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Wednesday, 11 May 2016 11:56


Voters in Scott County have long bucked national trends when voting for candidates in national and state elections.

On Tuesday, May 3, Democrat voters put Hillary Clinton ahead of Bernie Sanders by percentages of 55 to 45%. Though she failed to carry the state of Indiana in the Democrat Primary, Clinton scored 300 more votes than the socialist-leaning Sanders, 1,588 to 1,288.

Statewide, Clinton lost the primary to Sanders. She got 297,150 votes to Sanders' 331,707. However, the two Democrat candidates split the number of delegates, Sanders getting 43 to Clinton's 37. Consequently, though the news wasn't good for Clinton, the defeat certainly didn't stop the former Secretary of State from adding a few more delegates to her total, which overshadows Sanders.

On the Republican side, activity was lively at Indiana voting sites. In Scott County, County Clerk Missy Applegate reported that she ordered more than the usual number of Republican ballots. Republican pollworkers still ran out of printed ballots at Vienna 3, Johnson and Finley. Applegate said more young – and some not-so-young - voters showed up and decided to take a Republican ticket this time around.

The majority certainly voted overwhelmingly for candidate Donald Trump. Trump got 1,929 votes or 65% of Scott County's ballots to 867 for Ted Cruz. Since all of the Republican candidates were still listed on the ballot, several people took other routes, 100 voting for former Ohio governor John Kasich, 28 for Dr. Ben Carson, 23 for Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, 9 for Marco Rubio, 5 for Jeb Bush and 2 for both New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Cruz's recently-selected vice presidential running mate Carly Fiorina.

State-wide, Trump triumphed, taking a total of 587,706 votes for 65% of the total cast and earning all 51 delegates. Cruz lagged at 404,327. Kasich attracted 82,786; Dr. Carson, 8.860; Bush, 6,419; Rubio, 5,118; Paul, 4,267; Christie, 1,714; and Fiorina, 1,478.

In the seat for what will be Indiana junior U.S. Senator, Ninth District Congressman Todd Young was also an overwhelming winner, getting 2,256 votes in Scott County and 643,143 statewide. He defeated challenger Marlin Stutzman, who got only 509 votes in Scott County and 318,277 statewide.

On the Democrat ticket for the U.S. Senate office, former congressman Baron Hill received 502,933 votes in Indiana. Of those, 2,626 came from Scott County.

Contests in Congressional Districts 6 and 9 garnered local interest in both parties.

Democrat Danny Basham, Lexington Township Trustee, threw his hat in the ring early and worked hard. He made a good impression on Scott County voters, who gave him 64% of the votes cast for 789 total and a local win. District-wide, however, candidate Barry Welsh won with a total of 14,402 votes, though he only got 161 votes out of Scott County.

Complete local Democrat results for District 6 in the county and then district-wide were: Basham, 789/9,892; George T. Holland, 172/7,689; Bruce W. Peavler, 65/4,472; Ralph Spelbring, 40/3,096; and Welsh, 161/14,402.

For Republicans, incumbent D6 Congressman Luke Messer will be their fall nominee. Those results showed Messer getting 603 votes in the county and 79,623 District-wide. Candidates Charles Johnson Jr. and Jeff Smith received 209 and 213 local votes, respectively, and 10,197 and 13,071 District-wide.

In District 9, local Democrats agreed with fellow Dems district-wide that Shelli Yoder was their candidate. Those results locally and then district-wide were: Bob Kern, 178/7,214; James R. McClure Jr., 123/6,464; Bill Thomas, 119/4,926; and Yoder, 917/43,571.

Local Republicans supported a hometown girl, Erin Mount Houchen, in the District 9 race, giving her a local win, but Houchen lost to Trey Hollingsworth, a Jeffersonville businessman district-wide 30,090 to 40,269.

Complete results reflecting local, then District results were: Robert Hall, 103/7,944; Hollingsworth, 533/40,269; Houchin, 592/30,090; Brent Waltz, 75/15,669; and Greg Zoeller, 282/26,247.

In Indiana's Governor race, Democrat John Gregg got 2,468 votes from Scott County and a total statewide of 533,753. Republican incumbent Michael Pence received 2,320 votes locally and 796,042 statewide.

