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Thursday, 30 July 2009 00:00
    The Lanesville Board of School Trustees learned Tuesday night (July 21) at its regular monthly meeting that the enrollment is up this year for nearly every grade in the system, with the exception of a few. The enrollment figures are not official, and are only preliminary. Initial figures will be available once the school has its Average Daily Membership (ADM) done in mid September.
    Lanesville Elementary School Principal Marsha Himmelhaver said at the meeting that “it appears that in our second (grade), we’re going to have 58 students.”
    A preliminary figure of 332 students in grades K-6 this fall was given by Himmelhaver. This number could go up or down by the official ADM count. Instead of sending out decline letters to out of district students waiting to find spots in the school, Himmelhaver said students not yet enrolled from out of the district have been put on a waiting list.
    She recommended adding another second grade teacher as soon as possible. The extra classroom would be available, according to Himmelhaver.
    Himmelhaver stressed the need for the extra classroom teacher, “The formative years are critical. We want children to read fluently when they enter 3rd grade.”
    The board then voted to authorize Supt. Sam Gardner to hire another second grade teacher.
    Lanesville Junior-Senior High School Principal Janet Paige said that her preliminary count of grades 7-12 shows a total of 352 students. The incoming freshman class is the largest as of now, with 67 students incoming.
Federal Stimulus Program Loan -
    In another matter, Gardner informed the board that $1.4 million in federal stimulus money was available in the form of an interest free loan. It would be repayable in 12-14 years. The $1.4 million amount is based on the Lanesville School Corporation’s total assessed evaluation of $144 million.
    The money would be targeted (according to the federal legislation that created the stimulus bill passed at the beginning of the Obama Administration) for either retrofitting or renovating existing buildings in the school district.
    Board President Donnie Hussung said, “It would be silly not to look at a way to get $1.4 million interest free.”
    An architect and engineer would be needed for any such project.
Water Damage to Parking Lot -
    In his Superintendent’s Report, Gardner informed the board that water is getting underneath the asphalt of the parking lot in front of the main entrance near the Lanesville Junior-Senior High School Office, and is running underneath the pavement, and ultimately under the gym. This has apparently caused some settling of the south side of the gym foundation, and will have to be corrected.
    The concrete steps on the east side of the parking lot have also been damaged by the water erosion, and will have to be shored up.
    No steps were taken by the board on the matter, as the information was not an item for action at the meeting.
    In other business, the board:

- Approved Dana Holland to be a 9-week special education paraprofessional.
- Approved Amber Wineinger to be a second grade elementary teacher (not the position discussed at the beginning of the article).
- Approved Gerald Timberlake for 1 day of intercession.
- Approved Erin Green for 4 days of intercession.
- Accepted a donation of $500.00 from Kohl’s Department Stores, for the elementary library extra curricular account.
- Approved the disposal of an old copy machine.
- Approved the finalization of a temporary loan of up to $1.3 million in lieu of receiving a property tax settlement.
- Approved the use of the school mid buses by St. Mary’s Church during their annual picnic.
- Reorganized the board: President-Donald Hussung; Vice President-Ron Wolfe; and Secretary, Robert Schickel. The Corporation Treasurer is Penny Schmelz, and the Assistant Corporation Treasurer is Tina Walther.
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