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Wednesday, 22 July 2009 00:00
     At the recent Salem Community School Board meeting held on Monday, July 13, members voted Steve Motsinger as President of the Board; Vice-President, Marie Lowery and Secretary Ben Bowling. Motsinger took the spot of Diane Armstrong Apple as President and Motsinger continued the meeting. Members not present was Tracy Payne and Jason Pepmeier.
    Former Principal of Salem High School, Jim Ralston was named Principal of Bradie Shrum Upper Elementary, replacing Tony Stone. The board also named the position of Assistant Principal of Salem High School, Jerald Hickey, who comes the state of South Carolina.
    David Allen was approved to continue the position of legal counselor and approved to continue their position was Treasurer, Sue Collier and Deputy Treasurer, Marcella Russell.
    The 2009-2010 meeting of the board will remain the same as the past year, the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m.
    The following personel was approved: Chris Mahuron and Jennifer Martin, High Ability Leadership Course; High School Counselor, Judy Matthews; part time Science teacher, Jim Gwaltney; part time Math teacher, Marcia Gwaltney; fifth grade teacher, Gary Smith; Middle School summer school teacher, Deb Wrye; lifeguards for summer school swimming program: Kerigh Holstine, Maddie Smith and Tyler Huls; Band camp assistants: Richard Trueblood, Lynndi Lockenour, Blair Winslow, Ali Field, Jean Dowen and one to be selected; substitute bus driver: Cheryl Hogan, Rita Lee and Ellesha Haley and regular bus driver: Kenneth Nale.
    The Electric Devise usage at School policy was approved. The policy will consist of a contract with the student/parent and school.
    New Bradie Shrum Librarian Kara Dillon was appointed to the Library Board.
    Superintendent Reed reported that book rental was reduced in all grades except sixth and seventh grade.
    Principal Derek Smith approached the board on a new Academic Recognition program similar to the newly approved Athletic Recognition program. Smith along with Greg McCurdy, Nancy Quatroke and Jennifer Martin came up with a program to recognize student who excel academically. The program would be in four categories: team; individual, plasma advertiser and wall of fame. The team categories would include team who make it regional or further; individual portraits foe students who are state award winner; plasma advertiser would recognize students with AB honor roll, DAR good citizen award, exchange club, honor diplomas and graduates and the final is the wall of fame, which will have a portrait of a former student who has received a Doctoral degree in  the field of their study. The board approved to move on with the Academic Recognition program.
    The board approved two new vocational courses for the new school year: Career Planning and Success and Professional Career Internship.
    Assistant Superintendent  Thurston, asked the board to approve an additional $20,000 appropriation for the pre-school fund due to the increase cost of transportation from Blue River Services Inc.
    “We have been exploring ways to be able to provide transportation. I believe we can save money by using our own equipment and our bus driver rather than contract it out.” stated Thurston. The board approved.
    Thurston also  recommended the board to approve the Temporary Loan from First Harrison Bank at a rate of 2.94 percent. The board received a total of three bids from Community First Bank, First Harrison Bank and Mid-Southern Bank with First Harrison being the lowest bid placed. The board approved Thurstons' recommendation and gave him authorization to execute the documents needed.
    Superintendent Reed reported that the breakfast and lunches prices will increase .10 this school year, while reduced lunches will remain the same.
    The next scheduled Salem Community School Board meeting will take place on Monday, August 10.
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