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Thursday, 19 March 2009 00:00
    John Dablow was named Head Varsity football coach at the recent East Washington School Board meeting held on Tuesday, March 10.
    Dablow is currently in his third year of teaching at Eastern High and is currently track coach.  Dablow graduated from New Albany High School in 1994 and graduated from Hanover College  in 1998. While in high school he played football for the Bulldogs and also played for Hanover College.  After graduating from Hanover he began teaching at Southport Middle School and them moved to Perry Meridian High School near Indianapolis.
    While at Southport he was assistant football coach for middle school students and while at Perry Meridian he became assistant varsity coach along with assistant track coach.
    “This is a lifelong dream to be a head coach. I thought it would be a unique opportunity that other coaches do not get with early stages of a program, being here is very fortunate.” stated Dablow.
    “I was an assistant under Coach Robertson and he did a lot of great things for this program and kept the kids going, I want to keep us going in the right direction.”
    The Football program started at Eastern two years ago and the number of participants are in the mid 30's, Dablow's number one priority is to increase participants as the football program continues to grow, starting in elementary and continuing through middle school up to high.
    “We need to make in fun and this will help the numbers add up, make it exciting for the community to come out and be proud of the team. The community has been very supportive the past two years and I hope they will continue.” stated Dablow.
    When Dablow was asked what his main goal would be, he stated “I want to teach sound football fundamentals, see the kids improve week to week.”
    “I am not worried about winning, we just want to compete, be competitive, the wins will eventually come. Our conference is very tough. If we can compete with those teams we will be in great shape.” “Salem and West Washington has set the bar very high for the county and we hope to join them in time.”
One of the biggest assets of the team is the experience, the team  has experienced Friday nights and know what to expect on game day and in practice.
    Coach Dablow is looking forward to the opportunity that Eastern has given him. He plans to work real hard to get in on the right track.
    “The school and the facility is  great to work with, now the pieces are starting to fall into place to to make successful football at Eastern.” said Dablow.
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