Williams and Draper ordered to attend hearings on suspended time revocations PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 14:41



Two of the four defendants arrested early in December at the home of Laura L. Nowling will be attending court hearings on State-filed petitions to revoke their suspended sentences.

Cody L. Williams, 24, and Kayleigh A. Draper, 21, were arrested along with Nowling, Draper’s mother, and her brother when Scottsburg officers served a search warrant on Nowling based on two alleged undercover purchases of methamphetamine at the residence. Williams was charged with possession of marijuana and visiting a common nuisance, both Class B misdemeanors. He is the boyfriend of Draper, who was charged with maintaining common nuisance, a Level 6 felony, and possession of marijuana, a Class B misdemeanor.

Each is being held in lieu of bond at the Scott County Security Center awaiting trial on those charges. At the time of their arrests on December 4, both Williams and Draper were on supervised probations stemming from earlier convictions. Williams was convicted of dealing marijuana in March, 2012. His probation period on the charge would have ended May 21.

In Draper’s case, she was serving on probation through May 16 from a March, 2016, drug-related case.

When the new charges were filed against the pair on December 8, higher-than-normal bail amounts were set in their cases, $45,000 by corporate surety bond or $4,500 cash for Williams and $30,000 by surety bond or $3,000 cash for Draper. Each was also ordered held for 15 days without bail

Williams’ petition to revoke hearing is scheduled on Thursday, January 5. Draper’s hearing is set for Tuesday, January 10.


Six people arrested on drug charges in four days added to Scott Superior Court docket PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 14:39



Six drug-related arrests in a four-day period over the Christmas weekend have added to the already-crowded docket maintained by Scott Superior Court.

All suspects had initial court hearings on Tuesday, December 27.

Indiana State Police (ISP) Trooper Tracy Spencer stopped a Nissan on Interstate 65 at 7:15 p.m. on December 22 because the vehicle “…(was being) driven at (a) slow speed impeding or blocking (southbound) traffic from the 24 to 31 mile marker,” according to the probable cause affidavit.

He said he also witnessed the car exceed the posted speed limit for 1½ miles after he attempted to stop it.

When the driver lowered her window, Trp. Spencer said he smelled marijuana. ISP Trooper Zachary Lavey arrived to assist, and he also said the marijuana odor was coming from the car, despite the woman having sprayed “…a large amount…” of perfume around the interior.

The woman was identified as Shania Ann Johnson, 50, of Nashville, Tn.

As she was questioned, Trp. Spencer stated that Johnson said she has smoked marijuana since she was 18, that she had a marijuana pipe hidden “…in her private area…” and that she was enroute to a friend who had asked her to bring prescription medicine for which she had no prescription.

The woman’s purse contained marijuana and tablets identified as Alprazolam, also known as Xanax, and Adderall, also known as Amphetamine. All were confiscated.

She retrieved the glass pipe from her pants before being handcuffed.

Johnson was charged with two counts of possession of Schedule 1-4 controlled substance and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, all Class A misdemeanors, and a count of possession of marijuana, a Class B misdemeanor.

After a plea of not guilty was entered for her, Judge Marsha Owens Howser set her trial date for March 21 and her bail at $7,500 by corporate surety bond or $750 cash. Johnson was released on bond that same day.

Darrell E. Polly, 27, Crothersville, was stopped by Austin Patrolman Scott McCoskey and Shawn Hurt, a Scottsburg patrolman, in a bank parking lot in Austin on December 23. The officers had been dispatched to an argument at a nearby apartment complex but, as they were en route, were told those arguing had left.

When they found Polly, Ptl. McCoskey stated in his probable cause affidavit that Polly was “….jerking around…” and that his eyes’ pupils were narrowed to pinpoint proportions. When asked to empty his pockets, Polly allegedly revealed three syringes.

Before Polly was placed in the police car for transport to the county jail, Ptl. McCoskey asked him if he had any other contraband or illegal items. Polly said no.

While the man was being processed at the jail, jailers called Ptl. McCoskey and said a baggie of methamphetamine (meth) was found “…hanging out of (his) anus…”

Polly’s charges include Level 6 felonies of unlawful possession of a syringe and possession of meth and public intoxication, a Class B misdemeanor.

His trial date is March 28, and his case has been assigned to a public defender. Bail is $15,000 by corporate surety or $1,500 cash.

A Madison woman was arrested in Austin on Christmas Day for possession of meth, possession of paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

Kaela N. Hufford, 24, was detained by Deputy John Hartman of the Sheriff’s Department around 4:30 a.m. at the intersection of State Road 256 and U.S. Highway 31. Hufford was a passenger in a Chevy van with an Arkansas license plate that traced back to another vehicle.

The officer instructed both Hufford and the male driver to “…get their…clothing back into order before further conversation.”

Douglas Gray, the driver, could not produce a valid driver license nor proof of insurance. The van apparently had never been properly titled or registered, Deputy Hartman stated, so he determined it would have to be towed from the scene. The officer said Gray was informed he would receive citations for the infractions he had violated and asked Gray for permission to search the van.

