersection and was struck in the driver’s side.

Neither Hagan nor the Cadillac driver, Theodore W. Legge, 75, Bloomington, was hurt. Hagan’s wife and child were, however. Jessica Hagan, 34, suffered an injury to her knee/lower leg. Kailey Hagan, 8, was listed with an injury to her elbow/lower arm. They were treated at the scene by Scott County EMS technicians.

All of the emergency equipment, including front and side airbags, worked on both vehicles, Deputy Guarneri noted. Property damage was listed at up to $50,000.

The final county accident of the month happened on Sunday, February 26, at 6:11 p.m. at another notorious intersection, S.R. 56 West and Boatman Road.

A 2016 Kia Forte operated by Angela J. Hammill, 46, Scottsburg, was headed north on Boatman Rd. The motorist approaching the intersection headed west, Tracey L. Brumfield, 45, Corydon, said she saw the Kia pause and then continue across S.R. 56. Brumfield struck the Kia at a 90-degree angle, knocking the car over to the northwest corner.

Deputy James Shelton noted in his report that there were no skid marks from either vehicle and that Hammill apparently was not wearing her seat belt. Hammill was found unconscious in the car’s front passenger seat. She had suffered a head injury.

Because of Hammill’s condition, she was transported by air ambulance to University of Louisville Hospital.

An estimate of up to $50,000 in property damage was listed in the report. Additionally, a contributing factor of failing to yield was marked.

Deputy Shelton was assisted at the scene by Scott County EMS, Deputies Sanders and Ward and the Scottsburg Volunteer Fire Department.


Woman dies at scene of one-vehicle crash at Frog Pond Road/State Road 56 East PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 06 March 2017 17:15



The lone occupant of a vehicle that apparently went out of control east of Scottsburg died at the scene of the mishap.

The mishap occurred around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 1, at the T intersection of Frog Pond Road and State Road 56 East in the state highway’s infamous S curves.

Scottsburg resident Christina Hannah, no age available, apparently lost control of her vehicle in the curve. The vehicle rolled, ejecting her. She was trapped under the vehicle. Chris Fugate, Scott County Deputy coroner, gave the pronouncement of death.

Hannah was reportedly not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident.

Funeral arrangements were to be made by staff of the Sharp and Rudicel Funeral Home in North Vernon.

A wrecker service driving to the scene of the fatality to assist was also involved in an accident. The wrecker crashed at the intersection of S.R. 56 East and State Road 3. Its driver was not injured.

Additional information about the accidents was expected to be released in the near future by the Sheriff’s Department.

Personnel assisting at the scene included Scott County EMS and Lexington Volunteer Fire Department as well as deputies with the Sheriff’s Department.




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