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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 11:27

When Crystal Davis found her first painted rock in Louisville, it brought a smile to her face when she desperately needed one. She and her fiance, Rowan Brough, decided to bring the game back to Salem, to bring some smiles to the residents of their hometown.

The two of them found their first rock in a baggie with a piece of paper that read “#LouisvilleRocks.” They looked up the hashtag and posted a picture of the rock in the Louisville Rocks Facebook group, with a promise to re-hide it another time. A few weeks later, when Crystal’s grandfather passed away in a hospital in Louisville, they looked down and saw the rock in the car.

“Rowan said, ‘Come on, let’s walk and hide the rock right now,’ so we did,” said Crystal. “It made us both smile, which we both really needed at the time, to hide that rock knowing someone else would find it and be just as happy as we were when we first found it ourselves. So at the moment we came up with the idea to start our own group in Salem and see how it went.”

Nearly three months later, the Facebook group @SalemIndianaRocks has over 2,000 members, and Crystal estimates that at least half have participated in hiding and finding rocks.

To get in on the game, participants only need to grab a rock and paint it in any way they choose, as long as it’s family friendly. The rocks can then be hidden anywhere you’d like. When you find a rock, post a picture to @SalemIndianaRocks and then re-hide it for someone else to find.

The game is popular around the country, and it has continued to gain popularity in Salem and surrounding areas throughout the summer months.

“I think people enjoy it because it gets them together as a family: painting, going outside, the exercise,” said Crystal. “And then the pure joy and excitement you feel when you find a rock or see yours has been found is such a great feeling!”

According to Crystal, rock hunting is also able to take the focus off of all the negative in the world and allow people to focus on the positive and just have fun.

Many rock-hunting participants have echoed her sentiment.

“We love rock painting and hunting!” said Holly Shields-McDonald. “Everyone in our household can participate, from the oldest to the youngest. Plus, it is a great way to get a little outside exercise time!”

Many also say that rock hunting is a great way to get exercise while having fun at the same time.

“This is very exciting for the kids and grandkids,” said Peggy Cozart. “We’re all getting exercise and sunshine and no one complains about it.”