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The Scott County School Board of Trustees held its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, January 10.

As a follow up from December, Board Member Christy Roberts asked how much was spent in total on the locker room renovations. Dr. Slaton stated that he had given the Board the cost for paint and carpet and was waiting for Mr. Riley to determine the number of man hours spent working on those projects. Mr. Riley said he would have to estimate because they had 3 different people working on the different pieces of the job, but would get that information to them. Mrs. Roberts asked how much was spent on the trophy cases. Mr. Riley stated that he had not realized they would have to use safety glass instead of regular plate glass, which was about $3,500 more expensive. He will get the total cost figured and provide it to the Board.

Mrs. Roberts stated that even though the Board had approved raising the amount of expenditures requiring Board approval to $5,000, she would like the Board to be made aware of any and all projects regardless of the cost of the project or whether they were renovation projects, CPF projects, etc.

Christy Roberts asked when the Board could expect quotes for the middle school projects, stating that she hoped they could get them well in advance of the final bond completion. Dr. Slaton stated that they were already working on obtaining quotes and would get those to the Board as soon as possible.

Mr. Mike Therber explained that the bond market changed after the election and there was an immediate impact on interest rates. A couple of months ago bonds were selling at a much lower interest rate, however, the savings that will be realized from refinancing the 2007 bonds is still substantial. Today a net savings of about $400,000 - $500,000 in debt service savings on the remaining obligation would be realized. The outstanding principal amount is $10,135,000 which will be paid on until 2024. Interest rates will continue to change during the next couple of months, so there is no way to quote an exact amount.

Bonds can’t be redeemed without penalty until July. Bonds can be sold in March and close in April. In terms of raising cash for projects, extending the lease on the debt will extend the repayment term, which allows you to add one or one and a half years of payments on to that term and in return you get project cash. Mrs. Roberts stated that she wants to be able to see, whichever scenario is chosen, how much interest will be owed.

Mr. Therber stated that right now, if you add two payments and one additional year of debt service, you would be looking at approximately $1,500,000 - $1,600,000 cash in return and about $1,544,000 paid out, which cancels each other out. It is his opinion that the benefit to the District warrants refinancing. Ms. Melinda Sparkman stated that it is a “no brainer” to refinance, but the question is whether or not to extend the payment. Extending the payment would raise the debt capacity, which is needed in order to keep it level. Mrs. Roberts stated that they would need to look at each option and the overall debt capacity in conjunction with how much the interest will be. She added that she would like to preview the projects as they come in rather than waiting for the agenda to be able to think about them.

During the next portion of the meeting the board was presented the Personnel Recommendations and others business.


Janice Lawson - SES 4 Hour Duty Aide

Dan McDonald - SMS 5.75 Hour Special Programs Aide

Beth Hamilton - SHS 5.5 Hour Special Education Aide

Support Staff Recommendation(s)

Michael Hall - SHS 5.5 Hour Custodian

Robin McDonald - School Nurse

ECA Staff Recommendation(s)

Maxine Rembusch - SMS Destination Imagination Coach

Angie Richey - SMS Destination Imagination Coach

Elementary Girls’ Basketball and Cheerleading Coaching Staff NOTE: Dr. Slaton will let the Board know if there are changes to this list as there are some positions still open.

Professional Leave Request(s)

Dustin Marshall - Focus on Inclusion, Indianapolis, IN, Feb. 21-22

Permission to Post

SES 4 Hour Duty Aide

SMS 5.75 Hour Special Programs Aide

SHS 5.5 Hour Special Education Aide

Board member Christy Roberts made a motion to approve items 1-5. Josh Mays seconded and motion carried 5-0.

The board then talked about administrator contract rollovers. Board member Ron Moore stated that he felt the high school principals should have the same number of days since they all have the same title. Mrs. Roberts made a motion to approve a one year rollover for the administrators listed below. Mrs. Soloe seconded and motion carried 5-0.

