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Thursday, 28 May 2009 00:00
    In the recent Indiana General Assembly, the Indiana Legislature decided to ban any further ½ days for students and this disallows the other half of the day to be used for professional development, so the Board of School Trustees and the Lanesville Education Association (LEA) agreed (for a one year period, namely the 2009-10 school year) to the following regarding how to have professional development and parent-teacher conferences.
    Since the State of Indiana currently requires k-5 students to be instructed for five hours a day, and 6-12 students to be instructed for six hours a day, Lanesville is in excess of the basic requirements. So in 2009-10, staff and students will end their Fridays at 2:30 on all Fridays that year.
    The agreement will allow for contracted teacher time to be banked (saved or accumulated) to allow for parent-teacher conferences and for professional development time.
    The early dismissals on Friday will allow for 16 hours to be accumulated.
    Parent-Teacher conferences will be held on October 29 from 3 to 8 pm, a total of five hours.
    Professional Development will occur for two hours (from 3:15 to 5:15 pm) on the following dates: august 18-19, and February 8-9.
    The board and the LEA agreed to the following as well: 1. The total amount of time to be accumulated for professional development is 11 hours, 2. The amount of time to be accumulated for parent-teacher conferences is 5 hours, 3. Three hours of flexible time, conducted outside of the contracted day, may be used for professional development or parent-teacher conferences, 4. Each principal’s office will keep records of their own staff, 5. The LEA and the administration will develop together a form for record keeping, 6. Teachers will be assessed leave time for missed parent-teacher conferences and professional development time missed, 7. In the event a staff member is on bereavement leave the day of a scheduled activity the staff member will be granted additional bereavement time, 8. In the event the school day is canceled due to bad weather, and professional development time or parent-teacher conferences had been scheduled, that day will not be rescheduled, 9. for the 2009-10 school year, failure to attend set professional development dates will not be reflected in evaluations.
    “The teachers have worked with us cooperatively to do this,” said Lanesville Supt. Sam Gardner. Janet Paige and Marsha Himmelhaver have been the keys in getting this done.”
    Paige is the principal of the junior-senior high, and Himmelhaver is the principal of the elementary school.
    Also regarding Marsha Himmelhaver, the board agreed to the retirement request of Himmelhaver from her position as principal of the elementary school.
    She has been with the Lanesville schools 36 years.
    Board president Donald Hussung said, “Thank you for the 36 years.”
    In other business, the board:

- Agreed to accept a temporary loan from 1st Harrison Bank for $1.3 million, with interest at 2.94 percent.
- Accepted a donation of $500.00 to the elementary school from State Farm Insurance (Michelle Reichel).
- Accepted a donation of $3,698.00 for the Peer Tutors Success Center, from the Harrison County Community Foundation.
- Accept $500.00 in cash to the Lanesville “ELF” Project for families in need around Christmas time.
- Approved the fall 2009 coaching staff.
- Approved hiring part time summer help for the office staff.

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