Would-be robber foiled in late night DGS robbery attempt PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marty Randall   
Friday, 09 February 2018 15:36



A clerk and a store’s security system foiled a robbery attempt at a Dollar General Store on Monday night, January 29.

The store is located on U.S. Highway 31 North (North Gardner Street). When Scottsburg police were alerted to the situation, patrolmen James Vires and Greg Green rushed to the scene. Ptl. Green arrived first and began getting a description of the suspect from store personnel. Ptl. Vires heard via his patrol car’s radio that the suspect had left on foot headed north.

He continued past the store and then turned around. When he did so, he said he saw a vehicle in a small alley near the old Temple and Temple Construction building. The car continued out of the alley and onto U.S. 31, going north. Ptl. Vires followed, stopping the gray Buick at the entrance to the Knights of Columbus Hall.

Talking to the driver, he learned the man was Jacob W. Robak, 38, Madison. Deputy Josh Watterson arrived to assist, putting handcuffs on Robak after the officers learned he was a Habitual Traffic Violator and should not have been driving. Robak was taken to the Scott County Security Center by Deputy Watterson.

A cursory search of the vehicle prior to its impoundment revealed a knife near the driver’s seat as well as a white shirt, a dark-colored shirt and a gray sweatshirt.

Store personnel had described the man as having a white shirt on his head, a darker shirt wrapped around his face and wearing a gray sweatshirt, sweat pants and boots.

When the man approached the cashier, she said he demanded money. The clerk told him the register system would not allow entry unless a transaction took place. She told Ptl. Green that the man then pulled out a knife and threatened her, saying he wanted money.

Once again the woman told him it would be impossible to override the system. She said he then stated, “Well, okay, I will be back.” He left the store headed north on foot, she said.

The prompt response of the police as well as Ptl. Vires’ spotting the nearby car played a part in quickly finding the suspect.

After seeing the store’s surveillance video of the incident and noting the suspect’s clothing, Ptl. Vires and Green went to the local jail to talk with Robak.

In that interview, the probable cause affidavit related that Robak confessed to being the would-be robber. He allegedly said he “…didn’t have enough money to get home…” and that he approached the store several times before going in. He also reportedly stated that he selected the store because he “…didn’t want it to be a big deal…” and that the knife opened accidentally.

Robak was in Scott Circuit Court on Thursday morning, February 1, for an initial hearing on his charges of Level 3 felony attempted robbery, Level 5 felony intimidation and Level 6 felony operating a vehicle as a Habitual Traffic Violator.

His bail in the case was set at $75,000 corporate surety bond or $7,500 cash, and the initial trial date Robak was given is April 23.

He has requested that a public defender be assigned to his case.