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Wednesday, 26 November 2008 00:00
?    The Washington County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Wednesday, November 19.  All members were present except Mike Goering, who had a death in his family. The minutes of previous meetings, all claims, and payroll requests were approved unanimously.
    Mark Nantz of Knapp, Miller, Brown Insurance told the Commissioners that the premium for the county’s medical insurance program will increase in 2009 by 4.54 percent. According to Nantz this is much less than expected and can be attributed to employees submitting fewer claims and more of them opting for higher deductibles.
    John Newberry, who is responsible for the upkeep of the county’s computer systems told the Commissioners that a new virus protection program needs to be installed at a cost of $1085 for a three year license. Newberry also recommended the purchase of a second server at a cost of approximately $7000. Newberry warned that the current server has no reliable backup and that vital records could be lost.  The Commissioners authorized the purchase of the virus protection program but advised Newberry to work with Superior Court personnel who are exploring the possibility of cyber-storage of court document.  It is hoped that the two systems might be integrated and save the county money.
    Marji Morris and Sharon Smith spoke to the Commissioners about the horse arena at the county fairgrounds.  According to Morris and Smith, the facility is in such disrepair that it is no longer safe.  The Commissioners entertained three proposals to upgrade the structures. All the Commissioners agreed that the project needs to be done and asked Morris and Smith to return after the first of the year with updated estimates on the costs of repair and new construction.
    Bobby Lamb of Hoosier Uplands asked for and received a resolution to approve a housing rehab grant for $125,000 to be used to fix up 8 or 9 homes in the county. Lamb also alluded to a grant that his organization is working on to assist county residents avoid foreclosure. According to Lamb, Washington County has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the state.
    As a final piece of business, the Commissioners approved a request from Emergency Management Director, Christy Vernon, for 21 days of medical leave, beginning on December 10.
    With no further business to conduct, the Commissioners adjourned until their next regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, December 3.
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