In the District 66 election, Democrat incumbent Terry Goodin received 2,931 votes in Scott County and 6,284 votes district-wide. Republican Joe Van Wye received 2,075 votes in Scott County, and a total of 6,436 district-wide.

A note of interest: Third party candidates can still be added to the statewide ballot for the November 1 General Election. They have until June 30 to qualify and register. Write-in candidates can be added as late as July 5.




November political races created by results of May 3 Primary; 32% turnout reported PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 11 May 2016 11:55



As noisy as national and state races were in Indiana on May 3, local contests proved fairly quiet in Scott County.

More Scott Countians came to the polls or voted absentee in this primary. Machine-generated counts reported a total of 6,298 people cast ballots on May 3, advised County Clerk Missy Applegate. People were attracted to the primary because of those national and statewide races, particularly the Presidential races in both the Democrat and Republican parties.

An unofficial comparison of the 2012 primary election versus its 2016 cousin showed that 21% or 3,995 people voted then compared with 6,298 or 32% on Tuesday. Scott County now has a total of 19,704 registered voters on its polling list. There were 19,057 in 2012.

Official vote turnout reports will be issued by the Indiana Secretary of State's office after county clerks submit their reports. Those are due to the state by May 17.

The Democrats had several races for local offices that proved interesting and probably encouraged more folks to register and then exercise their right to vote.

One of those was the contest between current Prosecuting Attorney Jason Mount and local attorney Joseph Payne. Mount beat Payne by a margin of 548 votes, 1,880 to 1,332 or 59% to 41%. Their supporters crowded into the courthouse after polls closed on Tuesday night. Payne dominated in Austin, where his office is located, taking all Jennings precincts there. Mount claimed the rest of the county, thus giving him the victory.

“We're happy with the way the contest went. We're also really tired,” Mount stated later, his wife Shannon at his side.

District 2 County Commissioner Larry Blevins got by challenger Mike Nichols, a Scottsburg police detective, 55 to 45%. Blevins received 1,670 votes to Nichols' 1,363 vote total.

In the crowded field of six candidates for three County Council At-Large seats on the Democrat ballot, incumbents Iva Gasaway and Mike Zollman led the race. Gasaway got the most votes, earning 1,576, while Zollman received 1,407. Winner of the third open seat was former councilman Robert Peacock. But it was tight! Peacock got 1,289 votes. Jim Boswell had a total of 1,282, and former councilman Donnie Richie had 1,263.

Democrat Party Chairman Chuck Sebastian received 1,016 votes in the crowded race.

In the county treasurer's race, incumbent Sheryl Jent was bidding for a chance to win a second four-year term. She got it, beating challenger James “Jimmy” Morgan 1,732 to 1,463 or 54 to 46%.

In the race, Jent carried Johnson, Vienna 2, all five of the Jennings precincts with hefty totals and Lexington 3.

All other Democrat candidates were not opposed in the primary. Marsha Owens Howser, the sitting Superior Court judge, received 2,647 votes. County Clerk Missy Applegate got 2,731 votes. Annalee Harrison-Turley, the County Recorder, had a vote total of 2,701; County Coroner Jerry Buchanan had 2,780; and District 1 County Commissioner Robert Tobias received 2,452 votes.

On the Republican ballot, voters determined that they liked Republican Party Chairman Chris Albertson serving as a County Councilman. Albertson was defeated by Mike Jones by vote counts of 1,409 to 1,180 in the District 2 Commissioner race. That means Jones will now face Commissioner Blevins on November 1.

Lynn Robinson received 2,102 votes in the uncontested Republican slot of District 1 Commissioner. He will now have Commissioner Tobias as his November opponent.

Three people received the nomination for County Council At-Large nominees this fall. Larry Haven led the trio in votes, getting 1,446. David West received 1,336 and Diane Eads Mullins had 1,330. They will compete against the three Democrat nominees in November.

Mark Gardner was the only other local Republican to file for an office. He was unopposed in the primary for the office of county surveyor and got 2,224 votes.

Three defendants enter not guilty pleas to battery, other charges in Scott Circuit Court PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 11 May 2016 11:51



Three people accused of felony crimes were arraigned in Scott Circuit Court on Monday afternoon, May 9.

