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Wednesday, 13 December 2017 11:36

Harrison County Prosecutor recently announced on one of his social media pages that it was a “Bad morning for drug dealers in Harrison County!”

Schalk’s statement was related to a year-long investigation by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department that resulted in 25 drug dealing warrants being issued.

The morning of the announcement several defendants had already been apprehended.

Over the weekend a number of others were apprehended.

The following is a list of those who were arrested as part of the roundup:

Tina Dean, 52

Bryan Salazar-Carrillo, 22

Erick Luczak, 33

Samantha Bogard, 23

Tylor Pullen, 19

Lyndal Woosley Jr., 32

Bobbie Cross, 39

Forest Nichols, 22

Lauren Woosley, 28

Amber Lacy, 24

Elizabeth Cochran, 37

Rickey Bowman-Pigg, 22

There are several outstanding warrants for additional people associated with the round-up. .

Schalk said he plans to continue to crack down.

“If you’re dealing drugs in Harrison County, you have two choices: move away or go to prison,” he said.