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Written by Marty Randall   
Friday, 07 July 2017 15:54




With the contestants in their best outfits and with their winning smiles, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the 2017 Little Miss and Little Master of Scott County competition this Sunday evening, July 9, at 6 p.m.?

Five young men and 13 of the cutest little girls are entered in this year’s competition. The event is part of the 2017 Scott County Fair and is being held at McClain Hall, located on the north end of Scottsburg High School. The venue is air-conditioned and ADA-approved. Tickets for the Little Miss and Little Master competition and the 2017 Miss Scott County Fair Queen Pageant will be available at the doors, which will open to the public at 5:30 p.m.

Members of the Pilot Club of Scott County organize this and the Queen pageant for the enjoyment of the fair-going public.

So, who’s in the Little Master portion of the program? Here’s who:

Bennett Atkinson, 4, son of Tyler and Courtney Atkinson of Lexington.

Bennett attends Elevation Church and he’ll be in the preschool program this August at Austin Elementary School. He enjoys playing basketball and t-ball as well as playing with and swimming with his little brother and cousins. He is also a connoisseur of both dinosaurs and sharks.

Zachariah Brickley, 5, is the son of Zach and Tisha Brickley of Scottsburg.

A budding expert in sign language, Zechariah has autism and is a student at Cornerstone Autism Center in Edinburgh. He has played t-ball and soccer but he dearly loves basketball. He also enjoys learning all he can about space, planets and stars, and his favorite is Jupiter. He’s a hands-on guy, too, and helps his dad work on cars. His favorite place to go is the Harley Davidson Motorcycle store next to his school. He’d like to be a farmer some day.

T.J. Combs, 5, is the son of Sable and Derek Eldridge of Austin and the late Tyler Combs.

Some of T.J.’s favorite activities include playing baseball and golf, swimming and riding his bike, but he also likes to play cops and super heroes with little brother Ryker and play on the family swing set with his sisters. He loves to sing “Jesus Loves Me” in church, to fish and be with his family. On trips to Tennessee, he likes to ride go-karts, but he also loves to visit the ocean and play on the sandy beach.

Wyatt English, 4, is the son of John and Teresa English of Scottsburg.

Wyatt attends Scottsburg Christian Preschool and is also involved with activities in kids’ church at New Bethel. He likes to sing and dance. He is a very good big brother to brother Cruise and sister Layla. He has Cecil the dog as a buddy as well as two cats, Gru and Lucy, and around 20 chickens. Family movie night with popcorn and ice cream is his favorite activity. He loves Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles.

Preston Odegaard, 5, is the son of Kenny and Leigh Ann Odegaard of Scottsburg.

Preston loves any activity tied with the Army and policing. He has a collection of Hot Wheels and a lot of those vehicles reflect his interests in those careers. He likes to take rides on his Farmall C tractor and dress up in his Army attire, and he played Pee Wee league ball this spring. He loves to watch cartoons, too, and likes them all, even old ones like “Tom and Jerry.”

Little girls in the 2017 Little Miss competition include:

Alyssa Anderson, 6, is the daughter of Chris Anderson of Scottsburg and the late Tosha Henderson.

A lively little girl, Alyssa has a cat named A.J., and she enjoys a lot of activities, such as baking. dancing and swimming. She attends the first Baptist Church of Scottsburg and just finished first grade at Scottsburg Elementary School, where she made very good grades. She is also very creative and enjoys drawing and coloring.

Maebree Lynn Brooks, 4, is the daughter of Joe and Maegan Brooks of Scottsburg.

Maebree’s special interests are watching “Scooby Doo” and drawing or coloring. She wants to be the best at everything she tries. She loves all animals and bugs; ants and slugs are her favorites. She has two dogs, Kushy and Kiefa. Maebree loves to dance and sing, too.

Maceigh Campbell, 5, is the daughter of Ryan Campbell and Ashlee Campbell of Scottsburg.

Maceigh attends the First Christian Church Daycare right now, but this August, she will be attending Vienna-Finley Elementary as a new kindergartner. She loves to dress up in her Princess costumes and also loves her Owlet costume from her favorite cartoon. Maceigh is very excited that her cat Miracle is expecting kittens. She dances at the Lisa Morgan Dance Studio, loves to sing and really likes to go for a ride in her Cinderella carriage and smile and wave at the neighbors. She has an older brother Aiden.

Addie Laine Cohn, 5, is the daughter of Jacklyn Colwell of Scottsburg.

Addie enjoys arts and crafts, riding her bike and helping her Poppie on the farm. She also loves helping her little cousin Jackson. Addie is involved in dance and t-ball. She attends Elevation Church. She had many farm animals to tend, including a duck, cat, fish, two pugs and a bloodhound.