Permission given, Deputy Hartman and Deputy Josh Watterson, who had arrived to assist, told Hufford to leave the van because of the search. The woman took several items from the van as she exited.

An orange syringe cap and a plastic baggie were found by Deputy Watterson on the passenger side. Using those discoveries as probable cause, the officers then searched the items Hufford had taken from the vehicle.

A brown box had two glass pipes inside it, one of which was reportedly coated with meth. The other had marijuana residue. Hufford denied she owned the box or its contents. She also allegedly told the officers that the baggie had contained meth but that she had spit into the baggie.

Hufford’s trial date is March 28, and she is being represented by a public defender. Bail is $15,000 by corporate surety or $1,500 cash.

Three men were taken into custody on December 26 on South Main Street in Scottsburg near the Courthouse after Deputy Watterson said he saw a Pontiac Grand Prix being driven north with no headlights on.

Those arrested included the driver, Devin Scott Yeager, 20, and his passengers, Cris Albert Santiago, 20, and Cory Steven Zollman, 26, all of Scottsburg.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Yeager was told why the vehicle was stopped. Deputy Watterson then said he asked each of the men if there was any marijuana in the car. Yeager refused to answer, while Santiago and Zollman said they weren’t aware of any.

A search turned up a small baggie under clothing on the rear floor.

With assistance from Scottsburg police, the three were transported to the Scott County Security Center and jailed.

Yeager’s charges include Level 6 felony maintaining a common nuisance and Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Santiago and Zollman were each charged with visiting a common nuisance and possession of marijuana, each as a Class B misdemeanor.

Yeager was assigned a March 28 trial date and a public defender. Bail was set at $15,000 surety or $1,500 cash.

His friends were given March 21 as their trial date. Their bails are $5,000 by surety bond or $500 cash. Zollman was released on bond that same day. Santiago’s was reduced to $4,000 by surety bond or $400 cash.

(NOTE: Under a reorganization plan worked out by the two courts, all criminal matters will now be handled in Scott Circuit Court, which is now headed by Judge Jason Mount, the county’s former prosecutor. All civil matters and CHINS (Children in Need of Services) cases will be addressed in Scott Superior Court, which has Marsha Owens Howser as its sitting judge. Consequently, these recent cases have now been transferred to Scott Circuit Court.)




Signs approved for new ‘no weapons’ policy in effect at Scott County Courthouse PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 14:38



With the passage of a “no weapons” ordinance by Scott County Commissioners recently this past year, visitors to the Courthouse in downtown Scottsburg will be seeing signs that will announce the policy and advise them to leave all weapons in their vehicles before entering.

Commissioners signed a contract with a firm which provides two guards daily for the Courthouse. The guards are either active, off-duty Indiana State Police (ISP) troopers or retired ISP personnel. All have the ability to detain and search persons who visit the facility and to make arrests if needed.

Weapons listed in the ordinance include those considered deadly and/or a firearm under Indiana law. Also banned are electric stun weapons, stun guns, tasers, knives, explosives and any item considered a club, such as baseball bats and the like.

In short, according to the ordinance, “Any… object that, in the manner in which it is used, or could ordinarily be used, or is intended to be used, is readily capable of causing serious bodily injury (as defined by Indiana state law) as determined by the Scott County Sheriff’s officers.”

Law enforcement officers, staff of Community Corrections, judicial and probation officers are exempt from the ordinance if they are in the Courthouse for official business and authorized to carry deadly weapons. Employees of the Courthouse who may carry chemical spray devices for personal protection are also exempt. However, if any officer or Courthouse employee has a family member involved in a court proceeding, they are not exempt during the time of the proceedings.

Violators of the new Courthouse policy will be subject to punishment. Such persons can be arrested for indirect contempt of court and fined $2,500. The offending firearm or weapon will be confiscated by authorities.

Signs announcing the policy will be placed outside the building. Door stickers reminding people who are entering of the policy are also being posted.

Name of Pedestrian Struck in Scott County Released PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marcus Amos   
Tuesday, 03 January 2017 09:10

On Monday evening, January 2, in Scottsburg around 6:30 pm, Fred Moss, 50, from Louisville, KY, but a frequent visitor to the Scottsburg area, was walking east across U.S. #31 in Scottsburg at Cherry Street. As he was walking in the south bound lane, a 1999 maroon Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, driven by Lucas Petty, 23, from Scottsburg, struck him in the roadway. After Fred Moss was struck, he was knocked into the north bound lanes, still in the roadway, where another vehicle, a white 2004 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck driven by, Travis Riley, 37, from Seymour, IN, struck him again. Fred Moss was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Indiana State Police Reconstructionists were called to the scene to assist in the investigation of the crash. After it is completed it will then be forwarded to the Scott County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

U.S. #31 was closed for approximately two hours while the investigation was completed.

The Scottsburg City Police, Scott County Sheriff’s Department, Scottsburg Fire Department, Scott County Coroner’s Office and Scott County E.M.S. all assisted at the scene.

No further information is available at this time.

Lists released of potential grand and petit jurors’ names who may be called for duty in 2017 PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 28 December 2016 15:57



Potential jurors for both grand and petit juries in 2017 were pulled by the County Clerk's Office recently.

