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Wednesday, 15 July 2009 00:00
    Sellersburg Police Chief Russ Whelan has announced his intention to add reserve officers to the department.
    Interested citizens are encouraged to obtain an application from the Sellersburg Police Department located at 101 S. New Albany Street in Sellersburg. Applications may be received from Deputy Chief Donald Ross Jr. or Administrative Assistant Patty Clapp Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    The deadline for applications is Friday, August 7.
    Candidates for the Sellersburg Police Department’s Reserve Program must be 35 years old or younger and possess a valid driver’s license. They also must have a minimum high school diploma or equivalent and they cannot have a criminal background.
    “Our Reserve program has been very successful. Five of our 15 Officers have been from our Reserve Program. Chief Whelan wants to increase the number of reserve officers to 10 or 12,” stated Ross. “The reserve force plays a vital role to our agency, they assist us by handling duties for the Sellersburg Town Court, such as inmate transport and serving as Bailiff.”
    All eligible candidates that complete the application process will be contacted by Major Ross during the week beginning on August 10.
    “Eligibility requirements are set up so that all candidates that pass the tests will be brought onto the department’s Reserve Force,” Ross added.
    He continued, “They (candidates) will report to a location yet to be determined for a physical assessment test which will consist of a timed mile and a half run, a timed 330 meter sprint, timed sit-ups, maximum amount of push-ups completed and a measured vertical jump. These tests and standards are set by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.”
    All candidates passing the physical assessment test will be informed and then move on to the second phase of the testing for the reserve program.
    The last time the Sellersburg Police Department accepted applications for their Reserve Program was 2007.
    “Last time were had 27 citizens apply for the reserve program, but by the time testing and background checks were completed we finished with only three new Reserve Officers,” Ross stated. “I would like to see that number at least double. The testing can be difficult if you aren’t prepared, we know that, and many have unfortunately found this out the hard way.”
    Ross concluded, “This year I would also like to see some women apply for reserve positions. Female officers are an asset to any agency they join, but we haven’t had any females pass the physical requirements yet.”
    The Sellersburg Police Department currently have five reserves including: Greg Dietz, Brad Farrell, Chaplain Gary Fenner, Frank Marshall and Andrew Leadingham.
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