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Friday, 19 June 2009 00:00
     At the recent Salem School board meeting held on June 8 the board approved Farm Bureau Co-op for a fixed firm contract rather than Jacobi Oil who had no interest in fixed contact. The board also agreed on the recommendation of Assistant Superintendent Thurston, to award the bid for cash management to First Harrison Bank out of the five local financial institutes. “They were the most aggressive and had the best options. I look forward to them helping us maximize taxpayers dollars and give us the best yield for our investment.” stated Thurston.
    All claims and minutes were approved along with the following personnel requirements: the retirement of Judy Matthew and Barbara Curry; resignation of Title 1 Instructional Assistant; new hires, Laura Motsinger as BSUE teacher and Girls Basketball Coach; Jennifer Mills as High School Business teacher and Kara Dillion as Elementary Librarian; Charlene Handzel will transfer from Librarian to Title 1 Literacy Coach; Zoma Barrett, Middle School summer school teacher; Lesley Slaughter, summer school teacher; Melissa Sears, summer school teacher; Rachel Irwin, summer school teacher; Steve Crane, summer school teacher, two sessions; Randy Nichols, summer school teacher; Beverly Sweeney, summer school teacher, Title 1; Garilou Crane, summer school instructional aide; Jonelle Denny, summer school instructional aide, two sessions; Angela Snelling to transfer from BSUE  grade 5 teacher to BSLE grade 1 teacher; Crystal  Mikels, maternity leave beginning October 18 and Doris Duffy one additional class period per day beginning 2009-2010.
    Phillip Stahl addressed the board regarding Salem Dance Team and Coach Amanda Duffy, stating that Duffy took the girls to state and placed third and does a wonderful job with the girls. He asked that they consider compensating Duffy for  her work that she does. Duffy has coached the Salem Dance team for three years, which is when the first dance team started.
    “It is a contractual issue why some of our volunteers are not getting paid and is is trying to get worked out.” stated Superintendent Reed.
    The increase pay for substitutes, first level sub instructional aides and substitute clerical and minimum wage was approved by the board.
    SHS cheer camp field trip was approved along with SADD to National Conference.
    Superintendent Redd asked to board to approve 75 hours to Chris Mahuron and Jennifer Martin for guidance summer hours. The money will be used with from the stimulus money, the board approved.
    William Spencer-Pierce and Principal at BSLE, Gene Sutton presented the board with “Blessings in a Backpack” a project to help children have enough food  to make it through the weekends at home. The project will also each child to take home a backpack full of food home on Fridays that will have enough food for the child throughout the weekend.
    “Some of our students do not have enough food for after school and evening and especially not the weekends.” stated Spencer-Pierce.
    This program is an outreach project of Kentucky Harvest and has proved higher attendance and an increase in attendance.. Currently this program is feeding 11,500 students in many states.
    According to Sutton the program will be start off small in August of this school year and will provide for 250 students who are enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program. The cost to feed one child for one year is $80 and they will be looking for sponsorship of children. A individual, business or a church are welcome to sponsor.
    “There are people out there willing to do this, any sponsorship will be wonderful. Right know there are needs in many different directions.” stated Sutton.
    The money will be raised here locally and then sent to Blessings in Louisville and a retailer will get the products together for a pickup which will be taken to the school for distribution. The retailer could possibly be Wal-Mart or Meijer. The owner of Meijer is on the board of Blessings. The board approved to move forward with project.
Thurston asked the board to consider advertising for a tax anticipation warrant. “2009 is going to be better than 2008 but not completely on track.” stated Thurston. The board agreed unanimously.
    The board also agreed to revise the 2010 budget calendar due to the changes of dates from the General Assembly
A new policy was presented to the board by Principal of the Middle School Ray Oppel and Assistant Principal of the MS, Brent Minton regarding the use of personal electronic devices and “sexting”. A policy will be sent home with each student and has to be signed by parent and student which will have the guidelines of what expected from the student and parent and the repercussions of not following the guidelines. “This Is a great idea.” stated Member Steve Motsinger. The board agreed to the first reading of this new policy which will take place at the beginning of the new school year.
    The board accepted a $150 donation from Shane Dowling that will be used for the 2010 prom.
    The board heard from Business teacher, Debra Allen regarding the recently upgraded business department that began last year..
    Superitendent Reed reported to the board that she traveled to the State Track meet to watch Thomas Snider compete in the high jump, “He did an amazing job but was knocked out of the competition at 14'6'',” stated Reed.
It was also reported at the meeting that the free lunch program served 91 students the first day of the program at the school.
    The next regular scheduled board meeting will take place on July 13.
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