Those listed were selected randomly. Names of all persons are published as they were pulled.

All potential jurors should now have received notification by mail of their selection. That notification, said County Clerk Missy Applegate, includes a questionnaire which must be completed and returned to her office. Those completed forms may be mailed back in the envelope provided or returned by hand to the Clerk’s Office at the Courthouse in downtown Scottsburg between the weekday hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Those who may serve on a grand jury in 2017 include:

Kelly R. Graham, Amanda Rene Bowling, William Douglas Sampson, William Douglas Sampson, Dustin Edward Davis, Donna Sue Akers, Alicia J. Ashley, Dustin J.

Garcia, Michael T. Hall, Rebecca Castle, Johnny W. Johnson, Brittany L. Cowan, Bobby J. Pierce, Karri R. Strobl, James Michael Barger, Jordan C. Baker, Christopher WS. Palmer, Stanley L. Keach, Darrell L. Halcomb, Beverly D. Robbins, Thomas M. Carter.

Jennifer Anne Cole, Emily Katherine Blankenbaker, Jason D. Graw, Pamela J. Pike, Roger D. Pedigo, Joshua TC. Broadus,

Logan Vincent Brown, Eddie Darrell McIntosh, Teresa Ann Henry, Larry Michael

Burnett, Amelia Jean Bowen, Hazel L. Bowen, Sean M. Foga, Golden Campbell, Kevin August Lester, Chad L. McIntosh, Devonte Sherron Johnson Howard, MaeDean Alpha, Roberto Rios, Brian Dobson.

Ashley Ann Reynolds, Jon G. Reynolds, Travis D. Cross, Mary J. Neal, Patsy J. Hawn, Randall Scott Pelfree, Julie L. Bruce III, Amanda J. Hunter, Virginia L. Shuler, Mary Jane Rice, Olivia Dawn Renfro, Roberta E. Dean, Jennifer Beth Barrett, Anthony W. Morris, Jenny L. Yates, Jessica Danielle Backus, Anita M. Eversole, Jason C. Babbs, Tesia Mae White, Jessica Alicia Grimes.

Phyllis A. Church, Delores C. Jewell, Frederick L. Tscheulin, Justin A. Stevens, Donald R. Boswell, Mildred K. Presley, James G. Cruz, Shirley A. Ballard, Ronald L. Robinson, Donna E. Davis, Regan L. Stewart, Morgan M. Richey, Lucas Ryan Huls, Lee Herman Neal Jr., John Charles Salyers, Rebecca Celeste Castillo, David Vires, Joan L. Williams, Jared Wayne Lucas, Shelly Ann Pierce.

Gary G. Spicer, Paula K. McDaniel, Diana Lynn Grubbs, Sierra M. Collins, Shirley A. Gabbard, Devin T. Combs, Edward W. Cozart, Stefanie Leigh Marshall, Lindsey M. Boswell, Crystal D. Akemon, Annette Owens, Patrick Freeman Riley, Alisa K. Martin, Debra M. Bishop, Wanda L. Baker, John R. Silakowski, Rende Bell Reed, K. Nicole Martin, Ashleigh Nicole Smallwood, Angela V. Morehouse.

A total of 1,000 people's names were pulled for possible duty on petit juries in Scott Circuit and Superior Courts.

Potential jurors include:

Kathleen Snelling, Vincent E. Mayo, Paula

Joan Duncan, Litisha DeShannon Gay, Jeffrey E. Lapp, Christopher L. Whitaker, Geoffrey Michael Smith, Deborah A. Mullins, Kenneth A. Stepp, Jacob Edward Lay, Garrett Lee Polly, Deborah J. Babbs, Lawrence H. Fagersten, Richard E. Haven, Sondra Lynn Holtzclaw, Lucille M. Alexander, Raymond J. Nasby Sr., Ike J. Fox, Jeffrey Baker, Laura Ashleigh Rogers.

Jeffrey E. Hobbs, Cheryl D. Back, Alicia D. Baker, Steven Hoskins, Todd R. Whobrey,

Joshua David Gay, Carol Shepherd, Shannon Anita Combs, Justin P. Jewell, Clinton Del Julian, Michelle M. Boswell, Robert J. Couch, Sierra Mazie Ann Wolfe, Scott D. Mitchell, Luke A. Ockenhouse, Ashley L. Owen, Bonnie L. Shields, Gary P. Wilder, Samuel T. Williams, Leslie K. Noel.

Gary Raymond Taylor Jr., Gary Lynn Cain, Stevie Ray Jones, Benjamin Joseph Mays, Steven R. Hunter, Lisa G. Helton, Sandra L. King, Michelle J. Smith, Lawrence J. Watkins, Gina A. Nease, Kristal Lee Berryhill, Dorota Robison, Evelyn K. Prewitt, Anthony W. Riehle, Lee R. Gay, Mary L. Jent, Martha C. Smith, Michael D. Lewellen, Judy A. Merriman, Matthew Charles Geisler.

