Scottsburg residents' curbside leaf pick-up routes to begin on November 9 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marcus Amos   
Wednesday, 28 October 2015 14:42



Scottsburg residents wanting to get rid of those pretty autumn leaves falling on their lawns can do so starting Monday, November 9.

Residents are asked to rake leaves to the curbside and leave them in piles. Starting November 9, a street crew will be vacuuming loose leaves and trucking them away. Two trucks will start that day on the east side of Scottsburg and north of State Road 56 (McClain Avenue) and work their way north.

From Scott Memorial Hospital, the crews will work back down the west side of U.S. Highway 31 (Gardner Street), until they reach S.R. 56. From there, they will start on the south side of S.R. 56 and the west side of U.S. 31 to the Scott County Fairgrounds.

Reaching that destination, both trucks will then run together back up S.R. 56. This route will be worked two times, advised Jason Applegate, Scottsburg Superintendent of streets, sewer, sanitation and parks.

Applegate stressed that leaves must be raked to the edge of the curb because leaf crews are not allowed on private property and cannot come into yards to get them. If leaves are not at curbside, they cannot be collected.

Residents are also asked to make sure brush, limbs and trash are not co-mingled with leaves. These objects could endanger workers and cause equipment to break down.

Leaves are not to be placed in bags. Bagged leaves will not be picked up by crews.