Kady Hall, 5, is the daughter of Jarred and Lindsey Hall of Scottsburg.

A pretty good swimmer, she enjoys playing in the pool with older brother Trevor and nearly any activity that leads to her playing outside. She has two dogs named Sarge and Captain. Her favorite summer activity is visiting Florida with her family, and enjoying the ocean and beach.

Ava Grace Herald, 4, is the daughter of Rex and Amanda Herald of Scottsburg.

Ava wants to be an artist when she grows up. She loves to watch shows on the family Ipad, swim and do nearly every art and craft imaginable. She loves the movies “Sing” and “Aristocats,” from which she has memorized one of its songs, and does a fair imitation of Taylor Swift singing “Shake It Off.” Ava has five cats, Sunny, Callie, Oreo, Bear and Pretty. She is a student at Grace Covenant Church of God Preschool. Her older brother is Bryar.

Lucy Alayna Marcelle, 5, is the daughter of Lisa Davis and David Allan Marcelle of Lexington.

Lucy is a swimmer. She also plays with her friends at the park. She has three grown sisters and a grown brother. She enjoys the company of three dogs, Nookers, Jorja and Pete and her pony Elsa. Lucy likes to sing and dance with her dance class. She also plays t-ball.

Addison McIlquham, 6, is the daughter of Ande and Ashley McIlquham of Austin.

A very good reader, Addison loves a good book. She also enjoys camping and fishing, swimming, singing and playing with the family dog Scrappy. She likes to play basketball and softball and perform cheers. She is active in the family’s church and its Club Jam for children. Playing with her sisters, painting, coloring and just being with her family fills Addison’s world.

Autumn Marie Mechuta, 6, is the daughter of Jennifer Mechuta and Darren Mechuta of Lexington.

Autumn will be a first grader at Austin Elementary this August and is pretty excited about school starting again. She loves to play outside and go swimming with her little brother. Cookouts with her family are favorite times. Miss Autumn also loves to shop and buy make-up and high heels. Her favorite colors are gold and pink. She also enjoys playing with her stuffed animal Peanut and her dog Hushpuppy. Autumn would like to be a makeup artist when she grows up. For now, she practices on her mommy and mamaw.

Carlie Nichols, 5, is the daughter of Brandon and Cara Nichols of Scottsburg.

Carlie loves to color and do craft projects and sing songs. One of her favorites is “Grand Old Flag.” She also likes to help her daddy work in the garden, mow and plant flowers. She attends classes at Lisa’s Dance Studio and played t-ball this year at Lexington. Carlie has four pets, Luther the cat, Burton and Shelby the dogs and Piggy, a guinea pig.

Brooklyn Robinson, 6, is the daughter of Justin and Staci Robinson of Deputy.

Brooklyn loves to swim and fish. Attending Bible study and cheerleading are two of her favorite activities. Give Brooklyn a country song and she’ll sing it because she loves country music. Spending time with her friends is what she likes to do. Brooklyn is a student at Johnson Elementary. She has a cat named Tigar.

Marley Mykal Sebastian, 5, is the daughter of Vanessa Tillett and Ben Sebastian of Scottsburg.

Marley likes to go shopping, put on makeup, dance and tumble. She has a German shepherd named Leo and a Yorkie named Noah. With those two, she enjoys playing fetch. Marley is accomplished at karaoke and loves to go to LeRoy’s on Friday nights with her mawmaw to sing. Arts and crafts, school recess and t-ball are some of her favorite activities. Marley is very excited about entering kindergarten this August and she plans to enroll in gymnastics and dance classes soon. She’d like to be a tumbler, cheerleader, gymnast, dancer and hair stylist as well as a “spy girl” when she grows up.

Zeva Raelin Vaughn, 4, is the daughter of Ben and Denise Vaughn of Lexington.

Zeva loves to play “kitchen with her dad and loves being outside on her four-wheeler which she has named Molly. She has a dog named Puddin, Buddy the fish and four chickens named Maggie, Maggie, Lizzy and Lizzy. Zeva attends First Christian Preschool and takes piano lessons. She loves to play dress-up and pretend and dancing with Daddy, and she is the unofficial cheerleader for the Scott County Special Olympics team. her favorite color is pink. Zeva would like to be a doctor when she grows up.

Charlee Lynne Watson, 4, is the daughter of Dan and Holly Watson of Scottsburg.

Charlee loves to play with her sisters Savannah and Raleigh. During the summer, she really enjoys the family trips to Dale Hollow Lake where they boat and swim. Charlee loves the family’s toy poodle Hannah. She attends First Christian Preschool and enjoys what she learns there. She has also played basketball and soccer at the Scott County Family YMCA, and she loves the dancing classes at Lisa’s Dance Studio.