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Wednesday, 02 July 2008 00:00
?    West Washington awarded Calcar Paving and Tennis Court and Track Construction to replace the surface on the high school track with new asphalt and rubberized surface at the recent West Washington School Board meeting held on Monday, June 23 with a 5-0 vote.
    Calcar was awarded their bid in the amount of $28,141.99 and Tennis Court and Track Construction in the amount of $46,485. The project is to be started immediately.
    All members were present, all claims and minutes of last meeting were approved.
    The approval of J.C. Tucker, school attorney was a 5-0 vote. The pay for Tucker will be $120 an hour, plus mileage.
    Other personnel approved included: Gina Rosenbaum as Cheer Coach and Jennifer Stahl as Elementary Volleyball Coach
    Three resignations were approved. They were as follows:
    Jennifer Stahl as junior high volleyball coach; Tom Rosenbaum as 8th grade boys basketball coach and Pat Wise as a bus diver, but to remain on the sub list.
    With discussion regarding the new lunch prices, James Brown stated he was concerned that prices were to high, but was uncertain about future food prices. West Washington has not increased their lunch prices for the past two years. The motion passed 5-1 with John Hughes opposing.
    Principals Rosenbaum and Stroud presented the textbook rental prices for 2008-09 for the elementary and junior/senior high school. Motion passed 5-0 to accept new book prices.
    Principal Rosenbaum also submitted the board with a curriculum for the Elementary school teaching staff. “This is an example of what the teachers are doing. If we want to raise test score we have to re-write the curriculum.” stated Rosenbaum
    This year’s curriculum is Reading and Language Arts, next will be Social Studies and then Math.
    Superintendent Jackson made a motion to increase non-certified positions pay 25-cents on the hour. The motion passed 5-0 but not without discussion.
    Concerned employees stated they do indeed appreciate the raise, but that does not cover the cost of insurance. Some employees have had to drop their insurance because they could not afford it.
    “The insurance did not raise this year. We do not get the $100,000 rebate that we received last year, which made the premiums lower. Insurance is high, I am not sure we can do any better,” stated Superintendent Jackson.
    Three salaried employees were awarded a raise, Mr. Reinhart in the amount of $1,000; Mr. Nesmith , $800 and the School Nurse was given $750. Corporation bus drivers were also awarded a raise of $1 per day per route.
    The board also awarded the milk bid to Prairie Farms and the bread bid to Klosterman Bakery and with a unanimous decision the fuel bid was tabled for further research along with the smoking policy.
    Bob Potter gave a presentation of the deteriorating conditions of both the baseball and softball fields and stated he believes there are safety concerns, along with health issues. Potter showed pictures of electrical wires, bird problems, drain problems, bee problems, fence and numerous other conditions that he believes need to be resolved.
    The board made no decision regarding the fields. Potter is to bring back quotes on new dug-outs and repairs to the next board meeting.
    The board approved the  establishment of  a rainy day fund and to adopt a rainy day policy and to transfer $500,000 into the fund.
    Member Patty Zink moved to allow the corporation treasurer to transfer funds to keep the books in the black.
    The next regularly scheduled meeting of the West Washington School Board is July 21.
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