Alleged actions and comments by Lexington man defined as sexual battery, intimidation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marty Randall   
Wednesday, 20 July 2016 10:08

A Lexington man has found himself the defendant in two recently-filed criminal cases in Scott Superior Court.

Lonnie G. Balentine, 53, was released on June 28 on a cash bail of $1,500 after being charged with one count of sexual battery. He was then re-arrested on July 1 and appeared in the same court for an initial hearing on two counts of Level 6 felony intimidation.

In the first case, Balentine allegedly “...grabbed and kissed...” an underage teenage girl. The girl told her mother that she pushed Balentine away and ran from the man. When questioned by Deputy Joe Johnson about the supposed incident, Balentine allegedly admitted to “...building an image...,” apparently in his mind, about the girl but denied having a conversation with the child’s father about his thoughts.

At his initial hearing on the first charge, Balentine entered a preliminary plea of not guilty. His trial date was scheduled for September 22, and bail was set. He was released the same day once his bail was posted.

On June 30, Deputy Joe Guarneri was dispatched to Leroy’s Grocery and Deli in Lexington. Two women there said Balentine had made verbal threats against the child’s father. A video from a surveillance camera was used to record the incident and was played for the deputy.

Later the same day, Balentine visited a local church, demanding the return of some items he had previously given the church. Those were returned to him by the church pastor, who related that Balentine then purportedly made a statement that the girl’s father “...should watch his back because a lot of veterans carry guns.” When Deputy Guarneri and Reserve Deputy Bobby Thompson arrived at the Balentine home in Lexington, Balentine was there. The probable cause affidavit related that Balentine denied having made any threats toward the girl’s father. He was placed in custody, however, and transported to the Scott County Security Center. A handgun, five rifles and some ammunition were also taken from the residence by the officers.

At his initial hearing on the counts of intimidation, a not guilty plea was again entered for Balentine, and an initial trial date of September 22 was scheduled. Bail was again set at $15,000 by corporate surety bond or 10% cash.

As conditions of his bonds, Balentine has been ordered to stay away from the girl and her family and the local grocery store.

On Wednesday, July 6, the Prosecutor’s Office filed a motion to revoke the man’s bond posted in the earlier case. That matter has been scheduled for a hearing on August 24.