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Wednesday, 12 August 2009 00:00
    The All-R-Stars Tennis Camp at Highland Hills Middle School near Galena has been a success by all accounts. Brandon Miller, 34, who played boys’ tennis at Floyd Central High School for his father, longtime boys’ and girls’ varsity tennis coach Rick Miller, has been holding the camp at the school’s tennis courts since the first week of June. The camp was to have run through today (Wednesday, August 12), and quite a few kids have spent at least a few days at the camp. The participants (middle school and high school age) plunked down $10 per day for instruction in the camp.
    Miller almost lived at the school during the nine or so weeks of the camp, but that is fine with him.
    “This makes me feel like a kid; to be associated with these kids’ day in and day out,” he said during a lull in the action Monday, shortly after noon.
    Miller said that over the course of the camp, he gets a few new participants every week.
    The camp is not open only to students that attend Highland Hills or Floyd Central, but to everyone in the community. As an example, Miller said he has one girl who attends the Louisville Latin School.
     Once the camp is over fro the year on August 12, Junior Team Tennis starts up, and is sanctioned by the United States Tennis Association (USTA). This will be at Floyd Central High School’s courts, since they have 10 courts to the 10 at Highland Hills Middle School. This is held on Thursdays from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., and on Sundays from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. this is ongoing throughout the fall, until it gets cold. This is to get participant’s feet moving, and eye-hand coordination improving. Eight game pro sets will be employed, and will have singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.
    The idea of all of this activity is to improve the games of the younger tennis players in the area, and also to foster a love of the game. Miller believes that some athletics coaches keep practices too structured, and thinks that a little time by themselves during the camps will give them a chance to figure out how to do it the right was on their own.
    With middle school and high school boys’ tennis being in the fall in Indiana, the boys who attend the camp will benefit from heading straight into their school seasons, but Miller said that girls, who play on school tennis teams in the spring in Indiana, will maintain interest in the sport by having a chance to improve their game.
    Miller said, “I want to thank all of the parents and the kids from the community for coming out for the clinics and the camps, and the Junior Team Tennis.”
    A few of the participants in the All-R-Stars Camp were enthusiastic about their experiences playing tennis this summer under Miller.
    Two incoming eighth graders at Highland Hills Middle School were Ryan Plunkett and Jill Recchio.
    Plunkett said he enjoys tennis and baseball, but tennis dominated his summer this year.
    “You get to depend on yourself,” Plunkett said of the tennis lessons. “It’s a mental sport. Ypu can change the pace, and the score just by tweaking one little thing in your game.”
    Recchio said that “I’ve been here almost everyday for the last eight or nine weeks, or so. You can see yourself getting better every time out.”
    Recchio said that tennis is her main sport, and likes the approach of Miller towards the camp participants.
    “I think he’s a really good coach, because he identifies what we really need (to work on) most and we work on that so we become better players.”
    Highland Hills seventh grader Zach Robinson said tennis is his number one sport as well.
    “Before the camp, I could hardly hit the ball over the net, but now I’m starting to hit the ball hard,” Robinson said.
    Anyone interested in Junior Team Tennis is invited to go to the Floyd Central Tennis website at
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