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Written by Janna Ross   
Wednesday, 13 May 2009 00:00

    The local community was saddened last Tuesday morning as citizens learned of the passing of Clark County Treasurer Shirley Nolot.
    Nolot passed away a little after 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning at Clark Memorial Hospital. As the word of her passing filtered through the Clark County Courthouse, where she spent many dedicated years, many were saddened by her death but had smiles cross their faces when memories of Nolot surfaced.
    Nolot was presently the Clark County Treasurer. She also previously held the office of Clark County Recorder for two terms and also was the Trustee for Wood Township.
    Those political figures in Clark County who worked with Nolot were quick to praise her for her continued dedication and effort to help the Clark County taxpayer.
    “Shirley was always calling me with ideas to improve her office,” stated Clark County Council President David Abbott. “She was behind the upgrading of the Recorder’s Office to a computer system. She was always looking out for the taxpayer and how to save more money.”
    Abbott continued, “Shirley just loved people. I can remember being out campaigning and her speeches were so genuine. She was loved by the people. Shirley was so friendly and just a down-home kind of girl. I think she took the tax bills to heart. With the state making so many changes, I think she worried about that. I think she worried that people thought she was holding up tax bills and that was simply just not the case.”
    Abbott concluded, “I can assure you that she had the town of Borden at heart. Clark County will sure miss her.”
    Dick Jones, Clark County Recorder, fondly remembered Nolot’s hard work and their personal friendship.
    “Shirley went to Providence and New Albany when I went to Jeffersonville High School,” Jones stated. “This is just a terrible loss to the community.”
    Jones continued about Nolot, “She was a very dedicated parent and citizen and a very devoted public servant. Shirley had three children, Pam, Jim and Joe Jr. She was very dedicated to her family and her work. Nolot made many advances in the offices she held.”
    Before leaving her mark on the political ranks of Clark County, Nolot was loved by many as she was the cook at Borden High School. She also worked as a cook for Joe Huber. Huber even mentioned Nolot in his book.
    “In Joe’s book, he spoke of Shirley and how she helped Joe and Bonnie to start the restaurant,” Jones advised.
    Nolot battled the pancreatic cancer for over a year and never missed a beat at her job, according to Jones.
    “She fought it. She still came to work everyday and maintained the office. She battled through the chemotherapy and radiation and still made it in to work. I am talking up to the last week not like two months ago,” Jones said. “Her employees are working to follow up on all Shirley’s wishes and policies. She was just very organized. She had everything so organized. Shirley never complained and never wanted sympathy. She never lost her determination.”
    Nolot was still able to enjoy the company of friends and family up until just a few days prior to her passing. Nolot invited Jones, Clark County Sheriff Danny Rodden and Barbara Haas to lunch.
    “We had lunch maybe seven to 10 days before she passed. We remembered all the good times and the trials and tribulations of being in public service,” Jones recalled about the recent lunch.
    Jones concluded, “I wish you could have seen the flower arrangements. She was very well respected not just in Clark County, but all over the state. Even in her worst moments, Shirley was still checking on work and even attempted to get into work the very last week”
    Rod Pate, the Clark County Democrat Chairman, also was quick to praise Nolot.
    “She was a great lady! Shirley never lost her temper. She was kind and generous and just a wonderful person. Everyone that knew Shirley liked her. I don’t think she had an enemy. Everyone that met Shirley liked her, she was just a sweet, sweet lady,” Pate stated.
    According to Pate, a special caucus will be held on Saturday, May 30 at 11a.m. at Clark County Superior Court #3 to fill the Clark County Treasurer’s seat.
    Nolot’s funeral mass was held on Saturday at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Floyds Knobs. She was buried at St. Mary of the Knobs Catholic Cemetery in Floyds Knobs.
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