Treasure E. Broady, Dalton S. Dugen, Christin Renae Livermore, Denise Ann Bane,

Cierla Victoria McGuire, Lance E. Lynch, Felicia C. Rutherford, David W. Amick, Corey D. Smith, Trevor Alexander Gibson, Terry A. Morris, Tyfiani M. Chandler, Stanley L. Brown, Katie Johnson, Patricia A. Hardesty, Patrick A. Riley, Timothy C. Cline, Sherry Lynn Kirk, Billy N. Madden, Jamie D. Murdock.

Bonnie Jean Pelston, Jennifer J. Quinn, Steven Samuel Howard, Ronald Henson, William M. Hardin, Roy McKillip, Joyce A. Brown, Angela A. Roberts, William H. Ballard, Jr., Nathan E. Kruger, William D. Butler, Joseph Cody Royalty Porter, Beth J. Fleenor, Melissa A. Gwin, David Anthony Wayne Hurt, Lafe E. Sturdevant, Courtney L. Killey, Randel V. Kessler, Sara A. Jones, Chris A. Richey.

Aaron Steven Solomon, Raymond K. Chesser II, Andrew K. Garringer, Jonathan Charles Kelley, Sharon K. Kahl, Seth M. Ray, Perry B. Barger, Mary K. Couch, Jimmy D. Williams, Phillip B. Amos, Lois P. Kleopfer, Jacob Andru Huckleberry, Wilma J. Kendall, Marvin E. McGuire, Charles E. Riley, Christopher A. Bowling, Latashia Pauline Payne, Chuanwei Zhang, Tina Michelle Terry, Jodie Michelle Bryant.

Roger F. Carr, Gene Thomas Chambers Jr., Terry W. Newton, Sandra K. Johnson, Roy Hobson Mardis, Sally A. Cox, Dakota Faith Emma Sue Crowe, Katherine Louise Raider, Darrell W. Helton, Trenton D. Mace,

Sharon G. Burr, Benjamin N. Miller, Kyle Vincent White, Brandon N. Haven, Micki Y. Coffman, Sharon L. Dold, William G. Ohstrom, Peggy S. Hicks, Sabrina Renee Wilkins, Jeremy J. Church.

Sarah Winchester White, Delbert E.Deaton, Clyde Cooper Shireman, Becky Jo Ogden, Nancy N. Hawkins, Kelly W. Shaw, Elizabeth C. Howard, Gerald W. Mullins, Julia Hall, Ralph-Edward Chase Righthouse, Nicole Renee Taylor, George R. Missi, Peggy Marie Spicer, Carol Groeneboom, Janet L. Salyers, Laura Jean White, Bessie Baker, George Hill, Sr., Tina M. Richie, Wilson Baker, Jr.

Ethan Gregory Eversole, Christopher Scott Carver, Julie A. Mohamed, Karen L. Mosley, Mona Joann Sutton, Clara J. Allgood, Matthew Jameson Queiser, June L.

Stutsman, Peggy J. Kiefer, Delphia Rice, Zora M. Howard, George E. Zaring, Alexandria N. McCorkle, Darrell L. Salyers, Joseph L. Richey, Brian H. Tyree, Dora R. Pirtle, Vicki J. Bush, Vicki G. Wells, Chester W. Robbins, Jr..

Robert E. Berry, Mary Renee Boyd, Jessica Nicole Benson, Doris Ann Horvath, Ashley M. Stillions, Elyssia J. Thomasson, Steven A. Bowling, Diane L. Barger, Cindy J. Cox, Brenda Lee Lamb, Lonnie E. Noble, Michael P. Combs, John W. Gricius, Brent M. Comer, Candy M. Noel, Robert L. Riley,

Charles L. McKinney, Jr., Matthew J. Mihalik, Thomas E. Mulvaney, Jr., Dianna M. Glover.

Tommy Joseph Neace, Bradley J. Grever,

Charles P. McVey, Jacqueline S. Tash, Marvin C. Moore, Vivian L. Pruett, Devin Scott Yeager, Carol J. Dunn, Ginger L. Christie, Paul Mark Hutton, Trina R. Pelfrey, David D. Gwin, Erica Dianne Schirmer, Della M. Kallembach, Mary J. McCrady, Micaila Renee Esparza, Steven T. Herald, Derrick James Lewis, Beverly L. Vogel, Brent Phillip Miller.

James D. Bush, Albert J. Schmidt, Steve E. Taskey, Carol J. Lumbirt, Patricia M. Spelts, Collene Barbara Riley, Donald Cass, Lawrence F. Doss, JoEllen M. Leonhardt, Glenn D. Pence, Sr., Michael W. Hoke, Roy Edward Victory Marion, Sol Junior Hensley,

John Ryan Casey, Christopher L. Martin, Robert J. Glenn, Joyce L. Burnett, Latasha J. Mangold, Brandon Lee Logston, Loretta Lynn Hall.

Alan F. Mosley, Louise Roller, Brian Leonard, Bayli Nicole Bridgewater, Lee White, , Amanda B. Miller, Justin Allen Zollman, Sara A. Gulley, Kenneth Baldwin, Ryan Dale Manthei, Doris J. Shaw, Phyllis J. Barker, Janice S. Gross, Marshall D. Griffin,

Kelsey L. Lakins, Tisha Diane Parr, Candy Lynn Clay, Julia M. Roberts, Frieda M. Snowberger, Ashley Rd. Wade.

Jonathan Michael Floyd Cox, Thomas Michael Lowery, Jr., Collin Stewart Zollman, Todd A. Cady, Shelby Dawn Calloway, Daniel J. Roberts, Tina McIntosh,

Robin Dale Pinkston Hays, Elmer R. Hall, Penny J. Gates, Haley Nicole White, Veda M. McKean, James S. Achelpohl, Jackie E. Harbold, Kevin M. Gross, Shelbi Lee McLemore, Kenneth Ray Stanford, Barbara A. Davis, Dana D. Bracey, Joseph R. Wolf.

Rufus Napier, Jr., Jason Alan Collier, Natalie Grace Kendall, John L. Colglazier, Kelly J. Chapman, Sonia A. Banda-Law, Donavan K. Baxter, Johnny K. Cole, Dakota D. McIntosh, Donna C. Parks, Shawn M. Lord, Rodney Allen Stewart, Dorothy M. Gray, Harvey F. Napier, Kyle Nicholas Salmons, Kevin L. Johnson, Patty S. Deaton, James D. Hutchinson, Marijane Rebecca Quiroa, Edward D. King.

Norvetta Joyce Bright, Eric W. Lafferty, Donna G. Coffman, Logan Mason Allen, Carol Ann Doane, Floyd H. Robbins, Stephanie R. Patton, Matthew D. Roberts, Evelyn K. Peacock, Karla Marvetta Coomes,

Samuel D. Stearns, Teri R. Smith, Gary L. Lakins, Kenneth G. Geisler, Eric A. Berggren, Gary A. Gibson, Bonnie D. Clapp, Gloria K. Love, Jonathan Michael Alan Yates, Douglas Tyler White.

Kevin R. Hawkins, Nora Rodriguez, Dustin Anthony Thomas, Jacob J. Patterson,

Chandra Sue Dishman, Shelby Elizabeth Burchett, Erik H. Mobley, Morgan D. Hubbard, Gilbert Epple, Jr., Trent S. McClellan, Anya Leann Bacon, Stephen L. Adams, Lucille Fox, Lyndi N. Copeland, Lea Ann Callico, Ronald L. Standiford, Corey Jacob Andrew Tungett, Donna Rose Wray, Jacqueline Joanne Juett, Malcolm C. Roberts.

John C. Johanningsmeier, Dillon Scott Caudell, Sonny J. Saylor, James W. Adkinson, Ethel Mae Daily, Gary W. Pike,

Darlene Annette Ross, Tina M. Anderson, Tina M. Robbins, Cheryl L. Robbins, Dennis R. Barrett, David A. Benales, Michael Travis

Barnard, Jonathan G. Burns, Jason Michael Schneck, Kerry Dale Nowlin, Kathy Inez Wheeler, Christine A. Deaton, Joshua Adam Lane, Morgan Taylor Shaw Houchens.

Lisa M. Davis, Brandon L. Vires, Judy Marie Deal, Rose M. West, Anya L. Jewell,

Michael Douglas Dean, Tricia L. Kenninger,

Paul F. Schiefley, Mary Debra Diggins, Anthony R. White, Travis Lee Wiesman, Robert Shawn Vetter, Mary Stamper, Courtney Joy Grammer, Dianne L. Hahn, Erick L. Austin, R. Taylor Houston, James Kenneth Couch, Frank W. Clover, Jeffery Ambrose.

Charles K. Jones, Salley E. Poggel, Christy C. Corum, Alexis Danielle Spicer,

Ruby Nicholson, Russell D. Petty, Diana Smith, Marie Evelyn Darin, Lenora L. Napier, John C. Stevens, Jr., Loretta F. Doane, Amy Sharee Jones, Bernice R. Wilson, Kristin Mae Lamaster, Christopher Joe Sizemore, Jerry L. Craig, Meredith L. Murray, Renita L. Waldon, Howard D. Steward, Betty L. Hemingway.

Roy H. Pennington, Michael S. Taylor, Cindy J. Bush, Kimberly Kay White, Nickey T. Stevens, Steven W. Gay, Kathy J. Barger, Kaleb Ray Kriete, Zachary Nelson Grayson,

Scott D. Willett, Debbis S. Barrett, Kendra Octavia Paul, Melvin W. Williams, Jesse Travis Albertson, Devin Tyler Lamaster, Rita F. Stark, Sally Sue King, Darlene E. Amick, Mary Ellen Fennell, Zachary Clark Edwards.

James D. McKinney, Manuel Edward Pimentel, Cheryl Lee Barnett, Lyvonne Collins, Michael Monroe Barrett, Dorcas Feltner, Tracey L. Fitzhugh, Gregory L. Cross, Charlotte Gail Killey, Erma Jean O'Donnell, Bridget Nicole Elliott, Bradley S. Schaeffer, Leslie Keith Perkinson, Johnathon Mathew S Ane Roberts, Sonja L. Mastin, Stephen Major Davis, Mary Kathleen Von Dollen-Robbins, Amanda S. Bannister, Whitney L. Crady, William I Southerland.