Initial hearings were conducted by Judge Roger Duvall for defendants Jimmy Darrell White, 32, Austin; Michael A. Caudill Jr., 45, Charlestown; and Dianna J. Sipe, 52, Scottsburg. Their cases are not related. All were filed with the court on May 9.

White is charged with Level 5 battery and Class A misdemeanors of invasion of privacy and theft. Caudill's charges include Level 5 battery, Class A misdemeanors of resisting law enforcement and possession of drug paraphernalia and a Class B misdemeanor of possession of marijuana.

Sipe's charges are Level 5 battery, Class A misdemeanor battery and Class B misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

On May 6, Indiana State Trooper Mark LaMaster was dispatched to the Kentuckiana Medical Center in Clarksville to talk to a man who said he was attacked by Caudill at a residence on Concord Road near Lexington.

The man had injuries to his abdomen, legs and one arm from the alleged attack.

Trp. LaMaster Trooper Zach Lavery and Deputies Joe Guarneri and Shawn Mayer accompanied Trp. LaMaster to the home early that same evening, finding Caudill and another man present. Both attempted to flee but were caught by the officers. A bat and a small bag filled with raw marijuana were confiscated.

Both Caudill and his friend, Robert J. Siewert, were transported to the Scott County Security Center. Siewert's case for misdemeanor resisting law enforcement was filed in Superior Court, and his jury trial was scheduled July 18.

White's charges involve an incident in Austin on May 7. White allegedly struck a nine-year-old boy on the arm with a stick and stole the child's bicycle. Austin Patrolman Scott McCoskey noted that White had also apparently violated a protective order issued to protect the child.

White denied the incident occurred as he was taken into custody. The bike was found at his residence.

Sipe's charge of Level 5 battery involved an alleged argument between Sipe and a female relative over the relative's boyfriend being at Sipe's parents' home. Sipe allegedly struck the other woman with a handgun. When Sipe was located, she told Deputies Jac Sanders and Justin Cheatham that the relative had spit in her face and was causing her parents problems.

Not guilty pleas were entered for all defendants, and an initial jury trial date of September 12 was set for Sipe, with White and Caudill receiving an initial trial date of September 19.

Bail for each was set at $50,000 by corporate surety bond or $10,000 cash. Sipe's attorney requested her bond be lowered, but Chief Deputy Prosecutor Chris Owens requested a consultation with the alleged victim before allowing the motion to go forward.

Public defenders will be appointed to each of the men's cases.

Rabies prevention clinic set for cats, dogs at Various Locations in Scott County May 11, 12, 17, 18, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 11 May 2016 11:49

Rabies prevention clinic set for cats, dogs at Various Locations in Scott County May 11, 12, 17, 18, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Any pet owner can obtained a low-cost rabies vaccination for his animal during the series of rabies prevention clinics scheduled in Scott County.
Dogs and cats can be taken to any of the following clinics and be immunized against the fatal disease for a cost of $11 per animal. Clinics planned will operate starting at 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the designated sites. Those include:
•Wednesday, May 11: Behind Austin Upper Elementary School at covered walkway near the Rigel Gym, U.S. Highway 31 South, Austin.
•Thursday, May 12: Lexington Volunteer Fire Department, 8060 East Main Street (State Road 356).
•Tuesday, May 17: Scott County Animal Shelter at the corner of North Fourth and Montgomery Streets, Scottsburg.
•Wednesday, May 18: Vienna Volunteer Fire Department, 375 S.R. 356, Vienna.
All dogs and cats three months or older which are immunized will receive a tag and certificate of vaccination.
The clinics are being sponsored by the Scott County Health Department with the cooperation of the Sheriff's Department, City of Scottsburg and City of Austin.
By vaccinating their pets, owners are observing the 1961 legislative act making it unlawful to harbor a dog or cat which is not immunized against rabies.
This law also requires pet owners to keep their dogs and cats confined or under their direct control. The law further makes it punishable by fine for anyone to willfully abandon any dog or cat on a public highway or on the property of others.
Dogs and cats found running at large in Scott County may be picked up and taken to the Animal Shelter in Scottsburg at any time as directed in Scott County Ordinance 1955-5.

November political races created by results of May 3 Primary; 32% turnout reported PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 11 May 2016 06:21

As noisy as national and state races were in Indiana on May 3, local contests proved fairly quiet in Scott County.

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