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Wednesday, 13 August 2014 06:40

Connor Aaron is a 10 year old boy fighting Cystic Fibrosis.  Connor was initially diagnosed when he was just 2 months old.  Since then, his family has continued to strive to bring joy, happiness and quality to Connor’s life because each and every day he is innocently fighting a battle he can never win.  This amazing fourth grader loves sports, especially basketball and football.  This past school year, Connor made the cross country, track and basketball teams at Jonathan Jennings Elementary School where he is a student.  He even played for a travel basketball team.  Connor is stringently monitored, and due to some limitations tends to miss practices and games at times.  However, because he absolutely loves athletics, his family supports his wishes 100 percent of the time and  will never discourage him from anything—despite the physical difficulties that he will certainly endure.

“Every opportunity that we have to bring a smile to his face and joy into his heart is a blessing,” states his mom, Jamie.

Amazingly, Connor always tries to be positive and puts on a brave face around friends and family.  Quite often his parents marvel at his strength and resilience as he suffers through constant discomfort and sleepless nights, an issue which renders him chronically tired.

Each day, he takes 47 pills, eight breathing treatments, two vest treatments (20 minutes each time) and more of each when he’s sick or suffers through an episode.  Additionally, he is connected to a feeding tube at night.

According to Jamie, “The past two years have been Connor’s roughest years yet fighting CF.   Over the past year and a half, we have traveled to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital at least 30 times for Connor’s Cystic Fibrosis care.”

On June 3, 2013, Connor had his first PICC line placed and underwent two weeks of antibiotics. Five months later, Connor required another PICC line to begin 12 months of a very strict regimen of antibiotics due to a serious bacterial infection he’s now fighting called mycobacterium abscesses.

“The treatment used to fight mycobacterium is very aggressive. However, it will not eradicate the mycobacterium completely and can ultimately be fatal for him,” Jamie explained.

Remarkably, Connor refuses to allow any of this to bring him or his spirits down.

Connor will be spending multiple hours and days at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital over the next year.

“We just pray the treatments alleviate some of the long term effects, and that he continues to fight his circumstances with the same level of resiliency that he always has,” Jamie added.

On Saturday, August 16, the 2nd  Annual Pirate Fun Run 5K & Kiddie Run will be held in honor of Connor Aaron.  Connor and five other individuals from the Charlestown community were nominated by students and staff from all four Charlestown schools as potential beneficiaries of this race.  A panel of six students representing each school, along with Sarah Booth (last year’s race beneficiary), reviewed all nomination forms and then privately ranked their choices, assigning a specified point value for their first choice, second choice, and so on.  Once all scores were tabulated for each nominee, Connor was the nominee that was chosen.

An account has been established at The New Washington State Bank and all proceeds from this race will be “For the Benefit of Connor Aaron.”

The Pirate Fun Run 5K & Kiddie Run was established in 2013 as a race to benefit Sarah Booth, a student at Charlestown High School who suffers from congenital kidney disease and who underwent a kidney transplant in December of 2012.  This event is a collaborative effort between all four Charlestown schools (in conjunction with Rachel’s Challenge) and local businesses, primarily Anytime Fitness of Charlestown.

Those wishing to participate in this year’s race may register online by visiting www.GetMeRegistered.com/PirateFunRun.  Race brochures will be available on the city’s website at www.CityofCharlestown.com and at Anytime Fitness in Charlestown.  For more information about the Pirate Fun Run, or to volunteer, please contact Jill Fellows at 812-256-8463 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .