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Wednesday, 25 May 2016 06:18

Dr. Kerry Goodin, a Scott county dentist, recently returned from a six day medical-dental mission trip to Haiti.  The medical-dental team was deployed to the very remote village of Lubin in the impoverished district of Artibonite, Haiti. 

Haiti, a Creole-French speaking Caribbean country, is considered the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  The Artibonite district, visited by Dr. Goodin, has severely limited health systems, no clinics, no electricity grid, no public water system and septic waste disposal capabilities.

He and the team traveled over washed out dirt roads each day to reach the village where he saw and treated on average one person every fifteen minutes.  Most of the treatment was the removal of decayed and diseased teeth along with treatment of oral infections.

“I was so happy to use what I know to help those that do not have access to regular medical treatment” – Dr. Kerry Goodin.  All the health care, dental and medical, was free of charge to the residents that came to be seen.  Over-the-counter medicines, brought to the area by the medical team, were dispensed as deemed necessary, providing a great benefit to the people who rarely see any medication to help with ailments.

The team traveled to Haiti to assist Pastor Bossuet (Pastor Bo), who has spent quite a number of years working in Lubin to enable the area to prosper by setting up a school, improving housing, and establishing ways to improve the daily lives of those who dwell there.  Currently, other neighboring village leaders seek out Pastor Bo for guidance in raising their standard of living, and when they do, Pastor Bo shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ.