Friday Night on the Square kicks off Old Settlers’ Days PDF Print E-mail

It’s time once again for the annual Old Settlers’ Days Festival in Salem.


This year’s event will get kicked off with the Chamber of Commerce’s Friday Night on the Square. The chamber will host their annual dunking booth.

The following is a schedule of those who will take a turn in the booth:

6-6:30-Steve Miller from KMB Insurance

6:30-7-Courtney Stahl from PNC Bank

7-7:30- Dana Muntz from St. Vincent Salem

7:30-8-Angie Wilson, “Queen of Taxes” from Angie Wilson Professional Services, LLC

8-8:30- Eric Zink from Hoosier Uplands

8:30-9- Nick Weymouth from Turtlefish Clothing

Then OSD gets in full swing Saturday morning.

The following is a list of events and locations for this year’s festival:

Saturday, Sept. 16

10:00 Opening Ceremonies (Flagpole)

11:00 Corydon Dulcimers (Depot Auditorium)

12:00 Hell’s Half Acre (Village Courtyard)

12:30 Abraham Lincoln (Depot Platform)

1:00 Six Guns Entertainment (Village Courtyard)

1:30 Hoot Von Woot (Depot Platform)

2:30 Six Guns Entertainment (Village Courtyard)

3:00 Hell’s Half Acre (Village Courtyard)

3:30 Abraham Lincoln (Depot Platform)

4:00 Sharin’ Grace (Depot Platform)

5:00 Six Guns Entertainment (Village Courtyard)

Sunday, Sept. 17

8:00 Church Service with Jeff Wells (Village Church)

12:00 Opening Ceremonies (Flagpole)

12:30 Six Guns Entertainment (Village Courtyard)

1:00 Hell’s Half Acre (Village Courtyard)

1:30 Abraham Lincoln (Schoolhouse)

1:30 Capstone (Depot Platform)

2:00 Hoot Von Woot (Depot Auditorium)

2:30 Six Guns Entertainment (Village Courtyard)

3:00 Bradie Shrum Chime Choir (Depot Platform)

3:30 Hell’s Half Acre (Village Courtyard)

3:30 Abraham Lincoln (Schoolhouse)

4:00 Six Guns Entertainment (Village Courtyard)

Washington County Actors Community Theater will present a walk through Crown Hill Cemetery from 9:30-11p on both nights.

Donations are accepted.

There will be familiar characters as well as new ones on the walk.