Daniel M. Rollins, Sharon Craig, Loretta E. Shepherd, Louis A. Curry, Rebecca Lynn Trosper, Wendell R. Eldridge, James Carl Bennett, Rocio De La Cruz Cruz, Christopher A. Davis, Patricia A. Crone, Danny R. Watts, Morgan Rose Napier, Deborah Kilburn, Sadie L. Bowling, Sommer D. Johnson, Harold Eugene Morgan, Angela J. Amick, Anthony L. Hall, Glen W. King, Kenneth J. Carver.

Robert D. Richey, Jr., Clarence H. Williams, Daniel P. Barnes, Katie Anne Pesce, Matthew Raymond Palmer, Darlene Triplette, Kelsey Ashlin Vetter, Dennis L. Cavendish, John M. Miller, Jr., Colton Dare Bowles, Mark A. Whittymore, Courtney Rachelle White, Holli Noel McNeeley, Dale J. Stites, Billy Jack Woodruff, Billie R. Toler, Crystal Marie Black, James T. Ramsey, Jonathan M. Bray, Kimberly Lynn Jordan.

Roy L. McClain, Matthew Ryan Young, Chrisandra Dee Stewart, Derek L. Hill II, Phillip Stidham, Angela M. Houston, Otto Conner Caraway, Stephanie D. Deaton, Phyllis C. Ivey, Melissa D. Gladden, Travis Jacob Levi McCorkle, Martha A. Randall, Lavon Pate, Devon Ann Brough, Timothy W. Daugherty, Rhonda J. Patton, Joshua David Roseberry, Paige N. Neal, Kermit Amburgey, Jr., Beatrica L. Boswell.

Terry L. Chasteen, Sheene E. Robbins, Illa May White, Katherine Grace Myers, Margaret Jane Smith, Felix A. Rios, George N. Lahue, David Miller, Jr., Steven R. Martinez, Larry J. Bennett, Kaitlyn Elise Reul, Ronald E. Corya, Juanita M. Lowry, Glen Combs, Charles C. Moore, Jr., Justin L. Marsh, William Thomas Dishman II, Joanna E. Williams, Danielle Maureen Hoff, Matthew Robert Patrick.

Krista Dawn Roll, John H. McCoskey, Charles J. Coomer, Luke A. Amick, Stacie A. Black, Joanna M. Gatheridge, Jenny L. Ely, Irene Hardesty, April Reams Ramoni, Raymond Lawrence Smith, Timothy R. McIntosh, Ervin E. Beswick, Jr., Timothy Joseph O'Donnell, Kelly R. Spellman, Tammy Ann Lloyd, Spencer Tylor Kendall-Patton, Jonathan Dean Graham, Phillip Joseph Rice, Chancela Key, Donna Kay Zehner.

Sarah J. Busick, Lynda D. Hatton, Lloyd M. Wimp, Morne G. Diedericks, John Franklin Habermel, Jr., Stephanie L. Preble,

Melvin L. Amundsen, Michael D. Henson, Brandon P. Boswell, Tristan David Collins, Noble E. Myers, Jr., Ginger L. Short, Phyllis S. Lacy, Kristy M. King, Robert D. Anderson, Garrett DD Chambers, Anthony Jacob Lincoln, Steven R. Scott, Patrick Ryan Mallory, Sara Jillian Guarneri.

James R. Smith, Diana Lynn Wilson, Steven J. Gluck, Selena K. Dickerson, John David Cooper, Bert J. Baker, Greggory Allan Alft, Kevin William Hardin, Venessa Ann Benitez, Shantel L. Marschall, Samuel E. Parks, Jr., Steven Michael Stanton, Donna R. Dowd, Shera K. Beckort, Lisa J. Cruz, Eric Wayne White, Joshua L. Cox, Helen P. Stephenson, Lynn A. Snow, Betty L. Bowman.

Latasha Dannielle McIntosh, James Anthony Hayes, David Lee Sandlin, Eric D. Hehe, Randall Lewis Griffin, Jaylee Smith, Autumn R. Akemon, Jonathan A. Roberts, James O. Vaughn, Sr., Georgia W. Hall, Allan D. Flores, Sandy K. Richmond, Beth E. Brenneman, Bryce B. Petty, Patricia A. Richey, Todd Matthew Reardon, Virgil Johnson III, Vada M. Short, Dana J. Avolio, Kent George Wheeler, Jr.

James Everitt Barnett, Jarred A. Boswell, Zachary Ryan Bush, Michael L. Aldridge, Christina M. Barrett, Jeffery C. Caudill, Wanda M. Reese, Timothy A. Ray, Anthony R. Dodge, Jr., Richard R Robbins, James M. Collings, Michael L. Clover, Lorenzo Frank Tait, Clyde Lee Noble, Teresa M. Rice, Susan A. Butler, Tamara J. Mills, Harold D. Williams, Margaret Louise Shipley, Charles P. Fluhr.

