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Wednesday, 20 August 2014 08:06

The Summer Reading Program at the Salem Public Library has come to an end and the library is pleased by the great response. 

There were 519 children and young adults who signed up to take part and 338 of those completed it by reading their required amount of books or minutes.

Those completing the reading program received a free book, lots of coupons and free passes from area sponsors, as well as a prize.

The library hopes everyone will take part again in the summer of 2015 when the theme will be “Every Hero Has a Story!” So children should be getting their masks and capes ready to be a Super Reader!

This year’s sponsors for the summer reading program follow:

Deer Country, Jean’s Extrusions, Friends of the Salem Public Library, Mid-Southern Savings Bank, Mead, Mead & Clark P.C., Regions Bank, Salem Ace Hardware, Old National Bank, PNC Bank, Domino’s, H & R Bakery, Walmart, Elitejorg Museum, Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Subway. Wonderlab Museum, Louisville Zoo, Squire Boon Caverns, Salem Parks and Recreation, Arby’s Restaurant, Salem Apothecary, McDonald’s DanMar Pharmacy, Sav-A-Lot, First Savings Bank, Salem Leader Publishing Company, Kentucky Derby Museum, WSLM Radio, Dr. John Tackett D.M.D., Goodwill of Salem, NCAA Hall of Fame, Dairy Queen, The Frazier History Museum and the Abdul Aziz Orthopedic Ed. Foundation.

Without these outstanding sponsors the Salem Public Library would be unable to bring the youth of Washington County the summer reading program.

The following adults and children were the winners in the Summer Reading program Prize Drawing:

Landyn Philpott, Colton Butler, Peyton Cooke, Gabrielle Hypes, Trinity Richardson, Bella Goen, Will Collins, Zion Dunaway, Keistin Stone, Smantha Calhoun and Andrew Lewis.

The following is a list of teen volunteers, who made the library’s summer much easier! They are, Samantha Calhoun, Rachel Casey, Isaiah Dufour, Ruthann Dufour, Kaitlen Fagan, Courtney Rogers, Sydney Rogers, Taylor Rogers, Jillian Smith, Miranda Smith and Zoe Wallace.

The following is a list of students who completed the 2014 Salem Library Summer Reading Program:

Kingslee Abney, Carson Albertson, Ricky Anderson, Gracelynn Archibald, Xavier Archibald, Jade Baker, Nash Barnett, Alexander Blake, Zoe Blake, Kason Blankenbaker, Christopher Boofer, Audrey Bower, Hayden Bowers, Liam Brewer, Lilly Brewer, Greyson Brough, Isaiah Bugh, Patience Caudill, Ella Chambers, Gracie Chaney, Isabella Chaney, Tucker Clem, Lauren Clodfelter, Kylie Clouse, Quintin Clouse, Allie Colwell, Ethan Cooke, Peyton Cooke, Ethan Cooper, Ezra Cooper, Mandy Cox, Gabrielle Curtis, Kaci Davis, Kelsey Davis, Jaden Davisson, Adleigh Day, Addison Devine, Ginger Devine, Gabriel Dufour, Gavin Durham, Madalyn Durham, Jazlyn Edge, Sheldon Elam, James Engler, Nicolas Engler, Seth Engler, Shiloh Ferguson, Connor Fordyce, Tevyn Gottbrath-Trowel, Tristan Gottbrath, Leila Green, Dominic Grout, Mariah Grout, McKenzie Grout, Michael Grout, Lilly Grover, Whitney Grover, Harper Hartsfield, Remi Hartsfield, Copper Henry, Kynlee Hobbs, Ty Hobbs, Kinsley Hollowell, Caleb Hoover, Piper Hubbard, Chas Hunter, Luke Ingram, Landon Irwin, Baker Jones, Cally Karmire, Case Karmire, Hadley Keith, Lydia Killian, Alivia King, Gary Lee, Presley Lee, Galen Liebert, Jenna Little, Rachel Little, Will Little, Juneau Main, Joy Matlock, Zoey Maudlin, Zoey Mioke, Adalyn Mitchell, Aiden Mitchell, Caris Moore, Evan Morgan, Claire Motsinger, Myles Motsinger, Kellan Moyer, Abigal Myszak, Bryce Myszak, Beth Nicholson, David Noble, Serenity Norwood, Spencer O’Donnell, Shelby Osborne, Holly Pack, Axton Packwood, Landyn Phipott, Lily Philpott, Elizabeth Poe, Nicholas Poe, Chloe Ponder, Corbin Ponder, Jake Pontious, Sophia Pruitt, Addison Purlee, Connor Richardson, Logan Richardson, Evelyn Richert, Marshall Richert, Cold Roberts, Jonathan Rose, Amelia Saunders, Avery Shields, Lily Shireman, Lexy Smith, Maddox Soliday, Langston Sparkman, Maddox Sparkman, Ryker Sparkman, Abby Spaulding, Katie Spaulding, Diane Springer, Shyann Springer, Samantha Stephens, Madison Stewart, Keistin Stone, Hadleigh Sturgill, August Tankersley, Duke Tankersley, Jent Tankersley, Rayden Tarr.

