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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 00:00
?    Several Charlestown residents and city officials attended the dedication of the Bicentennial Time Capsule marker in Greenway Park on the Saturday morning after Christmas. Included were some youngsters who are much more likely to be at the unearthing in 50 years, than the individuals placing artifacts into the container then.
    The monument was created by Jeff Grayson, of Grayson’s Monument, and is positioned where the paths intersect below the falls. The artifacts are being placed in a vault buried in the ground immediately behind the marker; not within the marker itself. Chris Grayson was in attendance, on behalf of Grayson’s and commented, “I think this is just a great opportunity for the community to look forward and also look behind us; where we came from to where we’re going. And in 2058 those residents that will be here can come down and see where this community has come from in the past. The people here kind of know where we come from, but our kids and grandkids will have that opportunity and greater detail in 50 years.”
    Charlestown Mayor Bob Hall had a handful of various media, including video and photographs of 2008 and the Bicentennial events. He said copies of The Leader, as it covered the year’s events, will also be included in the vault.
    Chuck Ledbetter, Sr. and his wife, Kay, arrived with a book about St. Michael’s Catholic Parish that Chuck has just finished researching and published. St. Michael’s will be celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2010, so the timely publication is ideal for including in the time capsule. Mayor Hall was visibly pleased with the Ledbetters’ efforts and appreciated the Graysons’ contribution, as well.
    “The monument is gorgeous and will be here for the next 50 years for people to be able to look at,” Hall stated. “It’s a credit to our community and a symbol of the community spirit that we have here in Charlestown. As we put in everything we’ve done this year, from the Bicentennial through the hurricane and things that have happened; all the newspaper articles and whatnot. I’m proud of the community doing this and sending it forward to the mayor and the city council that will be here 50 years from now.”
    Both Mayor Hall and Clerk-Treasurer Donna Coomer indicated it would have been nice to have a time capsule to open from the 150th birthday events, as they were planning the Bicentennial calendar.
    Coomer also said, “I’m excited that in 50 years my grandkids and my great grandkids will be able to see part of the history of Charlestown. There’s a lot of rich history in Charlestown, and I think it’s a really exciting thing for the future and for the kids.”
    Upon viewing the marker for the first time, Charlestown Mayor  receptionist Geri Heal exclaimed, “It is awesome! Very nice! He (Grayson) did good!”
    Charlestown resident Kay Vaughn stated, “This is the perfect finish for the year. We only get to have a 200th birthday one time. I’m glad the city officials and employees and the Beautification volunteers took the time and made the effort to give the city a proper birthday bash. I hope today’s kids remember this in 50 years and do it up right then, too.”
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