Jerry Anderson, Jr., Shirley F. Caudill, George Franklin Rollins, Jr., Matthew S. Lehman, Michele Nicole Fawver, Edwin Santiago Deweese, Stephanie A. Anderson, Douglas E. Barger, Lisa Adams, Kaitlyn Leigh Gonzalez, Jeremy Joseph Johnson, Kayle M. Lepper, Martin William Danser, Shane A. Avery, Steven J John Harold Bridgewater, Denise A. Pulliam, Leona M. Becht Gerwin, Carl L. Stidam, Albert L. Swank, Sandra S. Hall.

Tina J. Polly-Collins, Kristi Shawn Brown, Justin Alvin Hulsopple, James E. Morris, Amanda L. Lyons, Carolyn J. Richey, Robert Lee Stidham, Angela F. Jones, Chastity C. Shelton, Phyllis A. Fields, Erica Nicole Stidham, Brenda S. Shawver,

Betty A. Fox, Opal Laverne Roberts, Jeremiah Brady Robison, Rhonda R. Ritchison, Leslie Robert Webster, Albert R. Watts, Lisa M. Chambers, Jacob Isaiah Justice.

Douglas G. Henon, Trisha A. Lytle Smith,

Erica Hostetler, LaDonna Lynn Glass, Edward D. Spicer, Katherine Alicia Ward, Jason Frederick Uhlenbrock, Tiffaney M. Vest, Glenna S. Vaughn, Crystal G. Kniep,

David Brian King, Melissa A. Bowles, David A. Spellman, Trena Renee Saylor, Daniel LA Bush, Charlie Spicer, Kerry L. Stidham, Cindy A. Simmonds, Matthew L. Hardin, Joyce M. Hoard.

Clinton Lewis Steele, Michael L. Weston, Helen M. Meek, Danny L. Morris, Matthew ML Prostler, Tony Hensley, Erin D. Combs, Madeline R. Parker, Todd J. Hook, Ivan L. Guernsey, SR., Jerry L. Kelley, Tiffany Mae Breanna Couch, Landon L. Rice, Luz E. Martinez, Linda S. Ridener, Jeffery K. Winchester, James A. Binkley, Amber Eleanora Noreen Yeager, Edna Lenora Fox, Michael B. Henricks.

Lucille McCoskey-Zaring, Chavis Fanton Rodgers, Darrell Morris, Jeremy L. Hilderbrand, Timothy Bernard Turner, Kelly D. Shafer, Kennette R. Rightnour, Leslie M. Skirvin, Terrena J. Cobb, Shirley A. Amick,

Jennifer Lynne Tichenor, Dawn M. Oaks, Doris J. Murphy, Donald Keith Harmon, James Everitt West, Tim E. Brunner, Destiny Dawn White, Allen F. Decker, Michelle B. Moran, Michael R. Duff.

Cassandra L. Davenport, Eva M. Baker,

Denise Helenia Smedley, Connie J. Adams,

Norma J. Rhoten, Janet E. Hall, Travis M. Rose, John A. Shouse, Shelia K. Terrell, Charles L. Martin, Myrlene L. Spicer, Angela M. Butts, Sandra K. Barnett, Jessi Marjorie Derrickson, Jacob M. Zehnder, Cari E. Neal, Phillip L. Dold, Cynthia N. Austin, Kelissa Jean Eisman Bloom, Elizabeth L. Reynolds.

Stephanie Paige Comer, Jeffery W. Miller,

Andrew M. Hansrote, Angie M. Condor, Phillip S. Marcum, Madeline G. Boldery, James Michael Ray Hurt, Edith L. Chambers, Deborah C. Bequeret, Rhonda R.

Johnson, Rickey Allen Vest, Karen Leigh Bottomley, Adam Blake Flamion, Carina S. Sturgill, Shane R. Gibson, Rebecca Ann Stidham, James E. Caine, Cecil Hensley, Kayelee M. Madden, Mitchell Breece Meagher.

Thelma S. Brumett, Marcella K. Renn, Derrick Michael Schmidt, Granville S. Bowling, Isaac Gwin, Kirk David Tellis, Amy M. Eddy, Betty J. Cline, Christian Thomas Rightnour, Enrique Gabriel Valencia Mendoza, Michael James Stagnolia, James E. Barger, Jo Anne Lord, Charles Jack Brown, Nicholas Jarreau Murphy, Mary Wilma Spicer, Kara Beth Willis, Bonnie L. Taylor, Danny R. Brock, Jerry Lee Mahoney.

Michelle L. Stacy, Jonathan Michael Keith, Martha J. Spicer, Amanda Dawn Martin, Daniel Poetker Hardin, Brittany Shae Strobl, Brenda C. Achelpohl, Phyllis A. Bridgewater, Jessica Brooke Davidson, Marlana A. Boles, Nancy Jean Moldero, Jennifer K. Thompson, Amanda Jillian Vest,

Sandra N. Ferguson, Regina Crump, Trisha A. Lytle Smith, Amanda Kaley Coalson, Willa R. Jones, Doris D. Garriott, Tyler J. White.