The following is the list of school-age children who completed the summer reading program.

Caden Abbott, Camden Abbott, Cameron Albertson, Allie Arvin, Keira Arvin, Joshua Burton, Matthew Binkley, Molique Bizor, Abigail Boling, Serena Boofer, Samantha Bowers, Savannah Bowers, Danny Bowling, Evan Bowling, Julia Bowling, Jackson Brough, Emilee Brown, Sidney Brown, Eva Bundy, Cayden Butler, Carolyn Casey, Julia Casey, Claudia Caudill, Lydia Caudill, Madison Chambers, Jaden Cheatwood, Cooper Christman, Emily Clark, Kelsey Cleghorn, Justin Cleghorn, Nathan Cleghorn, Ali Clodfelter, Josh Cockerham, Scootie Cole, Will Collins, Ryleigh Combs, Evan Cooper, Will Cummings, Makayla Curtis, Destiny Jean Davis, Sophia Davis, Torrance D. Davis, Brooklyn Davisson, Connor Denny, Olivia Dixon, Owen Dixon, Catie Drane, Karolyn Dufour, Katelyn Dufour, Lilly Dufour, Victor Dufour, Xavier Dunaway, Zion Dunaway, Raymond Elam, Alli Elliott, James Elliott, Joseph Engler, Naomi Engler, Nikoda Engler, Julia Fagan, Levi Ferguson, Hannah Ann Fleenor, Luke Fleenor, Jenna Gilbert, Kaden Glass, Kailey Glass, Madison Greene, Kilijha Grout, Priscilla Hall, Emily Hamilton, James Hanjorgiris, Audrey Heavin, Ella Heavin, Amelia Hendricks, Ellie Henry, Erin Henry, Nathaniel Henry, Anna Hobbs, Katie Hobbs, Piper Huffines, Gabrielle Hypes, Nick Ingram, Madi Irwin, Pricilla Killian, Shelby Lloyd, Mackinsey Greene, Jenetta Kaiser, Jason Lewis, Abigail Martin, Krissa Martin, Owen Martin, Destin Maudlin, Draven Miller, Brett Mitchell, Liam Mitchell, Madelyn Moore, Madison Morgan, Halie Nelson, Sebastian Miller, James Owens, Atticus Packwood, Jolane Patton, Piper Patton, Zane Phipps, Trinity Richardson, Gina Ries, Lanie Roberts, Emma Rockey, Everett Rockey, Landon Ross, Carley Sanders, Elijah Saylor, Kirsten Sexton, Cage Smith, Weston Smith, Carter Soliday, Ellie Spaulding, Leauna Springer, Kaylea Stewart, Bristin Stone, Remington Tarr, Gabrielle Thixton, Hunter Thompson, Lillian Thompson, Hunter Trainer, Garrett Walton, Autumn Wheatley, Levi Wheatley, Abbie Wheeler, Parker Wheeler, Abbey Wilcox, Alex Wilcox, Gracelyn Williams, Lain Willis, Abigail Wright and Ezra yoder.

The following is the list of young adults who completed the summer reading program:

Samantha Albertson, Benjamin Andis, Bethany Binkley, Ethan Bower, Sierra Bowling, Holden Bowsman, Maddie Bowsman, Kaitlin Bugh, Cameron Butler, Colton Butler, Samantha Calhoun, Shelby Callahan, Rachel Casey, Kayla caudle, Kendra Caudill, Sahria Chastain, Marissa Collins, Faith Cummings, Karli Denny, Isaiah Dufour, Ruthann Dufour, Micah Engler, Stephen Engler, Kaitlen Fagan, Tyasia Gant, Ashton Gilbert, Ally Goen, Bella Goen, Tressa Gottbrath-Trowel, Jeremiah Hall, Kileigh Hamilton, Gretta Hanjorgiris, Ezra Harrison, John Hayes, Cameron Howeton, Dara Kaiser, Christopher King, Joseph King, Shelby Lee, Andrew Lewis, Harrison Nicholson, Skylar Norwood, Bonnie Prindle, Courtney Rogers, Sydney Rogers, Taylor Rogers, Emily Russell, Morgan Russell, Cheyenne Sanders, Kaden Scott, Brianne Shields, Abigail Sims, Emily N. Smith, Madison Smith, Miranda Smith, Sidney Smith, Diana Sorrels, Brooklyn Thompson, Zoe Wallace, Cassie Walton, Caroline Wheatley, Madison Wilcox, Delaney Wills, Sarah Yoder, Ashley Zink and Tyler Zink.