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Wednesday, 08 April 2009 00:00
    The grand opening and dedication of the new Salem-Washington Township Fire Station 2 was held on Friday, April 3 and is now open and equipped to serve the community.
    “We have needed this for some time and I am pround the communioty has come together to make it possible.” stated Fire chief, Roger Pennington.
    “We now can respond to the South and Eastern part of the county in more effecent manner and time if needed. This is a practical solution and meets all of our criteria and was very cost effective, using no tax payers money.” said Pennington.
    According to Pennington  the new building needed to have a simple design, easy access to Main Street, in a location for furture expansion if needed and be competley paid for and this building fits all of our needs.
    Many fire fighters live on this side of the county and having this building in this location would save valuable time.
Along with the Fire Department, the hospial has became invloved and a new ablulance will also be stored at this location, again ready to serve the community in a time of need.
    “We can combine and talents and skills to service the community” said Pennington.
    Pennington went on to thank the many patrons who had their hand in making Station 2 a reality, Washington Township Board along with Trustee Bryce Robinson, City Council, City Clerk Treasuer, Pat Persinger, all County Department Heads and workers, Mayor Bower, City Electrican, Anthony Lyles, IMI for the concrete of the 40X40 building, Temple and Temple for labor and Zink Signs for the new sign outside the building.
    “Many stepped upto the plate when needed and I hope to give you the best service I can as Fire chief.” stated Pennington.
    “ This is a indication of good things to come, this is a nice basic building that serves the purpose. I am very proud of the job Roger did to make this a relaity.” stated Mayor Bower.
    During the dedication ceremony County Historian, Harry Baker presented a run down of the History if the Salem-Washingotn Towmship Fire Department.
    According to Baker, the Fire Department was formed in 1832,  with 42 volunteers, and serving the community with fire protection for 177 years.
    The first fire house that was built was on the east side of the Courthouse lawn with a cistern dug in the North East corner of the square.  In 1934 the fire department siren was replaced by a bell to notify the department members.
In 1937 they purchased the fire truck that is still with the department today. “Many children have rode in this truck which is very interesting to all.” stated Baker.
    Also according to Baker this was not the first Station 2 that had been built, unsure of the year, the station did not last very long due to a room issue.
    “With Washington Township Byrce Robinson playing an important role in this project, he was on the 1976 Fire Department Rooster as a volunteer. He is well versed about knowing the Fire Department.” stated Baker.
    The new Fire Station 2 will be an unmanned facility but will have all equipment needed to assist in an emergency.
    The station is located  at the intersection of Joseph Street and Imperial Drive.
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