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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 09:05

By Amy Velasco
Special Correspondent

Charlestown High School (CHS) welcomes seven new teachers this year. Samantha Greer, Jessica Sarver, Joshua Whicker, Marc McMullen, Meredith Lucas, Eric Metcalfe and Charlie Fraley have all come to teach students and work with them every step of the way. They are all experienced with teaching and have taught at many different schools. Now they are at Charlestown to help out and be a Pirate.

Samantha Greer is a math teacher and this is her second year teaching at CHS where last year she filled a temporary position through the second semester. She was teaching at Hazelwood for the first semester and then decided to come teach at CHS for the rest of the year. She had completed her student teaching at Charlestown and really enjoyed it. So she decided to come back, and she plans on bringing her personality and her love of life to CHS.

Jessica Sarver has been teaching for five years now, and she’s the new College and Career Readiness Coordinator. When this position opened, she decided to apply because she once worked at Indiana University Southeast, (IUS) and she thought, since she had college teaching experience, she could come here and help out with college and career readiness initiative. She plans on working more with classroom teachers on getting students college and career ready.

Teaching for 18 years, Joshua Whicker has come to CHS to be a government/econ teacher. He says he heard CHS was a good place to teach, and he decided to teach this subject because he enjoys history. His goals for Charlestown is to bring professional attitude towards teaching and getting involved in extracurricular activities. Whicker says, “So far, it’s a great place to teach!”

Charlestown’s new Freshman Academy Math Teacher, Marc McMullen, has come to help out students. He taught at Henryville Junior/Senior High for three years, but decided to come to Charlestown because he grew up in the community, and he did his student teaching here. McMullen says he is enjoying CHS so far, and he plans on bringing good energy and positive attitudes towards CHS.

Meredith Lucas is teaching Special Education at Charlestown, and she has been teaching for 17 years. She says she missed working with students and being in a classroom, which is why she moved from administration level back into the classroom. She never had a high school experience, so she came to CHS to get one. She wants to bring positive outlooks for students and their learning.

Eric Metcalfe has been teaching for 24 years. He taught 19 years at Jeffersonville High School and 4 years in North Carolina. He’s teaching Geometry and was encouraged to join the CHS staff by a couple of fellow teacher friends. He has gotten his principal license as well. He plans to bring energy, fun to math, and produce spirit for CHS.

Charlie Fraley is the Freshman Academy English Teacher. She has taught at Austin High School for 16 years. During those years, she taught as a Sophomore English Teacher and a media specialist. She came to CHS because she heard it has an incredible reputation and that it’s small enough for a “family” atmosphere but large enough to offer opportunities in athletics and academics. She says “Charlestown is the hidden treasure of Southern Indiana High Schools.” She also says that the staff and administration is supportive and open. Her goals for this school are raising test scores, because she believes that every student will pass with 100 percent and she plans to never give up. Fraley concluded, “I feel like a Pirate and the bottom line is… I look better in blue.”