Maria R. Poplin, Katie K. Shelton, Henry White, Jordan A. Wolfe, Kenny J. Brown, Sherry L. Smith, Brian L. Stamper, Karen K. Boswell, Dakota Ryan Henry, James D. Seel, Francis D. Sebastian, Sharon P. Donahue, James David Smith, Cris A. Santiago, Dereva S. Bruno, Georgine Elaine Pearson, Diana L. Manns, Bradley J. Deaton, Donald T. Wynn, Barbara L. Britton.

Chad Wayne Burow, Steven N. Rouse, Darrell L. Green, Brett T. Watts, Jessica Elizabeth Austin, Doris A. Prewitt, Ashlee S. Rippel, Marion J. Philpott, Karen A. Taylor, William N. Wheeler, Lynette M. Wolfe, Christina Anne Nelson, Amaris Rose Bunyard, Shirell A. Robinson, Aileen Estes,

Mallie J. Couch, Brian D. Bishop, Janice A. Collier, Atlanta L. Meeks, Brenda C. Jones.

Collin Lee Lewis, Ronald E. Alexander, Madyson McKinley White, Ashlee L. Stamper, David Mark Needler, Matthew B. Wollmann, Cheryl M. Stacy, Jonathan Kyle Brock, James H. Bishop, Crystal D. Creakman, Richard O. Ledford, Brenda Kay Rice, Virginia K. White, Loren Lewis Rutherford, Christopher James Knight, Ethan Lee Dolbeare, Maud Roy Gray, Carl F. Hooker, Mark R. Barrett, Timethy L. Williams.

Benjamin Lee Hendricks, Wayne Fleming,

Phyllis D. Killey, Dorothy Ann Green, Billy Joe Turner, James Donald Lucas, James Michael Scribner, Michael F. Ellis, Charles E. Morris, William T. Sturgeon, Rowena A. Meredith, Gary Lynn Cochran, Eric L. Brown, Dennis R. LaMaster, Savannah Marie Dean, Joseph M. Robison, Neva C. Randolph, Jerry W. Lainhart, Ashley B. Mize, Kimberly K. Reynolds.

Donna Marie Bolte, David A. Bruce, Pamela Jean Furrow, Patrick Wayne Hensley, Andrew Tyler Belcher, Adna J. Bowen, Bradley Dean Curtis Poore, Bobby Vernon Riley, Scott W. Thompson, Melissa Ann Hill, Adam Jacob Phillips, Kristen N. Hunt, Donna Jean Wooten, Leon Campbell, Lee A. Bowen, Sharon K. Hodge, Michelle Craig, Clara M. Gunter, Michael D. Eddy, William Windel Lee Napier.

Joshua Lloyd Roberts, Mary E. Smith, Kenneth G. Nugent, Myrna J. Carney, Brandon Lee Hollan, Jody Johnson, William L. Amick, Susan L. Smith, Miranda Jo Hall,

Leonard Raymond Butera, Lori R. LaMaster,

Scott Todd Cope, Sanjuanita Clouse, Adam R. Faris, Bethany L. Vaughn, Jennifer R. Barrett, Regenia Kay Leach, Pamela Cole, Roy E. Richey, Selisa M. Fox.

Denver Miller, Tristen Snow, Melissa J. Woods, Bobby H. Shuler, Tina M. Konkler, Morgan E. Amos, Teresa K. Arnold, Jeffery L. Allen, Beverly Sue Jones, James L. Rudder, Mitchell Delano Brady, Barbara J. Smith, Autum Leigh Kearns, Evelyn F. Howard, Marie Alberta Kennedy, Dustin Tyler Hall, Crystal D. Nott, Veronica M. Abbott, Tracy M. Belden, Eric W. Copple.

Amber Dawn Kelley, Lee R. Cox, Martha E. Burns, Lisa A. Richey, Crystal D. Noble, Nicholas R. Adams, Samuel Hall, Jr., Kevin J. Robinette, Allyson Lynn West, Brittany Ellen Hall, Mary L. Lovins, Chelsea Leann Mills, Christopher JS Helton, Laura J. Chandler, Connie Limon, Shelia Spicer, Dawn Michelle Graff, Melissa A. Hilbert, Daniel Randolph Ronsen, Patricia A. Robinson.

Dennis R. Hall, Brandon Tyler Melton, Doshia F. Centers, Christopher Michael Caplinger, Kathy L. Rose, Jennie M. Cooper, Michael Stamper, Beth A. Fields, Russel A. Arbuckle, John P. Howser, Wayman Scott Proctor, Jamie Mack Hornsby, Jacob Taylor Marshall, Carla L. Lovins, Elizabeth E. Taylor, Harold W. Robison, Sr., Donald E. Briles, Candi Sue Satchwill, Roger A. Mosley, David G. Martin.

Philip E. Swift, Larry M. Napier, James L. Berna, Jordan C. June, Gary L. Surber, Secira E. Johnson, Phillip W. Stanley, Martha L. Tyree, Thomas D. Striecker, Bethany D. Pate, Roger W. Pruett, Jr., Betty J. Schmittler, Bill Joe Dunn, Rhoda McLemore, Jill A. Brown, Darrell Gene Graham, Kevin S. Deaton, Sean P. Lowry, Dennis E. Zollman, Kerry L. Logsdon.

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