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Friday, 19 June 2009 00:00
    The Clark Drug Treatment Court Program will sponsor the first ever Red, White and Blue All-America Free Throw Contest at the Charlestown Founder’s Day Festival on June 26 and 27.
    The Free Throw Contest at Founder’s Day will be the first of several festival appearances for the Drug Treatment Court in order to increase public awareness and to raise funds for the rehabilitative program. Community volunteers and past graduates of the program are welcomed to help at the festival.
    The cutback of available federal grant money to fund the Drug Treatment Court program makes public fundraising absolutely essential. This state certified substance abuse program does not receive a budget from either the county or state government.
    “We are proud to unveil the All-America Free Throw Contest at Founder’s Day,” said Clark Superior Court Judge Jerry Jacobi. “The contest will be fun and entertaining for players and spectators to show their support for IU, UL and UK. The contest will continue at the 4H Fair next month and at other community festivals.”
    “The festival committee has been very supportive of our first effort and we will show our appreciation by returning to Founder’s Day next year.” Jacobi added. “We want to contribute to the family atmosphere at this marvelous festival.”
    The All-America Free Throw Contest will be decorated in patriotic colors of red, white and blue colors. Players will show support for their favorite team by making free throws and adding points to the cumulative score of Indiana University (white), University of Louisville (red), and University of Kentucky (blue.) Players will designate their favorite team to receive the credit for each made free throw worth one point each.
    Officials will tally the cumulative free throw points for IU, UL and UK on a leader board to keep fairgoers informed. Enthusiastic competition is expected from the fans and players supporting the Hoosiers, Cardinals and Wildcats fans. The final totals will be posted for each of these teams during the free throw contest at Clark County 4-H Fair beginning on July 13.  
    Bragging rights by these die hard basketball fans is sure to be on the line. Players will shoot free throw and determine a new winner at each festival. A large crowd is expected to offer partisan support IU, UL and UK. At the same time, players will earn points for redeemable prizes.
    The rules are simple. Players will shoot three free throws for $1.00 and earn ticket stubs for every successful free throw redeemable for individual prizes. Players may accumulate points during the two day Founder’s Day festival. The available prizes will be displayed and posted at the contest. Regulation equipment is provided for ensure fairness.
    Everyone has a chance to win prizes. Kids under the age of 12 will shoot free throws at a shortened distance of twelve feet with a junior ball. Girls and women over the age of twelve will shoot from the foul line of fifteen feet with a regulation women’s basketball. Boys and men over the age of twelve will shoot from the same distance with a regulation men’s basketball.
    Anyone with either physical disabilities or limited basketball shooting skills may request the services of a volunteer free throw shooter. Volunteers will hold free throw clinics during the festival for shooters of all ages with techniques designed to increase accuracy. The backboards will offer good lighting in the evening to make free throw shooting as easy as shooting them in your own backyard.
    The Clark Drug Treatment Court Program was established by Judge Cecile Blau in 2002, as a division of Clark Superior Court No.2 and probation services. The program is only one of 29 Adult Drug Treatment Courts in the state and certified directly by the Indiana Supreme Court. The Drug Treatment Court has provided rehabilitative services to more than 100 substance abuse offenders while their cases remain pending in Superior Court.
    Each participant will spend one to two years or longer in the program. The fees paid by the participants helps to subsidize the program but do not cover the entire cost of their rehabilitation. The remainder is funded by gifts, public fundraising and community grants. The Drug Treatment Court is encouraged by the Indiana Judicial Center to engage in public fundraising through a not-for-profit corporation supported by an Advisory Board.
    “Your shot helps a lot! This is our theme at Founder’s Day. C’mon out and enjoy some good ole fashioned family fun and support a great program at the same time,” concluded Judge Jacobi. He has presided in the Clark Drug Treatment Court and Superior Court since the first of the year.  
    If anyone is interested in being a volunteer or donating a prize to be awarded on points at the All-America Free Throw Contest, please contact the court at 285-6333. You may also ask for more information about the Advisory Board that meets quarterly. If you would like to invite the All-America Free Throw Contest to appear at your festival, please contact the court.
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