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Wednesday, 30 August 2017 07:56

By Josh Suiter
Special Correspondent

New Albany-Floyd County School Board member Lee Ann Wiseheart asked for the Approval of Claims to be removed from the consent agenda at the board’s August 14 meeting and be voted on separately.

Her reasoning was to make comments about the marketing company they use.

Wiseheart said “When Dr. Bruce Hibbard (the district’s former Superintendent) came to the corporation, I was in my final year of my first term and he did the large expenditure reduction. Part of that expenditure reduction was eliminate the marketing director position… and it was about a $55-$60,000 salary.”

Wiseheart said the board has been working with Snyder and “started asking questions and in the midst of this, I have come to realize in the claim docket that we paid one vendor $34,842 this month and of that $34,000 for this month only $7,000 of that was for what I would call a legitimate expenditure and that was for the ADA compliance of our website,”

“Dr. Snyder, also told us that in the $34,000 that we approved tonight was divided up on different entities. The Superintendent ordered something, the Deputy Superintendent ordered something and it appears as though the vendor is doing a lot of stuff and we have not controlled it,” she said.

“I have convictions as a board member and after looking at the numbers, it is appalling. From July 1 of last year to June 30 of this year, we have spent $129,000 to one vendor and eliminated a $60,000 position to save money. It is absurd and the things we are spending money on has no measurable data. One of which is the billboards. No one can tell us if it is drawing people in or not. Our overall enrollment is down so these marketing endeavors we have gotten into we have no measurable data to say they have succeeded or failed. So to me it is not a responsible way to spend money,” she added.

The board plans to discuss the issue at a future meeting, but did approve the claims by a vote of 7-0.

The board is also inviting the public to speak during their August 28 meeting at 6 p.m. about what they are looking for in a Superintendent as the board works to replace Hibbard.