Get ready for a lively General Election this fall; several races offered PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marty Randall   
Wednesday, 16 May 2018 09:04

It’s going to be a lively election season this fall, thanks to several races that are now officially on the books.

Though only 28% of registered voters cast ballots on Tuesday, May 8, those 4,710 voters selected some good candidates on both the Democrat and Republican sides.

Sgt. Jerry Goodin, currently with the Indiana State Police, Sellersburg post, is the Democrat candidate for Scott County Sheriff. He received a little over 80% of the votes cast versus 20% for Sgt. Steven Thomas Herald. Sgt. Herald is a detective with the Scottsburg Police Department. Votes cast totaled 2,632 for Sgt. Goodin versus 651 for Sgt. Herald.

Other battles on the Democrat primary slate included current District 2 County Councilman Albert “Ab” Watts and newcomer Kershawna Kay Romans. Watts won handily, earning 519 votes or 84% as compared with Romans’ 100 votes for 16%.

In District 3, Jim Boswell beat Pat Bridgewater 55% to 45%. Boswell received 418 votes, while Bridgewater got 343 votes.

Being on a township board appeared to be a popular post for which to run in the Democrat primary.

Six Democrats were candidates for the three-man board in Jennings Township. Incumbent member Mahala “Haley” Baker was the top vote-getter. Baker received 565. Next was Linda Richie Spicer, who received 526 votes followed by 440 votes received by Jeremy Arnold.

Others who ran were Todd Campbell, 386 votes; Kevin Salyers, 259 votes; and Donald A. Sipe, 295 votes. Campbell and Sipe are incumbents.

Four Democrats filed for the Lexington Township board. Mike Higgins got the most votes, 225, while Debra McNeeley Conover received 196; and John Kimmick had 166 votes. They will run in November. Lea Ann Robbins Callico received 101 votes.

Democrats who were unopposed for offices in the primary and their vote totals included:

Chris A. Owens, incumbent 6th Circuit Prosecuting Attorney, 2,548 votes.

Tammy Stout Johnson, incumbent Scott County Auditor, 2,329 votes.

John C. Lizenby, District 3 County Commissioner, 2,566 votes.

Donnie Richie, incumbent District 1 County Councilman, 709 votes.

Raymond W. Jones, District 4 County Council, 613 votes.

Shawn Hurt, 101 votes, and John M. Robbins Jr., 128 votes, for the three-person Finley Township board.

Virgil Johnson, incumbent Jennings Township Trustee, 764 votes.

Robbie Combs, Johnson Township Trustee, 274 votes.

Lonnie Joe Combs, 226 votes, Glenda Buckner, 206 votes, and Linda Smith, 201 votes, all candidates for the Johnson Township board.

Danny Basham, 298 votes, incumbent Lexington Township Trustee.

Marsha Miller-Smith, 923 votes, Vienna Township Trustee.

Rosie Alsup, 744 votes; Mark Hays, 722 votes; and Sam H. LaMaster, 641 votes, all candidates for the Vienna Township board.

The only Democrat precinct race was between incumbent Chaffee R. Miles and challenger Guy M. Townsend. Miles won 94 votes to Townsend’s 55 or 63% to 37%.

On the Republican primary ticket, Rick Julian won the party’s nomination for its Scott County Sheriff candidacy this fall. He received 55 more votes than did Deputy Jac Sanders, a margin of 52% to 48%. Votes totals were 650 to 595. That means Julian will be facing Sgt. Goodin in the November campaign.

Greg Prince won the right to run against Democrat John Lizenby this fall by beating out two Republican opponents in the District 3 Commissioner race. Prince beat current County Councilman Eric Gillespie and challenger John A. English 47% to Gillespie’s 33% and English’s 20%. Vote totals were 613, 433 and 267.

Two political newcomers running for the District 3 County Council seat were Rachael Hardin and Jeremy McDaniel. Hardin beat McDaniel 267 votes to 137 votes or 67% to 33%. Her fall opponent is Jim Boswell.

Republicans who were unopposed in the May 8 primary included:

Diana Cozart, incumbent Scott County Assessor, 1,078 votes.

Justin Cheatham, District 1 County Council, 131 votes. His fall opponent is Donnie Richie.

Chris Albertson, incumbent District 4 County Council, 301 votes. Raymond Jones is his fall opponent.

Misty Brunner, incumbent Finley Township Trustee, 120 votes.

Jim Cozart, incumbent member of the Finley Township board, 121 votes.

Joe Guarneri, Jennings Township board, 176 votes. Guarneri will be running for one of three board seats in November, and there are three Democrats who are candidates.

Aaron Bressler, 138 votes, and Tammy Lowe Caudill, 120 votes, Lexington Township board. Bressler and Caudill will also face a fall fight with three Democrat candidates.

Gordon Julian, incumbent Vienna Township Trustee, 542 votes. Julian has a Democrat opponent in Marsha Miller-Smith.

Scott Zellers, 453 votes; Yvonne Dowd, 354 votes; and Doug Corum, 314 votes. Again, three Democrats will fight them in the General Election.