Melinda Sparkman and Kevin Smith

Kristin Nass and Bobby Riley

Scott Borden and Bobby Doriot

Debora Yost and Jordan Warner

Tiffany Barrett and Heather Crites

Dustin Marshall

After discussion as to how to realign the number of days for the high school administrators (Rick Manns, Kerri Hammons and Mr. Johanningsmeier), the Board asked the high school administrators and Dr. Slaton to provide a calendar with coverage needs stipulated to the Board for consideration. Mrs. Roberts made a motion to table the high school administrator contracts until this determination is made. Mrs. Soloe seconded and motion to table carried 5-0.

Mr. Kendall reminded the board that there was be a public hearing as required on January 24 to consider Dr. Slaton’s contract extension and stipend.

Superintendent Dr. Slaton advised the Board that the elementary principals would attend the meeting on February 14 and 28 and the middle and high school principals will attend on March 14 to present their ISTEP+ data, school letter grades, and to discuss strategies for improvement in any weak areas.

Dr. Marc Slaton asked that everyone remember Scott 2 staff dealing with deaths in their families. Elementary Art Aide Dustin McIntosh lost his grandfather, who was also LES teacher Sherri Hale’s uncle, at the end of December. Mr. McIntosh sent an email of thanks for the remembrances sent in memory of his grandfather.

Also, VFES teacher Heather McCoskey, lost her grandfather over the weekend. The Board received a card from SMS Custodian Bruce Henry in appreciation of remembrances sent after the loss of his father, last month. Dr. Slaton advised that VFES principal Tiffany Barrett was in a car accident recently and should be released from the hospital and able to return to work. Mr. Kendall asked if any of the Board members had anything else they would like to add. Mr. Moore stated that he wanted the Board to consider having a full time elementary counselor at each elementary building for next school year.




District 2 Exceeds Goals to Having Over $2 Million Dollars in General Fund and $1.1 Million Under Budget PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 03 February 2017 10:24



The Scott County School Board of Trustees held its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, January 10

Superintendent Dr. Marc Slaton recognized Scottsburg Middle School (SMS) Teacher Mr. Tony Carter for being awarded a $500 MAC grant from McDonald’s which will be used for student supplies for math-based animation projects using Pixar activities from Khan Academy. Mr. Carter also received a $5,000 Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant which they hope to use to put a roof over the existing brick pad on the west side of SMS which will make that area more useable as an educational lab environment. Mr. Carter spoke about how the grants were obtained and how they would be used in the classroom. Dr. Slaton thanked Mr. Carter for his efforts to obtain these grants to help students and to improve our facilities.

Congratulations was also offered to Scottsburg High School Senior Katie Hunger for being named the 2017 Lilly Endowment Community Scholar. Dr. Slaton stated that it is great to see someone with Katie’s work ethic be rewarded for all of her hard work. He congratulated Katie, who was unable to attend, and wished her continued success.

A link to an interview that Chuck Rose and Nick South did with Renaissance Learning recently was provided. The article is posted on the Renaissance Learning website and spotlights Lexington Elementary’s National Blue Ribbon status and use of the Renaissance program. The CEO of Renaissance read the article and asked for a conference call with Mr. Rose and Mr. South. He plans to use Lexington Elementary’s success story and how Renaissance Learning was a part of that success to highlight their product during 2017. Dr. Slaton offered kudos to Mr. Rose, Mr. South and the LES staff for this opportunity to showcase some of the great things happening in Scott 2.

There board was also updated on the Homebound Student Report. Presently, there are currently 5 medical and 5 behavioral students receiving homebound services.

In other matters, Dr. Marc Slaton shared the most recent school improvement plans for the Board’s review. He noted that SHS, SES, LES and JES will be revising and rewriting their school improvement plans as they expire in June of 2017. VFES is good until 2018 and SMS until 2019. Dr. Slaton explained that it is challenging to update these plans without knowing what the state is going to do with ISTEP since those scores have been used to guide the plans in the past. He hopes to get clarification on that soon, but stated that the revision process will begin regardless with he and Mr. Rose being heavily involved.

