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Thursday, 19 March 2009 00:00
    In the early morning hours of March 14 Charlestown Officer Sgt. Richard Wagner assisted the Clark County Sheriff’s Department on a disturbance call in the 7600 block of High Jackson Road in Charlestown.  Upon officers arrival 30 year-old Matthew G. Tilford took off running on foot into the darkness towards the rear of the home and could not be located.  
    Clark County Sheriff’s Deputies determined that Tilford had allegedly made statements to family members that he wanted to conduct harm to himself.  
    Approximately three hours later, at 3:17 a.m., Sgt. Wagner was on routine patrol when he discovered the main entrance gate to the Drive-It-Auto, located at 10509 State Road 62 in Charlestown, appeared to have extensive damage to it. Sgt. Wagner turned around to investigate when he observed Tilford placing an item that was later identified as a circular saw into the front seat of a green colored Nissan passenger car.  
    Sgt. Wagner detained Tilford as well as the driver of the Nissan who was identified as 25 year-old Joshua Brown of Lexington, Kentucky.
    A short time later Charlestown Officer Maj. Keith McDonald arrived to assist.  
    Both Wagner and McDonald noticed that the damage to the gate was consistent with an auto being driven from the inside of the car lot out and in the direction of Highway 62.  
    Officers discovered a second car, a maroon colored Mazda passenger car that was parked near the front gate that had fresh damage to it that was consistent with the damage to the entrance gate. Officers also discovered that the office to the business had fresh damage to the door and that entry had been made.  Officers McDonald and Wagner searched the business and did not locate anyone else inside.
    During the officers search they observed obvious signs of a burglary to the business and damage to the office safe.  
    Officers called Charlestown Police Det. Chuck Ledbetter to process the scene for evidence. Police made contact with the business owner as well as the registered owner of the Mazda and determined that the Mazda had been dropped off by the owner recently to be serviced and that the car was parked inside the car lot. The business owner also identified the circular saw that Police believe Tilford placed into Brown’s car also belonged to the business.  
    Armed with several key pieces of evidence found at the scene and on Tilford; officers McDonald and Wagner questioned both Tilford and Brown and established enough probable cause to believe that Tilford had broken into the business earlier in the night prior to Brown’s arrival and had inadvertently located the set of keys belonging to the Mazda. Officers believe that Tilford had stolen the Mazda by driving it through the entrance gate before eventually returning to his residence on High Jackson Road.
    Once at the residence Tilford asked Brown to follow him in the Nissan so that he could drop off the Mazda and get a ride back to his residence.  
    Police matched the evidence located at the scene with statements provided to Police from both Brown and Tilford as well as supporting statements to Police from two relatives at the Tilford home and do not think at this time that Brown had any knowledge that Tilford had committed any crimes or where he was ultimately following Tilford when he was asked.  
    “At this time Josh’s statements were corroborated with witness statements at the Tilford home, and Tilford himself, that Josh Brown didn’t come to the business to commit any crimes,” McDonald said. “This was supported by the evidence collected, and the way Josh Brown was dressed when Police came in contact with him.”
    McDonald added, “Therefore, we believe Brown’s story that he was asleep at the Tilford home when he was awakened by Matt to have him follow him and that Mr. Tilford didn’t provide Josh with any information except that he was dropping off a car,” McDonald said.  “At this time we believe Josh’s story that he assumed he was following Tilford to one of his friend’s residences to drop off a friend’s car and when Sgt. Wagner arrived and Tilford placed the saw in Josh’s car, he (Josh), was at the wrong place at the wrong time.” McDonald concluded.
    Police arrested Matthew Tilford for two counts of C-Felony Burglary, two counts of A-Misdemeanor Criminal Trespassing, one count of D-Felony Auto Theft, one count of D-Felony Theft, one count of A-Misdemeanor Criminal Mischief, and one count of B-Misdemeanor Leaving the Scene of an Accident.
    Tilford was later booked into the Michael L. Becher Correctional Facility.  
    Police also arrested Joshua Brown after evidence and probable cause revealed that he was intoxicated when he operated a vehicle at a blood alcohol content of .11%.  Brown was arrested and charged with A-Misdemeanor Operation of a Vehicle While Intoxicated Endangering A Person, C-Misdemeanor Operation of a Vehicle While Intoxicated, and C-Misdemeanor Operation of a Vehicle with .08 but less than .15% gram of alcohol in breath.  
    Brown was also transported to the Michael L. Becher Correctional Facility.
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