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Wednesday, 21 January 2009 00:00
??    The 2,233,064 HVAC project at Bradie Shrum Upper Elementary was approved and plans for the project to start at the end of this school year and be completed before the start of the 2009/2010 school year begins at the recent Salem Community School Board meeting held on Monday, January 12.
    Representatives of the HVAC project presented to the board their recommendation of awarding Performance Services the project.
    “I was surprised and disappointed we only received one bid. Our office called every company registered with us and sent requests to six of them and only received one back. But I am pleased with Performance Services. The company are highly rated and highly regarded form and we have worked with them in 10-15 projects. They are a first class contractor.” stated Tom Durkin, Representative.
    The complete project will include the following:
    New heating and cooling units in the cafeteria, corridors, office, classroom and nurses center; ceiling lights throughout; upgrade temperature control system, ducting all units, better filtration, noise control and fresh air control. Also cabinetry replaced with some refurbished with added storage space; re-insulating outside walls; occupancy sensors; energy savings lights, re-insulating chill water lines, upgrade fire alarm, system migration and leave all windows operable and tiles removed.
    The school corporation energy saving costs are expected to save $20,000 to possible $30,000 per year.
    The HVAC project will be paid out of the Capital Projects Fund in a 10 year period with the school system paying $265,000 per year.
    Jim Johnson of Drum Corp International presented Dr. Reed and  members of the school board with a letter of appreciation and plaque of the event to express their appreciation for allowing and providing housing for one of the Drum Corp groups during the Memphis Sound held August 5-9.
    Johnson gave a special thank you to Principal Ralston, Jeff Blackwell and Custodian, Joe England.
    Dr. Jackie Arnold provided an assessment of how the school district did as a whole on this past ISTEP taken in September 2008.
    According to Arnold, the district has declined in Language Arts for the past two years. She believes that decline is due to the concentration on the math section, as the school has increased four out of the last five years.
    “1,115 students in our district took the test. Our curriculum seems to be covering all areas very well. This upcoming year will be very interesting as we and the whole state will start a new test.” stated Dr. Arnold.
    Mr. King, Transportation Director, stated to the board that it would be in the best interest of the school system to stay with the centralized purchasing agreement for school bus purchases for 2009.
    Assistance Superintendent, Kim Thurston gave his financial report, stating the corporation only received about 40 percent of anticipated funds collected in 2008. The total general fund revenue was $46,000 less in 2008 than in 2007. All money collected from now on are to be reported on 2009, all books for 2008 are closed.
    Thurston also gave a report on the utilities cost compared from 2003 and 2008.
    In 2003 utilities costs, including electric, water, sewer and natural gas, cost the school district $290,873 in 2008 the total cost was $600,225. Diesel and gas price was $5,888 in February 2003 and $12,719.70 in November 2008. There was a 216 percent increase in the transportation fund.
    “We again are moving in the right direction even though we did not collect all we anticipated collecting.” said Thurston.
    Dr. Reed presented the board with a proposed 2009-2010 school calender with the first day of School being August 11 and last day May 25 and creating at least 4 snow make up days. No action was taken as board members will continue to look over proposed calendar.
    All minutes, claims, donations and personnel were approved.
    The next Salem School Board meeting will be Monday, February 9.
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