Josh Mays made a motion to approve the minutes from the December 13, 2016 Board meeting as presented. Christy Roberts seconded and motion carried 5-0.

VII. Financial Considerations

The board was presented the following the Expenditure Summary, pay claims and regular claims for the following dates: 1. Dec. 15, 2016, Jan. 3, 2017

Regular Claims: Dec. 1-9, 2016, Dec. 12-16, 2016, Dec. 19-29, 2016, Dec. 30-31, 2016, Dec. 30-31, 2016, Jan. 10, 2017

Board member Christy Roberts questioned the claim for Grace Christian Academy for ISTEP prep. Dr. Slaton explained that this is part of the Title I budget and Scott 2 is required to pay Grace Academy and is then reimbursed through Title I. Mrs. Roberts made a motion to approve, seconded by Mr. Mays. Motion carried 5-0.

Ms. Melinda Sparkman reported that the District goal was to have between 8 and 12 percent of revenues in the general fund as recommended and the year ended with over 2 million dollars in the general fund, or 11.4

percent of revenues which is up from 7.3 percent at the end of 2015. She also noted that the District finished the year 1.1 million dollars under budget and with enrollment at 2,669 as of December 1. Current enrollment is now 2, 679 which is 2 above count day in September. State support funding is up $451,000 due to the enrollment figures. Ms. Sparkman added that she will be providing a monthly report on the financial status of the greenhouse and HVAC projects to keep the Board informed.

Ron Moore asked if the District has a rainy day fund. Ms. Sparkman answered that there is such a fund and that the goal is to add $75,000 per year into that account. The balance is currently $225,000. She reminded the Board that the fund is mainly to supplement retirement for those employees with the bridge.

The board was presented with an offer to purchase the following items:

Conrad’s Music $2,950- This is for an instrument needed for Band. Mr. Tim Johnston checked with 2 other places, Prowinds and First Chair Rewards and found the cost considerably higher.

BSN Sports $3,840 - This is the invoice for the Elementary Boys’ Travel Team Basketball Uniforms. The parents each paid $175 for this opportunity so this invoice will be paid out of those funds in the Basketball Account.

Dr. Marc Slaton noted that though these invoices are below the new $5,000 requirement for Board approval, he added them to the agenda because they were received prior to that change. Mrs. Roberts made a motion to approve seconded by Mr. Mays. Motion carried 5-0.

The board was presented the following invoices for payment:

Kovert- Hawkins- SHS HVAC Invoices

Invoice #1- $85,500

Invoice #2- $18,000

Invoice #3 - $13,189.62

Dr. Marc Slaton stated that these bills are for the services of Kovert Hawkins for the HVAC Project at SHS and includes 100% of their design, construction documents fee, and bidding process fee along with 10% of

the construction administration cost. It also includes $589.62 for reimbursable expenses for reproductions. Their total fee for the HVAC project is $180,000 and after these bills are paid there will be a balance of $32,400 for construction administration and any reimbursable expenses. Mr. Mays made a motion to approve seconded by Mrs. Soloe. Motion carried 5-0.

H. Boatman Road Lease Agreement

Josh Mays made a motion to approve the same terms of agreement as in the past few years with Mr. Darlage on the Boatman Road Lease Agreement. Mrs. Roberts seconded and motion carried 5-0.

The board was then presented invoices for the district's waste disposal.

VIP Waste Disposal $1,092.79/mo

Rumpke $598/mo

Best Way Disposal $618/mo

Dr. Marc Slaton stated that based on the consultation he and Mr. Bobby Riley had with school attorney Josh Stigdon, they recommended rejecting all quotes and issuing a new request for proposal form to each vendor with more consistent specifications. There was discussion as to what clarifications should be made in the new requests and those included: a 3 year contract, specific fuel escalator plan, cost for extra pick ups, metal dumpsters and specific pick-up time windows. Christy Roberts made a motion to reject all bids and rebid. The motion was seconded by Mr. Mays and carried 4-1. (Mr. Moore voted against.)

