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Wednesday, 21 January 2009 00:00
?    At the recent East Washington School Board meeting, held on Tuesday, January 13 all minutes were approved along with vendor claims and payroll. A monthly financial; report was given to the board and checks were removed from outstanding status date September 15, 2006.
    The following personnel were approved: Tuesday Guernsey, Biology teaching position for second semester of 2008-09; Rebecca Jones to take the place of Ashley Sanders who is one medical leave and Karen Foster, elementary cafeteria.
    The following resignations were approved:
    Lori Beasley, elementary cafeteria worker, Hannah Johanningsmeier as JV girls volleyball coach and Doris Rickard, third grade teacher
    The retirement of elementary custodian Rachel Veron was approved.
    Superintendent Amick recommended the board to approve a $5,000 pay adjustment for High School interim principle position held by Mr. Bennett and $3,500 pay adjustment for the High School interim assistant principal position, held by Mrs. Goldman for the second semester of the 2008/09 school year.
    Amick also recommended to approve a $2,500 stipend for Tom Cullen, Middle School Athletic Director.
    The two recommendations were approved unanimously.
    A work session is set for January 29 to discuss issues with the administration building.
    Greg Hopkins, Transportation Director, provided information regarding possible 2004 bus purchase.
    The board approved a high school Science trip for Janelle Thixton to Chicago and a middle school trip to Clarksville.
    The Corporation will be requesting quotes for district insurance.
    President Eric Albertson asked about the sound system in the high school gym and according to Amick three quotes have been received.
    Secretary Brian Motsinger asked about bulk buying. If bulk buying items at a discount prices could be considered if all three county schools purchase from same vendor. The board will look into this possible cost saving plan.
    Due to a high school sporting event, the February School Board has been scheduled for Tuesday, February 17 at 7 p.m.
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