Floyd Central Defeats Scottsburg Warriorettes 60-42 PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 09 December 2014 11:23

by Emilee Davidson

On November 20, 2014, the Scottsburg Warriorettes faced off against the Floyd Central Highlanders, once again falling to a team on the road. As the Warriorettes third game of the season, they still were not yet prepared to take on another team.

The first quarter was very low on much of everything from the Warriorettes side, from scoring to turnovers to rebounds. On the other hand, the Highlanders began strong and the first quarter score came out to a disappointing Floyd 13, Scottsburg 3. The leading scorer for this quarter for Floyd Central was Madison Kaiser with 6 points and Paige Barrett for Scottsburg who scored all three of Scottsburg’s points in the first quarter.

Already unhappy with their circumstance, the Warriorettes took the floor again for the second quarter. Although they were down by ten points, they still managed to keep their heads high. Head captain and only senior Cabriana Collins ended the quarter huddle with a loud yell of “Refuse find a way!” This is the Warriorettes signature huddle breaker and means refuse to lose, find a way to win. This has been their motto for a long time and they would definitely need it in this game.

The second quarter was the most intense quarter, with fouls coming hard from both sides. The Warriorettes were panicking and making dumb mistakes, with double dribbles and an array of other turnovers happening one after the other. The halftime score was Floyd Central 30, Scottsburg 11. Going into the locker room after barely hitting the double digits in two quarters was very difficult for the Warriorettes to say in the least. Leading scorer for Scottsburg was Emma Waskom with 8 points and for the Highlanders Madison Kaiser with 6 points.

The third quarter was a very high scoring quarter, with many players from both sides putting points on the board. Floyd Central began to get even more scrappy and physical although they were still ahead. The Warriorettes were never ahead at any point in the game, which was very discouraging for them. The third quarter score was Floyd Central 42, Scottsburg 24. The Warriorettes had been known in the past for their high scoring games, and in this one they hadn’t even broken 25 points at the end of the third quarter. Leading scorer for Scottsburg was Paige Barrett with 11 points and #3 with 10 points for the Highlanders. The final quarter was simply a mash-up of the previous quarters—the Warriorettes were ultimately defeated at yet another game on the road and their losses had climbed to 3. The final score was Floyd 60, Scottsburg 42. Leading scorers for this quarter were Emma Waskom with 6 points for Scottsburg. For the Highlanders the leader was Katie Bruno with 5 points. Game leaders were Paige Barrett and Emma Waskom for Scottsburg, Barrett with 18 points and Waskom with 14. For the Highlanders the leaders were Madison Kaiser with 17 points and Katie Bruno with 12. The Warriorettes record is 0-3.