Mrs. Roberts made a motion to publish the notice of the determination hearing on the SHS Roof and Other Site Improvements (which will also be known as the SHS Roof Bond 2017) with the hearings scheduled for February 14, 2017. Mrs. Soloe seconded and motion carried 5-0.

Dr. Slaton recommended contracting Kovert Hawkins for the SHS Roof and Other Site Improvements Bond stating that this will allow them to get to work on all the documents for the bid process in order to get the work scheduled for this summer, which would allow them to do the roof simultaneously with the HVAC. Their fees for the bond would be $180,000. There was discussion as to the possibility of using a design-build where the architect and general contractor work together as one instead of different entities as a possible 6 to 10 percent cost savings. Mr. Bobby Riley will check into that possibility and get the information to the Board in order that a determination can be made at the next Board meeting to prevent delay of the project. Mrs. Soloe made a motion to table, seconded by Mrs. Roberts. Motion to table carried 5-0.

Dr. Marc Slaton recommended adoption of the Resolution authorizing refinancing of the 2007 SMS Bonds and hiring Therber & Brock and Ice Miller for professional services to move ahead with the refunding process in order to achieve interest cost savings.

Scott 2 is funding this improvement project through a lease financing, as it has done with other past construction/renovation projects. Lease financings are used by school corporations across the State in order to borrow for renovation and construction. This type of financing does not count against the school corporation’s constitutional debt allowance. SMS is currently subject to a financing lease and we are amending that lease to increase the lease rental due from the school corporation equal to the reduction from the refunding. In exchange for the increased lease rental, Scott 2 will use the bond proceeds to make the needed improvements to the building. The increased lease rental (as shown as a maximum amount in the Third Amendment to Lease) will be sufficient to pay the principal and interest due to the bondholders. Dr. Slaton recommended adoption of the resolution approving form of amendment to lease.

Dr. Slaton recommended adoption of the Resolution Determining the Need for these Projects as required by the School Leasing Statute (IC 20-47-3.

The IRS requires that a school corporation declare its official intent to reimburse as documented in this resolution. Dr. Slaton explained that this allows work to start on some of the projects sooner than this summer with the District being reimbursed from the refinance. The goal is to close on refunding the bonds in late April. He added that one of the projects listed was the activities center however, that can be removed if there is not enough money to cover that undertaking . Mrs. Roberts made a motion to approve all items. Mrs. Soloe seconded and motion carried 5-0.

Mrs. Roberts made a motion to approve repairing or replacing the SMS boiler. Mr. Mays seconded and motion carried 5-0.




18-year-old charged in incident that injures co-worker at local restaurant PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 01 February 2017 08:38

An 18-year-old was placed into custody January 10 by Scottsburg police officers after he allegedly struck and injured a co-worker.

Scottsburg resident killed in late Sunday afternoon crash on U.S. Highway 31 North PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 01 February 2017 08:37

A family of four was injured and another motorist killed in a late afternoon crash that occurred Sunday, January 29, in Scottsburg.

Scottsburg Warrior Football Academy Offered Now Through March 13 PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 27 January 2017 14:48



Scottsburg High School Football Coach Kyle Mullins will be presenting the Scottsburg Warrior Football Academy at McClain Hall at Scottsburg High School.

The program is open to kindergarten through the eleventh grade. Attire should include t-shirt, shorts, gym shoes.

The facility will be open from every Monday starting January 23 through Spring Break March 13. Times will be from 5 to 6 p.m. for lineman and 6 to 7 p.m. for skill players.

The purpose of this program is to facilitate the overall improvement of Scottsburg Warrior Football with specific focus on blocking, tackling, catching, ball carrying and speed enhancement.

For more information contact Coach Mullins at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call the school at 1-812-752-8927.


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