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Thursday, 19 March 2009 00:00
    Dale “Mad Dog” Messmer, medically/honorably discharged United States Marine, former mercenary, bounty hunter, body guard, pilot, stuntman, Screen Actor’s Guild member, actor, and ex-convict will be the guest speaker at various locations the week of March 30- April 3.
    Messmer will be speaking to students at Jeffersonville High School on Monday, March 30 and then he will speak to juveniles at the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center that evening. He will speak to students at Silver Creek High School on Tuesday, then will be at Henryville High School on Wednesday before speaking to students at Borden High School on Thursday. He will conclude the week at New Washington High School on Friday. A special parent meeting where Messmer will be the featured speaker will be held in the Group Presentation Room at Henryville High School on Thursday evening, April 1. Any interested parent or adult is invited and encouraged to attend the special meeting.
    During his presentations he will be speaking to students, staff and guests about a subject that he is very familiar with "Choices." He made some bad ones.       Messmer spent over a decade in prisons in four states after having been convicted of a laundry list of crimes ranging from drug smuggling and distribution of cocaine to possession of automatic weapons and explosives, as well as money laundering and The Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization (R.I.C.O.) Act.  
    “Mad Dog” was raised in Wichita and graduated from Campus High School, attended college in central Kansas and entered The U.S. Marine Corps. After an honorable military career, which was abbreviated by physical injuries and resulted in an early medical discharge, Messmer involved himself in various legitimate business enterprises which eventually lead him to smuggling drugs in his own aircraft for the infamous Pablo Escobar Cocaine Cartel.  
    When arrested he jumped bail and vanished for over a year, until he came back on his own and turned himself in to the authorities. He served 10 years, eight months and eleven days in prison before being paroled in November 1994.
    After his release from prison, “Mad Dog” founded The Straight Talk Outreach Program (S.T.O.P.).  He has taken his message to over 1,000,000 young people in over 1,500 schools and youth oriented organizations across the country in the last 14 years, in hopes of giving them an example of what not to choose in life, so they won’t have to learn about the dangers of drugs, gangs, violence, prison and death the hard way.   
    His message works! The kids do listen to him, because he has ‘been there’, and he speaks to them from personal experience.
    Messmer’s Straight Talk Outreach Program has garnered the endorsement and support of a multitude of law enforcement agencies, juvenile courts and educational systems across the country, with former Arkansas Governor (and Presidential Candidate) Mike Huckabee, The Arkansas Crime Prevention Association, The Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association to name a few from his adopted ‘home state’.  He has returned from California, in July of 2000, where he spoke in over 600 schools and youth oriented organizations and garnered the accolades of The United States Congress, The California State Legislature, The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, The Los Angeles Police Commission, The Los Angeles Police Department (Juvenile Impact Program “Gangbusters”), The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (VIDA Program), The Ventura County School Board, The California Police Athletic League and a number of others.  
    Mad Dog is a regular on The Maury Povich Show, taking "at risk teens" to the Boot Camp in Oswego, Kansas (Labette County Correctional Facility). He is a member of The Screen Actor's Guild and has appeared in numerous programs, and now lives in southwest Missouri near Branson, where he is the co-founder of America’s Youth Ranch and travels the United States speaking to kids.
    Mad Dog is an ex-con telling the kids ‘like it is’, straight from the shoulder, no holds barred and answering any questions they may have after his presentations. His aim is to save young people from the dangers of drugs, gangs and violence and the harsh and brutal realities of life behind bars for a young person who might make a choice that would eventually put them there. His presentation is powerful and riveting, and it gets results, earning the respect of the kids along the way.  
    School administrators have said many times, ”He holds the attention of the kids better than anyone or anything we have ever had in our school.”  S.T.O.P. works and it saves the kids who listen.”
    He doesn’t have to do what he does. It was not part of his parole, or any other court conditions. He does it simply because he feels that it desperately needs to be done, for the good of all communities and for the future of the young people of America.  
    For more information see: www.MAD-DOG.ORG.
    Anyone who wishes to attend is more than welcome. His presentations are not just for students, but for parents, adults and anyone who wishes to come hear a dose of reality.  
    Messmer will also be available to come speak to any local church youth group. He will be available on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
    Please contact Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy and Henryville School Resource Officer Joe Waters at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Waters at 502-489-4272about attending or scheduling a visit from Messmer for your youth group.
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